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Bølle-Bob torrent reviews

Edwin P (us) wrote: This movie was intense and rather violently graphic during the torture parts, Samuel L. Jackson always delivers...

Lisa J (ru) wrote: Some great messages.

Wes S (de) wrote: When self-destructive theater actress Reese Holden (Zooey Deschanel) receives a lucrative offer from a publicist to purchase a series of love letters written by her renowned novelist parents, she reluctantly agrees. Taking a bus ride back home to her estranged father (Ed Harris), she shows up at the door to find a strange man living in her fathers house(Will Ferrell) and her dad living in the shed out back, which sets the tone for the story about her father's strange behaviors. Finding her father in a mentally deteriorating state, she tries to remain emotionally withdrawn and focus on finding the letters, but that proves too difficult when being home again opens up too many old wounds from her past. This is a very good (but very slow) character driven melodrama about broken relationships, healing, and redemption. Definitely worth checking out

Jeremy H (es) wrote: Can I give this movie a negative rating? If you would like to see a movie that appears to have been made with a home video camera that has absolutely no plot at all, then waste your money on this film. You would even be getting ripped off if someone paid you to watch it. The acting is terrible, the plot is nonexistant, and the Blood Gnomes are just ridiculous. Can the people who made this actually be proud of it or are they embarrassed when they think of it?

Simon D (ru) wrote: Gus Van Sant bores us all rigid with a half hour decent story that is dragged out to 105 minutes by using Bela Tarr-esque scenes that last 10 times longer than they should be, all in the effort to get a new word in the dictionary.

Adam B (jp) wrote: If only more could hear, i guess.

Eric V (jp) wrote: Good ole western! We were very tired when we watched it so it was funny! Super cheesy fight scenes but good old movie!

Michael W (it) wrote: Aging gunman escapes prison work camp to take care of unfinished business back home, now run by a corrupt lawman who failed to exonerate him years before. Cameron Mitchell lifts the film a notch or two, which would mark his dubious film resume all thru the 70s and 80s.

Logan T (es) wrote: A pretty great classic.

Corey B (ca) wrote: For a sequel Fletch Lives isn't all that far off in quality from Fletch. It's broader than the first movie, and the disguises are more ridiculous, which means it has less of a crime story feel than the first.But the mystery has the same kinds of twists and turns, and the change of scenery is nice.Mediocre.