Bolo Raam

Bolo Raam

A youth accused of the murder of his mother refuses to speak to the police. Is he really the killer?

A youth accused of the murder of his mother refuses to speak to the police. Is he really the killer? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phillip M (it) wrote: Simply too many undeveloped characters. It's hard to care for so many people when you can't really remember who's who.

S K (es) wrote: Very, very good. You will not be disappointed - if you like being scared.

Jimmy M (es) wrote: This movie looked like it was made in someone's garage... the dialog sounds like it was written by some middle schooler... I just rented it cuz it had a hot asian girl playing poker... who turns out to be not very hot at all (the cover is very deceiving)

Kevin S (es) wrote: A chubby kid who was bullied by his principle is now grown up and wrote a book and is famous. Now to his surprise his mom is going out with the gym teacher. He knows what a jerk the teacher is and wants to break them up. Sean William Scott and billy bob Thornton worked together well and were really funny. Thornton plays the role as a jerk really well and at the same time comes off at times pretty humorous. Susan Sarandon was another bonus because I think she is a very talented actress. This is a very funny and entertaining comedy.

Stanley C (es) wrote: Justin Long's "Accepted" is hardly funny and its whole premise seems to have been rushed and lazily-written, given that a story about reject stupid kids who can't get into any college try to make up their own expensive all-powerful college while hypocritically complaining at the court trial that they're proud of their college being so anti-prestige and high rank despite them taking up 85% of the movie trying to make their college live UP to the standards of South Harmon.

Mark J (it) wrote: After finally deciding to see this movie again, I am reassured that this is in fact my favorite movie ever and am bumping my rating up to the perfect 5 which it has always deserved.

katsist (us) wrote: Perfectly shot and the action scenes were awesome. Incest was a little much though.

Eric R (de) wrote: A really interesting concept about a man who slowly falls apart trying to accept that his life is going to change with a baby. This film is definetly nihilistic. I really enjoy the contrast between the lead and the film geek. The cinemintography is great and I reallly loved how as the film progressed, the walls of Leo's apartment became more and more red.

nith M (us) wrote: Espectacular pelcula, i Love it !!!

Justin B (us) wrote: Cute but unmemorable.

Robby R (jp) wrote: Really endearing love story about two solitary, damaged people that doesn't sugar coat anything but deals with the harsh circumstances of post-war Poland and why finding happiness and comfort is not as easy as it should be.

Giorgos T (de) wrote: While it contains one of the most iconic opening scenes in cinema history, the direction and Franco Nero's performance don't make it better.

bill s (it) wrote: The least interesting or funny of the Powers trilogy but still enough laughs to keep one interested.

antoney j (es) wrote: I want to see this movie

Shashank R (us) wrote: one of d best movies!!