Boggy Creek

Boggy Creek

After her father's death in a mysterious accident, Jennifer decides to follow his traces deep in the woods of Boggy Creek. With the help of her friends, she finds her dad's cabin and they decide to stay in there. After a week of waiting, they finally meet the expected but horrible monster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brice B (us) wrote: Le debut partait bien, mais ensuite je ne me suis vraiment pas senti concerner par l'histoire. Je ne faisait tout simplement pas parti du public viser par ce film...

Larvarious M (ag) wrote: Almost everything in society such as television, movies, books and etc place such a negative stigma upon black people. But when I saw this documentary, I felt so inspired to research my true history after watching this movie. This is a great documentary that displays the true great knowledge of world history. This documentary is just isn't about civil rights, slavery, and etc which the History Channel, BBC, only displays. It's about the true history before slavery, and why certain things happen in society.

Rick R (ca) wrote: Never Let Me Go (1953)This cold war love story was written by British crime novelist, Andrew Garve. Philip Sutherland (Clark Gable) is an American news writer for British news anchor, Steve Quillian (Kenneth More). It's the end of the war and Phillip's narration explains how the early wartime alliance of nations is slowly moving towards distrust in Joe Stalin's USSR.Philip has been madly in love with a Russian ballerina, Marya Lamarkina (Gene Tierney) and she in him. Although they both know that this whole affair is doomed from the start, they get married anyway. They meet another couple, British Christopher Wellington St. John Denny (Richard Haydn) and Svetlana Mikhailovna (Anna Valentina) in a similar situation.Now they need to find a way to be together. Philip thought that he would simply stay in the USSR, but the government deports him, denies his Visa, and refuses to let Marya leave with him. Now Philip and Christopher, using Joe Brooks (Bernard Miles) who has a boat, must sneak back into Russia and smuggle Marya and Svetlana out of the USSR.

Tasha D (ag) wrote: sjajna gluma... film ok.

Mitch C (es) wrote: It has a cast of characters that are easy to connect to and route for, and Jack Black's gags are more than hilarious. It isn't as deep as it would like to be, but it works very well.

Jamie L (ag) wrote: Funny movie about frat life. This one has all the stereotypes. It's no Animal House, but it is still worth watching on a rainy day.

Jeffrey M (us) wrote: Consistently engaging, well acted, and ambitious in its themes, Dead Presidents is a strong and interesting look at the Vietnam War, race in the 60s-70s, and class differences. It features strong performances from its leads, with excellent efforts by Larenz Tate, Keith David, and Chris Tucker (who provides a lot of needed comic relief).What is most impressive about Dead Presidents is the films world building. The Bronx we see is undeniably authentic, with the film seamlessly transitioning to Vietnam, without missing a beat. When the film transports back, we see the passage of time (a few years), in a very real way. In that sense, the direction is quite strong, with a good build up for most of the film, and an emphasis on the characters.The script is good from the standpoint that it has sharp dialogue, and doesn't opt for film cliches or really easy stereotypes. Instead, we're treated to an intelligent examination of a lot of themes. This, however, came back to hinder the film in the final act, with an overly rushed heist set-up, with the heist itself seeming tonally inconsistent and implausible. The last third of the film just doesn't seem to be very cohesive, we never fully understand the character motivations, it all seems to happen quickly, in an otherwise patient narrative. It was as if the filmmakers tried to tackle too much ground, and spent too much time focusing on themes and story lines that don't fully pay off, and weren't directly related to the climax. Despite its weak ending, however, Dead Presidents does more than enough right to make it well worth watching, if not for the strong performances and unique take on Vietnam. 4/5 Stars

Chris C (jp) wrote: Despite an uneven plot, Holy Matrimony delivers enough laughs along with the charming performances between Patricia Arquette and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Nick E (es) wrote: Both De Niro and Minnelli are great in their own way, but New York, New York feels like a overlong melodramatic character study than an actual musical.

Tim L (fr) wrote: Some great one-liners and a good cast, but not really the best Carry On there is. Still good fun though!

Michael W (ca) wrote: A mysterious and atmospheric film.

Matt B (ag) wrote: This isn't bad luck. This is just Lindsay Lohan acting really stupid. Just My Luck is just scene after scene of her character making really stupid mistakes that she blames on "bad luck". No, honey. You're just an idiot!

Charles P (jp) wrote: Cat's Eye represents one of Stephen King's most successful excursions into human fears.

Grant S (es) wrote: Decent debut from Jon Stewart.The true story of Maziar Bahari, an Iran-Canadian Newsweek journalist who went back to Iran in 2009 to cover the national elections. Once the despot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the incumbent, wins the Presidency, protests breaks out. After filming and reporting on the election and protests, Bahari is arrested, imprisoned and tortured.The first film, as director, for Jon Stewart, of The Daily Show fame. He also wrote the screenplay, adapted from Bahari's book "Then they came for me". A good place for Stewart to start as he knows Bahari well and had interviewed him many times on The Daily Show. Plus, Bahari's light-hearted interview with Jason Jones on The Daily Show is used against him during his arrest.An interesting story, though doesn't really cover any new ground regarding freedom and how despots treat their people. Not a very compelling story, for this reason. Stewart pretty much covers the story in linear, blow-by-blow fashion, with the only departure from this being that the first scene is Bahari's arrest, and then we go back in time to see what lead to it.Solid work from Gael Garcia Bernal in the lead role. Supporting cast are fine too.A good enough start from Jon Stewart. He had a story he wanted to tell, and he told it. With experience and confidence he'll get better at telling stories in movie form.