Bom Mesmo É Carnaval

Bom Mesmo É Carnaval


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Bom Mesmo É Carnaval torrent reviews

Al H (de) wrote: If you like the electronic music, this film is for you.

Jackson P (de) wrote: Better than the first

Elijah C (ru) wrote: annoying,no story line to stick to.

Rotimer J (br) wrote: Occasionally brilliant, more commonly frustrating as the rapid fire dialogue doesn't quite hit the lofty heights that we know QT is capable of, and the pace is, ironically, a little pedestrian.

Ehsan K (de) wrote: "A man's got to stick to his principles." Extremely well directed, perfectly executed movie. This has got to be one the most beautiful movies that I have seen.

Freeman M (fr) wrote: Not that bad, actually, until it begins to self-destruct halfway in.

rob S (gb) wrote: quirky and eclectic, melvin goes to dinner has its shining moments and its duller ones, but certainly not the worst way to spend and hour and a half. A little taste of humanity in a market saturated with manufactured ideals about real life. Great cameo from Jack Black!

Chris S (ca) wrote: Very mediocre as far as Disney films go. The transition between finding Atlantis and the climax isn't very smooth, either. There needs to be more substance in the middle.

Fabio V (au) wrote: Starts of slow but turns out to be such a great film. Cuba Gooding Jr. Should have won an Oscar for his performance in the film.

Liliana C (au) wrote: No doubt, the visuals are excellent as well the acting of the leads, Gong Lee (Ruyi) and Leslie Cheung (Zhongliang) . But unfortunately I have to agree with other reviewers, the plot is very confusing and difficult to catch up. I was looking for a movie of the same caliber than Farewell my concubine, but I was disappointed.

Bruno S (de) wrote: Filme que poderia ser muito muito bom, ficou-se s pelo mdio.

Evolve H (ru) wrote: it was a great moive sure it was funny and there was drama what a great moive it was

Nicks Peach (de) wrote: Hil-ar-i-ous! For any Beatles Fan!