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Bombay Boys

Krishna alias Kris Sahani lives in New York, U.S., but decides to travel to his homeland in order to act in a movie. While Ricardo Fernandes leaves Sydney, Australia to travel to Bombay in ...

Bombay Boys is a new movie of Kaizad Gustad (story and screenplay). This movie was introduced in 1998. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, for example Naveen Andrews, Rahul Bose, Alexander Gifford, Naseeruddin Shah, Tara Deshpande, Roshan Seth, Tarun Shahani, Luke Kenny, Randolf Correia, Shiuli Subaya, Bharat Shetty, Prithvi Zutshi, Kamal Adib, Abdul Sabri, Raj Punjabi. Movie' genres are Drama. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 6.9 in We have a good movie torrents. The runtime of this movie are awesome, about 105 minutes. MongDu is crazy uploader, she is very hard-working. You should spend more time to watch this movie. If we must use one word to describe about this movies torrent, I think it should be 'Awesome', so what is your thought. Do you know what are visitors? ShinichiKuto is the best. I can't leave my Galaxy screen. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

. . While Ricardo Fernandes leaves Sydney, Australia to travel to Bombay in . , but decides to travel to his homeland in order to act in a movie. S. Krishna alias Kris Sahani lives in New York, U

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Users reviews

Claire C (fr)

. What is this? I don't even

David H (ag)

A great Film Adaption of a great Book of a 14 year old Girl who get into Heroine Addiction in 80's West Berlin a shocking and Realistic Story who happens all the Time in different Citys in the World ive seen a lot of this Girls it also shows a realstic Portrait of the 80's West Berlin with its attitude to life

Dorian H (ru)

Interesting crime story

Harry W (nl)

It has cheap characters and a weak script, but Sylvester Stallone leading the journey and some impressive technical elements. So Daylight is a pretty routine disaster film. Ammy Brennerman can get annoying at times though and doesn't exactly seem as if she grasps the character fully. Sylvester Stallone makes a genial presence as the lead in Daylight, and he keeps things firm and serious. He has a certan level of passion in the role and seems both wise and strong which is a good combination for the character. He uses his muscles to a strong extent while bringing his natural heroic archetype to the role to give it a sense of aggressively determined spirit. He is able to use his skill for firm line delivery to give a sense of understanding to his character as well as his status as a great action hero to make him the hero that Daylight really needs. While lhis lines are generic, Sylvester Stallone seamlessly steps into the role with confidence and delivers every line with a sense of charisma which suggests he understands the material all well. In comparison to all the other meaningless stock characters of the film, Kit Latura is the only one who stands out. Sylvester Stallone stands extremely confident in his role. But no matter what the Golden Raspberry awards say, Sylvester Stallone is the finest cast member in Daylight. When it comes down to the cast, most of them make a decent effort. It is intense and grasps the dark nature of the situations which bring the themes to the surface easily. But also, the musical score has a really strong disaster feel to it. They aren't all spot on, but the majority of them make a good effort. Although the script makes the film feel somewhat artificial, the dedication from the actors manage to convey a certain extent of fearful stress in the situation. The atmosphere is pretty engaging. And though it is far from great, it is entertaining enough to pass. So it isn't really a guilty pleasure type film since it takes itself seriously and mostly succeeds. So as a whole, while Daylight may not be the most exciting disaster film, it carries its basic concept far enough with strong visual elements and a mild sense of spirit. The sound effects are also strong and benefit from some firm editing. It has Rob Cohen as director which means that it is not very big on narrative and is a lot more focused on visuals, but luckily enough he is able to stage some impressive stunts thanks to some good scenery and production design elements, as well as the strong cinematography and editing incorporated in. Daylight is pretty much as good and bad as you'd expect. The situations can get boring, and there is not much beyong the surface appeal to save that. As a whole, the entire film is a rather routine and basic exercise in disaster cinema with elements of being a thriller at the same time. So the level of humanity in the film is better than in many disaster films of the 1990's era, but it still doesn't leave much of an impact. This is somewhat problematic because the story is a relatively medium scaled one, focusing both on the survival of its characters and the inconsistent rate of disasters occuring. The script is poor form due to all of its one-dimensional characters and weak dialogue as well as the fact that it doesn't really have a story while instead just having a series of disastrous situations, as well as the fact that its cheap attempts at characters are really not that effective whatsoever. All in all, the focus of the story is constantly changing and the stituations are always varying, with some being exciting and others being rather dull so as a whole the film is inconsistent. The movement of the film was constantly changing between quick moving scenes depicting explosions and fires, before changing to slow paced scenes with either melodrama or slow movements through the tunnels where every character has to complete some feat which is not that impressive. I was bothered by the fact that there was not so much of a consistent feeling of death hanging over the characters. For me, I was easily able to do that. Of course a lot of the ridiculous heroism and scientific accuracy is unrealistic, but viewers must be willing to suspend disbelief and rational thought to enjoy a disaster film. It lacks the exciting potential of a lot of other big budget disaster films, but it is of a somewhat realistic manner which is what makes it effective. The disaster concept in Daylight is somewhat interesting. While the insufficient script and cheap characters make it fail to succeed on much of a human level, it does at least carry a good protagonist. As with the average disaster film, Daylight is packed with many different stock characters who are all relatively meaningless and that viewers are unlikely to find a connection to, but the fact is that there are a lot of interesting settings and situations explored in the film which make it thrilling. Since Sylvester Stallone easily established that I would find at least one character compelling, all that was left from there was for Daaylight to acquire an interesting disaster concept and some good visuals. At the least, I hope for cheap fun out of the special effects, a focus more on the disaster than on characters, and perhaps at least one slightly compelling character. I know what I like in disaster films. Without any certainty of expectations for Daylight, I went into it simple because it was headlined by Sylvester Stallone

Hobie P (nl)

hey never forget they're momma! Classic!. Awesome torture film

Karen H (de)

2016-08-12 slow pace, shows its age

Larry Loreno S (jp)

The movie is boring, Sean is boring but Madonna's eyes and hair are worth a try!

Mike M (br)

The film's political leanings are such that these characters come to be defined more by communal activity - working, singing, gathered round at touring shows - than they perhaps are as individuals; still, in its rough-hewn combination of history lesson, grass-roots politics and folk poetry, this counts as a notable rediscovery, to be filed alongside Loach's "Land and Freedom" and the Brownlow/Mollo "Winstanley" on any serious left-facing DVD shelf. . . If the film has something to say, it's also supremely visual in saying it: indeed, this may be the closest any British film has come to matching the sheer physical beauty of Malick's "Days of Heaven". Sees in the Martyrs' struggles the origins of unionism, a subject which would obviously be of relevance to the Britain into which it was first released, but is no less so viewed from the perspective of the industrial actions of 2009

Rick L (it)

I really like it but it was hard to see Tom Hanks as a killer

Shuaib Y (mx)

ll like it. . . . A feel-good movie which entertains