Boiling Point

Boiling Point

Red is an aging scam-artist who's just been released from prison together with Ronnie, a young and not-so-bright hoodlum who is easily manipulated. Their new business is to organize fake-money sales and then kill the buyer to take his money; but when Ronnie kills an undercover secret service agent, his partner Jimmy Mercer vows revenge and is given one week to catch the killers before being transferred. Written by Giancarlo Cairella

A pair of sociopath killers take on the police and the mob in order to make one last big score. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Conner S (ru) wrote: ruined chucky with the graphics :( take a look at all the others cos thats chucky not this heap of shit........

Abbygayle E (jp) wrote: The most daring account (so far) of Generation Y's love story, 'Unofficially Yours' is still a better catch among the sea of overly-formatted Filipino rom-coms thanks to the fine pairing of Cruz and Locsin.

Prem B (ca) wrote: A great feel-good movie, worth watching :)

Thomas Z (au) wrote: I found it hilarious, fresh, and surprisingly moving.

Soheil W (es) wrote: One of the best german TV productions!

Jacob K (ag) wrote: while not living up to the original films it was nice to see the slight change with the change in villain and Kevin changed to Alex it was still a decent home alone family movie.

Dee W (gb) wrote: abbey lincoln's outfits are off the hook. also, sidney poitier is smooth.

Cha t (kr) wrote: Movie that helped make Andy famous. DOnKnotts has aa bit part, but Nick Adams (The Rebel-TV) is good in this. (Last name forst, first name, middle name last)

Michael W (nl) wrote: Early film noir murder-mystery with overzealous police chief desperately trying to pin a murder on a promoter. For a boxing promoter, this guy really gets bad seats. All details of the police investigation are immediately leaked to the papers.