Recently orphaned, a young boy is taken in by his godmother who is shocked to realize that she can see the boy's imaginary friend: a flamboyant, French magician named Bogus.

Recently orphaned, a young boy is taken in by his godmother who is shocked to realize that she can see the boy's imaginary friend: a flamboyant, French magician named Bogus. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex M (gb) wrote: At this point in her career, Marion Cotillard is talented enough as an actress to make painting a wall intriguing. Two days, One night puts us in the shoes of a woman who must convince her co-workers to take their bonus or save her job, and although this plot is simple it never falters in capturing your attention, and all praise goes to Marion Cotillard's performance and the Dardenne brothers' writing. I recommend this film to anyone.

Ramiro G (es) wrote: A formulaic comedy that still manages to be funny and even charming thanks to the chemistry between stars Segel and Rudd

David D (mx) wrote: Poorly written and directed, with just passable acting. An amateurish attempt to blend horror and spaghetti western. Not a bad concept but badly executed.

Julieta B (es) wrote: It's nice for once to see a girl kicking butt and getting the girl in the end. Jill Bennett rocks.

Ca H (kr) wrote: I was so shocked when the credits rolled on this film, I didn't believe it had already been an hour and 20 minutes! That the film is basically one single long conversation across Paris is so unique, even more so than the last film. It was so incredibly interesting and beautiful and special. So many interesting and big ideas were explored whilst similarly just following one small relationship. Amazing.

Alexander G (es) wrote: A well-told story. The only thing I didn't buy was how they stayed friends.

Jeffrey G (ca) wrote: The worst college comedy since Dorm Daze

Nandan T (it) wrote: Why is this rated so low? A wonderful film. At the end you will be holding back tears (or not). Highly Recommended.

TheRookieWriter M (kr) wrote: Not a 5 star because Fox is WAY TOO LIKEABLE to play a scam artist. Expect when he's not. Because he can actually see ghost.

Ian B (fr) wrote: Im going to have to say that this film is non-stop action but it gets boring at times. More funny is the excessively violent parts and the dialog. Great for violent action film nerds who love violence.

Joey T (it) wrote: This movie isn't as good as the title leads you to believe it will be.

Terri H (jp) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Amber S (jp) wrote: A stark beauty need not make sense. Godard delivers a disquieting timeless tragedy with modern simplicity and grace well ahead of its time. Definitely more than a glimpse of his abstract affair with filmmaking.

Dave S (jp) wrote: The key to so many movies is a well-written villain. Gary Oldman shines as the bad guy. And, Harrison Ford as the president....need we say more? You overlook the implausible here. It's Die Hard on a plane. Heck of a ride. A movie can watch again and again.

Trey Y (gb) wrote: Sean Bean is one of the most underrated stars around. He would have been the perfect Bond - totally grounded and very dangerous, akin to Daniel Craig. He does a great job in this film, although the character has a knack for being blindsided now and again. The story has some lulls and it is more realistic than most films of this sort (which means it is not heavy on action). This is a Le Carray styled story with more akin to Phillip Marlowe than James Bond, which means that it will not appeal everyone.The conclusion to the story is truly excellent. I found it very satisfying and I was left wondering why I had never heard of this film before.

Shane D (jp) wrote: An interesting, entertaining piece with a great cast doing good things. Not outstanding, and a little limp in parts but overall Fey is always delightful to watch so it's worth your time.