Bokseri idu u raj

Bokseri idu u raj

Tragicomic story about a former boxing champion, unbeaten in the ring, but beaten by alcohol.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1967
  • Language:Serbo-Croatian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:boxer,   heaven,  

Tragicomic story about a former boxing champion, unbeaten in the ring, but beaten by alcohol. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve B (it) wrote: I thought it was a lovely story and funny plot-line!'s not a Pixar movies but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the animation and voice overs!

Grant S (jp) wrote: Lesser-known John Wayne gem.Set in the 1870s, a veteran rancher, Wil Anderson (played by John Wayne), needs to drive his large herd of cattle to market, over 600 kms away. However, his hired hands have deserted him for the goldfields. As a last resort he hires a group of boys from the local school as his drivers..."cowboys" in the truest sense of the word. What follows is a journey of discovery and a transformation of boys to men...Not your typical John Wayne movie. Wayne is less of the hero here, and more a paternal figure. After all, he was 65 years old when this movie was made, so his days of acting the invincible hero were behind him. However, for all the one-dimensional casting of him as a hero, here he shows a more balanced aspect to his acting. Interesting plot, with a dramatic, un-John Wayne-like twist near the end. Plot development, and some scenes, can be clumsy at times though.As mentioned, good performance from John Wayne. Good work from Bruce Dern, as the villain, plus all of the supporting cast, including the boys.

Blake P (jp) wrote: "2 Days in Paris" was a romantic comedy that had all the best qualities of a neurotic Woody Allen classic, and its sequel, "2 Days in New York," is no different. In the former film, Julie Delpy's Marion, along with her boyfriend, Jack (Adam Goldberg), grappled with their declining relationship while surrounded by the culture shocks of Paris and Marion's hugely eccentric family. In "2 Days in New York," we find that Marion and Jack have broken up; the only proof of their relationship is a child, who is now three years old. Marion currently lives with Mingus (Chris Rock), a hip radio talk show host who has a daughter himself. Their household is blissful, making for a harmonious full house of sorts. But when Marion's family comes to town to support her new art exhibit, things promptly turn from euphoric to helter-skelter. Marion's father (Albert Delpy, who is, which you may have already guessed, Julie Delpy's real-life dad) manages to consistently say the wrong thing at the wrong time, her sister (Alexia Landeau) is abrasive and immodest, and, to Marion's horror, brings along her boyfriend (Alexandre Nahon), who was Marion's lover way back when. It's difficult enough for her to relive the lunacy of her past, but Mingus, who is normally so calm and collected, is close to losing his mind. Delpy, who also wrote and directed the film, has a remarkable talent for writing amusingly droll dialogue. The characters are almost always arguing, yet their confrontations swirl in a mist of witty banter; where most films would be grating, "2 Days in New York" is smart and cognizant. Delpy and Rock are a surprisingly solid screen couple, and the way their characters interact with Marion's kooky family is largely enjoyable. The biggest (and only) problem with the film has to do with the fact that it's largely plotless - the performances and the conversations are impeccable, but everything feels slightly unfocused because the film doesn't necessarily go anywhere. Flaws aside, though, "2 Days in New York" is a winning romantic comedy that matches its predecessor's appeal.

Jimmie H (kr) wrote: A decent western. Not very original. Same old story of the railroad trying to take people's land, and those that choose to fight back. Characters could have been more flushed out, but overall this was enjoyable.

Josh F (ca) wrote: AMAZING. Greatest thing since legs.

Angela N (mx) wrote: This film is entertaining, heart-wrenching and gritty. I've never been to New York but it seems realistic of the poorer, working class neighbourhoods. There probably are people who are out there doing it tough, in the same situation as the Diaz family. I found this to be very thought-provoking. It made me think about how lucky I am to have a roof over my head that I won't be evicted from.

Nikolas H (ca) wrote: December 01, 2011, not great, but had a cool twist on a Christmas Carol

Kristen O (es) wrote: This movie is the amazingly true story of John McCain in his time as a POW in Hanoi. He was tortured and held captive for 5 years. This movie proves that John McCain is the only presidential candidate who is worthy to be our next president!

