A revenge tale is wrapped in a parody of Bollywood films.

Abulah seeks revenge on Pak Daddy and Vihishnu for the death of his wife. A series of funny and mindless events ensue. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nik P (us) wrote: I don't understand how they can keep making horrible movies like this. It should be illegal.

Aaron P (ca) wrote: A beautifully nonchalant look at two sisters' relationship.

andrew p (ag) wrote: the only thing saving this movie is Emma

Ata A (de) wrote: An adaptation of macbeth which cud ve been better..performances are gud though

elise h (us) wrote: i will admit, i saw this for johnny, but was completley entranced by the film, expecially javier bardem. that man can act, enough said. the story was thought provoking, touching, and entertaining. the directing was different, but in a good way, and the cinematography was beautiful. as for johhny, i was taken a back by bonobn, but a second later i was enjoying the absurdiity and slight humor the role. this film was a lot better than i expected or herd about from others. i thought it was great, javier bardem deserved his oscar nom.

Byron B (ru) wrote: nominated for best foreign film at the oscars

Terry B (it) wrote: this is a classic, just take your brain out first

Iris L (it) wrote: Wajda's homage to Korczak and his orphans who were all murdered by the Nazis. The film did a good job of portraying this man who was so devoted to his "kids" that he would not leave even when the Nazis offered him to escape out of Germany. "What kind of a mother will leave her kids" he answered. Brave and remarkable man.

Robin W (es) wrote: After Isaac Hayes won an Academy Award for his iconic title song for "Shaft", it seems only appropriate that he get to star in his own blaxploitation vehicle; this is one of the more entertaining and funniest blaxploitation films of the seventies and it's a too bad Hayes never got cast as a leading man in anything after this. The plot is pretty standard stuff, but "Truck Turner" only seeks to entertain and it certainly succeeds at that, with an array of colorful characters, stylish action scenes and dialogue that's a lot more witty and clever than you'd expect; Isaac Hayes makes a great action hero and also contributes a typically kick-ass music score (portions of which were re-used by Quentin Tarantino in "Kill Bill"). "Star Trek" fans will also want to check this out for the rare chance to see Nichelle Nichols in the role of a villain, stealing all her scenes as an incredibly bitchy, foul-mouthed madam who gets a lot of the movie's most priceless lines ("I haven't had to sell my pussy since I was fifteen and I found out I could sell other bitches' instead").

Simon T (us) wrote: If David Lynch were to direct Neil Simon, it would come out like this. A beautifully acted bone-dry comedy, one of several that came out in the late-sixties/early-seventies (think Brewster McCloud, Harold and Maude, A New Leaf, The Heartbreak Kid). The great Alan Arkin directs, Elliott Gould stars, and there's a tremendous performance by Vincent Gardenia. Urgently due reappraisal.

Adrian B (nl) wrote: A household is comprised of a musical family in which a father (Claude Rains) conducts a choir and band of out his four daughters (Priscilla, Rosemary, and Lola Lane, along with Gale Page). In a process of a year, all begin to take diverting routes, two falling in love with the same guy, ensuing a strange love triangle, another one gets married, while the remaining one gets accepted into school. To me, this leads to a disappointing, mediocre film, especially under "Casablanca" director Michael Curtiz. It says this is a musical drama, but it's just relentless protg of situations revolving around the four daughters that slightly go somewhere, with minimal singing and if there is any, it's not memorable. Passable, but forgettable entertainment.

William M (jp) wrote: surprisingly entertaining - but not a movie for the squeamish

Alan H (ag) wrote: A sublimely silly take on the monster movie.I love this movie, simply put it has a hell of a lot of my humour in it(poor Bridget Fonda never really caught a break in this film). The supporting cast is brilliant with such heavy hitters as Betty White(who is still one of a the funniest people in Hollywood!) and the interplay between Oliver Platt and Brendan Gleeson was lovely.While it does have a few small niggles with the plot (how come NO-ONE ever saw two giant Crocodiles in Black Lake before now?) I can easily over look those and enjoy Betty White blindfolding a cow and taking it down to the lakeside with that joyful manner of hers.

Jeannie K (au) wrote: I have always enjoyed this movie... I don't know why it got such bad reviews...