Tells the story of María Luisa Bombal, an underground writer in the early twenties trying to reconcile her passionate and very sexual lifestyle with her life as a socialite among Santiago's very conservative elite.

Tells the story of María Luisa Bombal, an underground writer in the early twenties trying to reconcile her passionate and very sexual lifestyle with her life as a socialite among Santiago's very conservative elite. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael F (kr) wrote: There's something about watching your idol work. It gives me goosebumps, not the kind that troubles you, but the kind that you get just before you realize something new. There aren't many films like this, because there are not anyone as fascinating as Miyazaki.

Bukhtawar A (ca) wrote: Awesome . Hats off to Shoaib Mansoor & cast . They showed us a real picture and some misconceptions which are really common and has effected so many lives . Really great work.

Joshua B (fr) wrote: I smell a "ripoff", and not even one from a good movie either! well I suppose just like Volcano had Dante's Peak and Armageddon had Deep Impact I'm guessing this is the same movie with very little changes here and there.

Pete S (ru) wrote: Nice idea to a movie. It's pretty intense and interesting but it could've been done much better.

Kinah R (mx) wrote: You never hear of this movie, but i so want to see it.

cli o (it) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Ryan W (nl) wrote: Really... really not good. Even way back when I was a kid and a crazed star wars fan... this was really... really not good.

Grant S (mx) wrote: OK, ish. Had the potential to make a great social statement, but falls back on simply being a sports movie. Story is OK, but sluggish in pace and not overly engaging.

Alex r (it) wrote: Reading reviews I knew that Contamination was an Alien rip off. As far as thats concerned, well this is one entertaining ripoff. I love Italian horror films. Italians have always delivered some gory, depraved shockers, Contamination is definitely one gory film that will appeal to the diehard gore fan. The Strength of this film along with many other Italian horror films is the gore content. I thought the had a good story considering it was a rip off, and I thought the film was very entertaining. Contamination is the perfect example of a well done ripoff. The acting may not be the best, but man does the film deliver on its horrifying content.Contamination might appeal to fans of Ridley Scott's Alien, and as a fan of Scott's sci fi horror classic, I knew that what to expect in this film, but because Contamination is not a big Hollywood production, the filmmakers where able to accomplish a lot more in the gore section. Contamination may not be a perfect film, but I give it high marks for being a horrific and entertaining film. Italian horror has always amped up its violence and though not original, Contamination is still an awesome film that will appeal to horror fans.

Thomas J (kr) wrote: ??????????????????????

Nikki H (it) wrote: My favorite silent film ever, Harold Lloyd, Coney Island, NYC and Babe Ruth

Matthew D (jp) wrote: After bungling what should have been a rather simple set-up with some stiff acting and dialogue, this globe-trotting spy adventure improves with each location and pre-empts the Bond formula by twenty years. However, the titular protagonist is a bit of a dud, and its clear Hitchcock wanted to show the Americans some British Greatness as George Sanders, in a very different role to his appearance in Rebecca but an equally enjoyable one, leaps in and all but takes over as a far more serviceable, fun and dashing hero. This saves the picture in terms of entertainment, even if it damages it in terms of cohesion. The final plea for the US to support the war effort put the director's intentions for all to see, but it is rousing nonetheless.

Edgar C (kr) wrote: Such violent manifestations, be them emotional, physical or psychological, most often carry a complex troubled background, and they are the most immediate remedies our soul can find to externalize our inner demons. When one is in such alarming state, the person becomes extremely dangerous to society, that same society that gave him/her birth. It is, therefore, impossible for that person to cope and to find an ideal place, because the state of mind is doomed to be volatile and destroyed. For such a person, it is equally easy to inflict violence just like it is easy for the soul to cry when you hear God's calling.Peter Mullan stars as Joseph, a man with no family and no valuable or healthy friends to help him fight against his inner demons. On the contrary, they contribute to his downward slowping spiral in a more subtle manner. But the world is the world, and it shall stay like that. The only options we have are either to stay strong, or to fall, like the song "Sing All Our Cares Away" by Damien Dempsey says.His counterpart is Hannah, a Christian owner of a charity shop. This is not a religious film. Rather, one of the topics present is how people stick to their believes and fight against any possible source that questions them. It also touches briefly how we are experts at judging the entire lives of people that we have never known with very little evidence. Truth is, we do not know anything about anybody. We do not even ourselves perfectly. We are a puzzle that we do not understand. That is why we need others, but most importantly, God.Paddy Considine directs a short array of characters in an extremely depressing film. The film is honest and very real, so those looking for an idealized story proceed with caution or stay away. Nevertheless, a proper emotional balance is created halfway through after the sequence of events have punished audiences enough, with a soothing scene that represents one of the few moments of joy in the film:Michael's out of workFeels he's sinking in the murkHe's unshaven and a messFinds it hard some days to dressStevie smashed the delfCos he can't express himselfHe's consumed by rageLike his father at his ageRita's little childHas a lovely little smileBut this means nothing to her fatherBecause he's never even seen herWe singSing all our cares awayWe'll liveTo fight another dayYeah, we singSing all our cares awayYeah, we'll liveTo love another dayWe grow strong from it allWe grow strongOr we fallWe grow strong!74/100

Daniele F (kr) wrote: Perfect film for Christmas. Gory, scary and bloody good fun

Justin B (mx) wrote: It's definitely a sillier bond entry given the gadgets and ludicrous Japanese 'disguise'. Yet Connery pulls it off far better than Moore. It's a lot of fun.