Bolbol Hayran

Bolbol Hayran

A Young Man Falls Deeply in Love With Two Girls At The Same Time, He Then Starts Seeing a Psychologist When he Decides To Break up With Them.

A Young Man Falls Deeply in Love With Two Girls At The Same Time, He Then Starts Seeing a Psychologist When he Decides To Break up With Them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MARS D (fr) wrote: In this stylish homage of 70s style psychological horror with a dash of the supernatural, two well-intentioned parents lose their pre-teen son and daughter in a mountainside in the country. When the children are found almost soon after, the mother begins to notice peculiar behavior from both of them as well as strange happenings in their home.

Jackson M (au) wrote: Very good ending to the series. Fun to watch.

Kian M (br) wrote: Good concept, and very creepy, but DISTURBING! Nobody deserves to see people dig into their skin to rip out plants.

laurence h (kr) wrote: This movie is a very special little potato. It is to the point, brutal, and business-like, though it doesn't present its protagonists as heroes, victims, or attempt to seduce you into thinking they're interesting people by incorporating frivolous back stories for cheaply bought depth. This isn't even really a revenge or survival piece. It's something different. A lot of people on netflix hated this movie and have the attention span of a gnat, no concept of atmosphere, and have been so numbed by the boring and predictable scene-to-scene hyperactivity of Hollywood action movies that the strong points of this film fly right over their heads. If you need contrived dialogue and formulaic American action/thriller cliches in order to appreciate a movie, move on. There is more to film than comfortable entertainment. If you don't mind a slow burning piece of relative realism with excellent sound design and brutal, deliberately ham fisted cinematography that hits the nail right on the head, then this movie is for you. The people giving this movie 1 star are the type of people who couldn't possibly sit through a Tarkovsky movie or a Kinski-era Herzog movie. Those directors don't share a lot in common with this film on the surface, but the point is that sometimes you just need to let a movie control you and not try to control it. The naysayers are the type of people who get more out of comic books than novels.

Matthew T (ag) wrote: Not a bad retake on the Frankenstein model, given the obviously low budget. Some good performances from the cast. Worth checking out.

Angela B (it) wrote: a bit startling content-wise because it hit home too deeply, but not bad. not GREAT, but not bad.

Ruhan R (us) wrote: Brooklyn Rules appears to be a gangster/crime drama at first glance, but it's more of a urban drama than anything else. Genre's and labels aside, Broolyn Rules brought together a well-trained cast and a decent script from writer Terence Winter. Following a trio of Italian-American young men with diverse personas as they age and mature in Brooklyn, the film does an earnest job of capturing the essence of the famed New York district. The script featured issues such as classism, maturity, morality & gang violence, but overall it emphasized friendship. Performance-wise, I think that all of the cast did a great job but Freddie Prinze Jr. stole the spotlight. I liked how the film included some scenes of the boy`s childhoods, but more of that would have brought a better balance. Or even including some scenes about their teenage years. Overall a well-made production that was pleasant to view.

Tristan P (es) wrote: A very good DOCUMENTARY

Dan K (ru) wrote: don juan without testicles.

Joey S (au) wrote: For a pre-vietnaum movie it shure feels like a 80's movie - I remember enjoying it in the theater when it first came out, but subsequent watchings on tv have not fared so well.

Bryan M (fr) wrote: Another of those middle-of-the-road horror movies from the 1980s. This one has the likable Corey Haim (1971-2010) and a decent, if cliched, story of government experiments gone awry. Decent diversion for a rainy day.

Wade H (ca) wrote: 2 words! SHIT SHOW!!!

Bruno L (au) wrote: The story was going well. I just thought that the dialogues were kind of ridiculous at a certain point. I was also expecting something more from the end.

Bjorn O (jp) wrote: Inte mnga som pallar att se hela den hr, riktigt magstark, roligt att dom gjorde filmen fratt visa att dom var anti rasister.

Daniel M (ca) wrote: What the hell did I just Watch. Now Ideally i wanted to watch this with a crowd so that we can not only see our own reactions but the reactions of others. Sadly, VERY sadly, I watched this by myself. The gory scenes were a joke save for one (of course the one hinted at in Juno). The rest of the movie was just an entire mess, far messier than the murder scenes.If you have a few friends that like bad horror by all means have a good time but this movie is called a "cult classic" for a reason... because no one person should see it a time

Mika R (kr) wrote: Excellent film. The Germans are portrayed in a surprisingly human way considering that this is an American war movie made during the war. Might have something to do with the fact that Wilder was born in Austria. Great dialogue.

George P (br) wrote: I don't know what to say... at least it made me laugh, which is something!