Patrick S (br) wrote: Wow...what wonderful trash. I mean you have Billy Zane, FHM's sexiest woman in the world of 2005 and some random latin guy on a island with sex and violence! It's like those trashy romance novels with Fabio on the cover where you can't stop reading even though you should...not that I would know anything about that. Seriously, if I did they would probably be reviewed on my blog. But I couldn't stop laughing or having a smile on my face as Billy Zane overracts for no real reason or the whole Voodoo/Satanic curse thing that set the plot into motion.

Scooter P (mx) wrote: My all time favorite movie. Hyperbole aside, this movie helped shape the man I am today. I still cry every time I watch it. I still ship Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, thirteen years later.

Andrew R (nl) wrote: Very much a come-back film for Cox, and highly enjoyable. Same genre as Cook, Thief, Wife, Lover and Titus -- that is, contemporary/futuristic take on 16th century revenge plays. I might teach this play someday.

Mylene O (jp) wrote: Love this movie so much...

Jenni P (ru) wrote: John Herzfeld deftly welds together a multitude of subplots-- a loser hitman and a cool assassin involved in an insurance scam; a washed-up director, turned suicidal, if only he had someone to care for his beloved dog; a snooty art dealer, wracked by kidney stones, cared for by his devoted assistant; a grungy deranged vice cop, now partnered with a fresh-faced rookie; and two beautiful and jealous women entangled in their deadly scheme--into a spoof of the crime thriller genre.

Golia K (de) wrote: "-I wondered if a memory is something you have or something you've lost".

PolarBear S (br) wrote: wonderful performace but another depressing, ultimately unhappy character!

Jens L (kr) wrote: The downfall of a powerful house...a story about treachery, hate, greed, vengeance...and male weakness...brilliant movie....strong visuals

Maineutral R (gb) wrote: This isn't a necessary movie, the story itself just covers one of many battles of the story of the Apes, but nothing that takes character development or multiple plotlines coming to a great conclusion, instead goes for this one linear plot that goes on auto-pilot. Battle for the Planet of the Apes is the final chapter in the original series produced by P. Jacobs, and surely it's weak, it's redundant, generic and nothing proud of the original Planet of the Apes, but in comparison with other Apes sequels, this one is pure mindless fun. Roddy McDowall is back as Caesar, so is Natalie Trundy as Lisa and Austin Stoker as MacDonald (no, this isn't obvious product placement). All these actors do a well job, even if the script does nothing besides telling their part in the story, nothing complex or significant. Actually, even the new characters have nothing special, they're just extras in the plot and their participation is barely unforgettable. The story is weak, all they do is, go to a city, the city pursuits them, they battle, it ends; but it's fast-paced, short and fun, even if it does feel tedious at times, specially telling human characters scenes. Overall, it offers absolutely nothing new, but I don't think that was the movie's objective. The objective was one last movie, and that's it. If it were something special, then this wouldn't be the last chapter, it would surely spawn another and another until they really have nothing. But this is already a last gasp in the creator's minds: there's nothing else to tell, and they knew it, so they created this simplistic yet fun last breath of the Apes saga. Battle for the Planet of the Apes is simplistic, mindless, needless and lacks any ambition, but its way better than the second and fourth films, especially the second film, which was a complete disaster, and do I have to remind anyone of that horrible ending? Ugh. Battle is careless when it comes to do something new, but on itself, it does take care of all it can offer: a battle. It wasn't epic, it wasn't necessary at all, but it could have been worse. It could have lacked any battle at all and end suddenly out of know, like the second movie, Beneath the Planet of the Apes! Battle is fun, and a calmed good-bye and repeat for the saga. They think the Forbidden City was radioactive, ha! They should see where they filmed The Conqueror with John Wayne. Dumbasses. HAPPY HOLIDAYS REVIEWS PART 19: Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973)