Sexpot film star Lola Burns (Jean Harlow) is at the top of the pile in Hollywood in this pre-code film directed by Victor Fleming But with her father and brother always hanging around for handouts and the studio PR honcho cooking up endless lurid newspaper stories, she decides to get a new image by trying all sorts of schemes which go awry.

Sexpot film star Lola Burns seeks a new image and tries marrying a marquis, adopting a baby -- all sorts of schemes which go awry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Susan P (us) wrote: A striking film on many levels but oh... my goodness...the photographs of Vivian Maier, are out of this world and they will, I promise, strike a chord in your heart. Thank you, John Maloof, for sharing this amazing art collection and intriguing human story.

Sean Q (it) wrote: Very good. I'm glad they didn't focus everything on LeBron. His friend's stories are just as compelling.

Claire B (us) wrote: I hate this movie. That's all I have to say.

Meena N (it) wrote: Good film, but could have been much better--not very subtle with the whole "your brown & don't belong in the cold white world." JA is well suited for this role, but that chick BB had no role and is basically an Indian Barbie. (Hindi films rarely have decent roles for women.) Overall, its got a nice story and despite the masala--worth seeing.

Dave J (it) wrote: Tuesday, January 8, 2013 (2011) The Smell Of Success COMEDY Good ending but totally unfunny which stars Billy Bob Thorton as Patrick who works for a manure to fertilizer Rose company selling to farmers as their poential customers. The owner then passes away leaving the company in the hands of it's daughter Rosemary Rose played by Tea Leoni. She then finds out that her father has always been on debt resorting to laying off all it's workers. As a result of not knowing how to manage it, she then seeks the help to Patrick since he was supposedly to be the company's best seller again as well as 5 other employees to help pay off the debt. It is at that particular moment is when another fertilizer company drops in with attemptions to populate it's farming fields as opposed to Rose's. They battle it out but in an unfunny perhaps boring kind of way. Filmed on a stage but doesn't address the issue of trying to sell it somewhere else since they're farming communties all over. 2 out of 4

Zyia C (fr) wrote: They don't even let mhe watch the movies

Gary R (mx) wrote: This role was from the start made for Denzel to play. Not to mention trigger happy Don Cheadle as Mouse was a delight.

Jon W (au) wrote: While a good portion of the second half is just astronauts walkin around the moon, so much of this is just plain amazing that it doesn't matter. Som much of this footage is amazing, hard to believe we really accomplished this with the technology of the time. Just wow.

Doctor S (nl) wrote: Laughably lousy Alien ripoff, to say nothing of blatant. Lookit their monster's head, it's exactly the same! Which is about all you can see, somebody turn on the damn lights. Fox Harris is at least amusing as Dr. Cal while claiming his honorary Jeffrey Combs Overacting Crackpot Scientist award. And here's an ending you'll never see anywhere else: have a space ranger cut out the doctor's tumor without anesthetic and feed it to the monster, thereby killing it! Apparently they didn't have the cumulative brainpower to think of "fire bad." Dawn Dunlap's absurdly gratuitous nudity (does a research station on a hot desert planet really need a steam room??) helps ease the pain a smidge.If the bad drugs say you must watch an early-'80s Alien copyright infringement produced by Roger Corman, make it Galaxy Of Terror instead - that's where these cheap sets came from.

Steve M (gb) wrote: Young Hannah, Queen of the Vampires (aka "Crypt of the Living Dead" and "Vampire Woman") Starring: Andrew Prine, Patty Shepard, Mark Damon, Frank Branya, and Teresa Gimpera (with a special guest appearance by Ygor from "Son of Frankenstein") Director: Ray Danton A young engineer (Prine) is tricked into unleashing a vampiress (Gimpera) who has been trapped in her tomb for 700 years. Will he be able to undo his mistake and save the inhabitants of a small island before it becomes a land of the undead? "Young Hannah" is sluggish film, with a script that offers very little that hasn't been done in countless vampire movies before (and it doesn't do anything unique with the much-used elements; in fact, the film feels so much like an offering from Hammer Films that I half expected to see "Shot on location in Scotland and at Shepperton Studios" as the end credits ran out. If you like the classic Hammer stuff for the acting and stories, this might be a movie you'll enjoy; the cast is attractive and they act well enough. If you liked them either for the beautiful use of colors, or the creative use of light and shadow in the black-and-white films, this is not a film for you... it's shot in black-and-white, and the cinematographer really wasn't good at handling that medium. This isn't a bad movie... just thoroughly mediocre. The cast does decent job, the comings and goings of Hannah the Vampire Queen are well done, and the story is okay, if a bit too slowly paced. There are just movies of this type that are better. (By the way, for those wondering about the credit given to Ygor at the top... that's just me razzing the movie for a really odd bit of costuming. There's a character (played by Ihsan Gedik) who looks exactly like Ygor from Universal's "Son of Frankenstein" that it contributes unintentional comedy to the film for film buffs. But still not enough hilarity to lift the film above mediocre.)

Kai W (us) wrote: My all-time favorite movie!

Sean R (br) wrote: Nick Charles: Good morning! Lieutenant Abrams, San Francisco Homicide Squad: Good evening. Nick Charles: Uh, yes, good evening. Will you have some breakfast? Lieutenant Abrams, San Francisco Homicide Squad: Thanks, I just had dinner. Nick Charles: I give up. Best sequel to follow up a great detective story!James Stewart as David Graham, gives a grand performance in this hilarious comedy mystery!No one could ever replace William Powell as Nick Charles, with his co-star Myrna Loy as Nora Charles.

Jacob B (it) wrote: While Jennifer Garner seems committed enough to the role and the action is slightly exciting at times, this spin-off of the 2003 Daredevil movie sucks. The writing is bad, the CGI looks too obvious, after that first scene, the audience is left restless waiting for the next action sequence instead stuck watching Elektra's nightmare about a horned devil killing her mother and the poster (let alone the trailers) are misleading. She hardly wears her red satin outfit. The film hardly acknowledges that it's related to Daredevil (Just 2 brief flashbacks showing her in her black leather outfit and a deleted scene involving Matt Murdock). This is one of Marvel's more crappier films. But look on the bright side, it's a more entertaining watch when compared with the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot (often referred to as Fant4stic).

Thrall T (de) wrote: Movie Review: Get SmartDo you like the movies like James bond and with more humor to them, well then Get Smart might just be the movie for you. Starring Steve Carell (Maxwell Smart) Anne Hathaway (Agent 99) Alan Arkin(The Chief) and Dwayne Johnson as (Agent 23), this comedy of the agency CONTROL VS the Agency KAOS in order to save the world from nuclear threats. Agents 86 and 99 must Locate these devices and stop KAOS. This movies is full of the cute humor that Steve Carell provides in every movie like Dinner for Schmucks or The 40 Year Old Virgin. The one thing the movie lacks that everything else makes up for is the lack of more backstory on characters like Agent 23 or why these agencies exist in the first place. Otherwise this movie will always have a special place in heart of the Steve Carell movies.