Boli zhi cheng

Boli zhi cheng

While attending their respective parent's funeral in London, two strangers discover their parent's secret love affair spanning across three decades and two continents. (Chinese with English subtitles).

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1998
  • Language:Mandarin,Cantonese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:adultery,   college,  

While attending their respective parent's funeral in London, two strangers discover their parent's secret love affair spanning across three decades and two continents. (Chinese with English subtitles). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike C (ru) wrote: Depressing.shit. Can a movie be nominated for on Oscar based on one shot at the end and an exceptional cover? Eh, there's more to it than that.This showed up in mail and I'd forgotten it was an Oscar-nominated Foreign Film, typically the best category. So I was half paying attention half way though, a little annoyed at all the chronological changes. So I started fast-forwarding it because I heard the ending was great. Indeed it was.It's a well-made, artistic flick. Have to respect that. Just didn't like the way the story was told. Though the time changing was very effective for the end scene, it is unnecessary most of the way. Along the way, there are some great scenes...when he yells at her and calls her names and she eventually breaks...great scene. And the stage scene is over the top but again there is good emotion. Finally, not even getting too invested in the characters, that final shot is pretty damn moving. Fucking brilliant if I may say so.There is some political stuff in there...of the religious variety. And though I basically agree with it and this movie gives itself a reason to discuss it, some of it just seemed out of place or over the top.

Wrik S (us) wrote: A movie that went from bad to worse- hence unique..

Chris M (ag) wrote: Visually stunning animated film from the Czech Republic about a lonely train dispatcher haunted by memories of his past. The story itself was a little hard to follow, but the gorgeous rotoscope black and white animation makes it worth a look, and maybe a second viewing.

Samuel A (us) wrote: Un trs beau film d'horreur venu du froid, dont il doit traner une petite copie quelque part dans la section "?tranger" de votre vidoclub. Je vous en recommande la location. ?a mrite d'tre vu beaucoup plus que tellement de films que vous et moi allons voir cette anne.

q o (jp) wrote: though a little too melodramatic towards the end, this is a movie that managed to both entertain and touch the audience young and old, with a subject matter that is familiar to every singaporean. kudos to royston tan! wonderful acting too from yann yann and mindee.p.s.: someone please edit the plot introduction, it sucks.

Alexeii V (kr) wrote: Nor is this so bad, bad acting, bad script and violence carried no purpose but everything is at least entertaining for some people and some intense.

Catherine (it) wrote: Not sure whether I want to watch or not.

Jonathan P (ag) wrote: Other than some decent acting by Ryan and Ruffalo In the Cut is just a drab serial killer flick without any spark. Not much more can be said as In the Cut just didn't offer anything worth watching.

Wise Remus K (au) wrote: thats a good one about homosexuality by a Turkish.

Carlos I (ca) wrote: So much fun! Always loved this one. Wilder and Pryor ham it up to great effect.

Cecily B (au) wrote: These people are F***ed up, I was baffled at how influential Manson was on his "family" how someone could blindly kill for someone else. Jeremy Davies did an incredible job at Manson, he definetly had me convinced. Alison Smith was the best part of the movie for me, she was a crazyyyyyy Bitch!! Definetly an awesome serial killer court movie!

Eric B (gb) wrote: This is a fascinating film, only flawed by the extreme demands it makes on the viewer's patience.The dull, lengthy title is appropriate: Essentially, this is over three hours of watching a single mother joylessly but briskly carry out household duties. Most of the action occurs inside her apartment, but a few outside errands also arise. Her son looks to be around college age, and has a perfunctory relationship with her. She makes his dinner; he comes home at night and eats it, reading books at the table despite her repeated scolds.There's a catch, though -- she is also a prostitute, receiving clients at home. One per day. She carries out this task just as flatly as she does everything else.The story's real hook is that, as the hours pass, her blank perfection begins to crumble. She starts to make mistakes. She overcooks some potatoes. She drops things. She washes dishes twice. She makes coffee, then throws it out. The routine is slowly unnerving her, and this is where the script's feminist theme becomes clear. The ending will surprise you."Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles" has no score -- the "theme music" is simply the droning hiss of a kettle. There is no camera movement and plenty of long takes, and every scene is shot in the same distant, detached way. Extended stretches go by without words. The film rests wholly upon the shoulders of a dressed-down Delphine Seyrig, who is nowhere near the alluring vixen she typically played.You will never see a movie where light switches play a bigger role. The visual treats also include what may be the least sexy bathing scene ever to feature a beautiful woman.

John B (ca) wrote: Pieces of this are missing but it is nonetheless compelling. Ronald Colman's trip to Shangra La is helped with the black and white and mystery about a time from another place and era. Certainly not up to modern film standards but interesting.

Bill M (jp) wrote: Economic in its grimness.

Don S (ca) wrote: A little more in depth story makes this Roy Rogers western a notch above normal, which still isn't all that spectacular. The singing cowboy does plenty of that here, again trying to woo a lady. However, Roy's horse, Trigger, is kidnapped and held for ransom. There are a couple of fight scenes and a very small twist, but overall just an average movie. I enjoyed the title song.

Joe C (gb) wrote: Frank Capra, Clark Gable, and Claudette Colbert... what else do you need? Nothing, according to the Academy Awards in 1934. Proving that once in a blue moon they get it right, the Academy awarded this whip-smart screwball comedy all five of the year's major Oscars. To modern viewers, the plot framework of It Happened One Night, which tosses together cynical reporter Clark Gable and snappy heiress Claudette Colbert on the run from her cosseted life, might seem like pretty boilerplate stuff, but you don't need a high concept when you're dealing with wit this sharp. And if its ingredients look familiar now, it's because It Happened One Night has been imitated so often. So beguiling is the story and so charming are the performances, it has the power to make romantics of the most hardened of hearts. Resistance is futile.

Brian S (de) wrote: A good crocodile goes on a rampage film, the northern forest atmosphere is actually better then the tropical and place of origins of the beast. The movie's got sympathetic characters, a mix of bloody violence and humor and the crocodile is actually saved at the end of the film. How could this movie be panned by audiences and critics ? Recommended !