Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad

A group of siblings discover they have inherited Super-Powers from their imprisoned father. Questioning their fathers allegiance, they fight all odds to stay away from an evil Military General, who is bent on capturing them (

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:superhero,  

A group of siblings discover they have inherited Super-Powers from their imprisoned father. Questioning their fathers allegiance, they fight all odds to stay away from an evil Military General, who is bent on capturing them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kelby G (ag) wrote: A work of pure excellence, imaginative, funny, terrifyingly real and absolutely heartbreaking

Shane D (au) wrote: Yes. This film was pledged as #25 and wasn't pledged because it was a brilliant piece of film-making or that it was a well regarded documentary. No, it was pledged because it would more than likely bore me to tears. And well, yes, it was a little slow, but interesting none the same. Following the lives of a Mongolian family and their herd of camels, I probably didnt choose the right time to eat dinner when the Weeping Camel himself made his first entry to the world via a very matter of fact camel birthing. Puts you off your Pad Thai just a little know what I'm saying. Truthfully, I wished that a few more documentaries were pledged as part of the 70in7 Project, but this will have to suffice. Makes you realize that a lot of people live for a lot less and considering the reason why I'm doing this, that message resonates.

Ian M (br) wrote: Another one to check out!

AnnJean P (gb) wrote: i love this movie i have seen it tons of times

Ben F (de) wrote: A very pleasant surprise of a movie. Somewhat typical of 80s movies in style, but the plot is rather captivating. Give it a shot.

Kendall I (es) wrote: This was surprisngly hard to rate. PLOT:When aspiring rockstar Nikko (Nolan Gerard Funk) is kicked out of his band and dumped by his girlfriend, he's offered a spot in the local school jazz choir by the leader, Courtney (Tammin Sursock), who has also lost a member to the rival choir, Ta-Da. He turns down the offer until he finds he has a shot at a recording contract if he gets a rockin' demo and a lot of money. He then agrees to join the choir if he splits half of the money, but he begins to grow a love for the choir as he helps it break free and the other members to figure out their true talents. It's the poor-teenager's version of School of Rock, and is executed decently, but not greatly. ACTING:Most of it's mediocre to the cheesy max. The only performances worth mentioning are the two leads, Funk and Sursock. Funk was the only great actor out of the bunch. He did an excellent job compared to the rest of the cast. Most of the time Sursock over-acted, but she could show emotion well, just not regular acting. SOUNDTRACK:Most of the songs are just teen pop trash, but some of them shine through as the gems of the soundtrack. "Break My Heart", Eye of the Tiger", and "Something to Believe In" are the ones I have in mind. OTHER CONTENT:The choreography in the song numbers showed a clear comparison between order and freedom, as to make the audience feel and notice who is better and what might just happen. This movie was so difficult to rate because compared to the majority of trash I've seen, this is not as bad. It's actually partway decent. It definitely has its flaws, but it's not the worst thing I've seen. OVERALL,a movie that's not that bad with a formulaic plot, mainly mediocre acting, teen pop trash soundtrack with its gems, and great choreography twists. Compared to some of the trash I've seen, this isn't that bad.

Tor M (de) wrote: I saw the original version divided into four - probably a wise move since it's brutally long. In the first part, at the "Ekdahlska huset", I get served flawless acting by many actors. Real, tragic crazyness from back in the days. I enjoy being a spectator and the cinematography is to blame together with mentioned acting, script and surprizingly edgy stuff - remember, the setting is put 100 years back. A great atmosphere, I get in the mood for christmas - in a weird way. I'm fearing/hoping it's a mild build-up for bigger happenings.The second part is picking up a year later or so and is in the same style. Still a subtle bore-vibe over it, but the acting stays ace. Some bigger moments here as well, but I feel that the film hasen't bloomed just yet.In the third part (or fourth act) things bloom. It's more psychological, darker - almost horrifying. It makes me really look forward to the last part of the film.The last part and act five is truly a great finisher. It's more exciting, still dark. The great performances continue and we are up for several surprizes.In total this is a great play told from kids eyes, but that's easy to forget.It's epical, huge, long and filled with great characters. The manners of spoken words are fascinating and they are delt with so well. It's unexplainable at times, but also very real and probably a personal and nearly autobiographical film from Bergman. A late masterpice from one of few Scandinavian masters.8.5 out of 10 cognacs.

Ali S (fr) wrote: one of the best films i ever saw , music , camera , actors performance , the story line and deep black sweet nostalgic space it leaves in you after finishing watching the movie in a summer night with the doors of your hous are open.

Debra K (ag) wrote: corny script and B acting take half star away, but the scene with all the grand pianos is worth 5 stars on it's own!

Barry W (jp) wrote: Okay, okay. I'll admit it. I had a good time with this movie.