• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1968
  • Language:Tamil
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Bommalattam 1968 full movies, Bommalattam torrents movie

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Bommalattam torrent reviews

Sean C (br) wrote: Wasn't bad, wasn't great, wasn't scary. The doll hardly moves for the first half of the movie. When it does, it looks great. The deaths are lame and predictable, the ending was pretty good, but in all, you expect more of these movies and this one fell a little short in what I assume would be a reboot.

Paul D (ca) wrote: Has good production values, but it's a little bit of style over substance. There's not too much of the horror the soldiers encounter on show, it's more about how they deal with the situation amongst themselves.

Private U (mx) wrote: Intriguing story well worth watching. I tried it dubbed first and it was horrible - switched to native French with subtitles and enjoyed it much more! Is it just me or does France seem like a very dark place? :)

Veronica B (it) wrote: This was a pretty good flick also. Lots of laughs.

Robert H (mx) wrote: This is THE John Woo film and one of the reasons Chow Yun-Fat became an international action star.Hard Boiled contains every signature John Woo-ism and has some of the best gun play to ever see the big screen.This is just before Woo came to the US to direct such films as Hard Target starring Van Damme and Face/Off starring Travolta and Cage. I personally think this is his crowning achievement and while I do enjoy a large amount of the films from John Woo, none of them have really come close to containing the stylish action sequences found in Hard Boiled. And for some reason I keep typing John Wood :P

Frdric I (jp) wrote: C'est tout simplement le plus beau film sur l'immigration de l'histoire du cinma. L'oncle d'Elia Kazan, un grec, quitte l'anatolie (Turquie) pour l'amrique. C'est drle, dur, cynique et plein d'espoir. A voir absolument.

Joshua C (au) wrote: I enjoyed this one. The swerve was fun. Charles Laughton was great. My biggest complaint would be that Tyrone Power was WAY over-the-top with his acting, to the degree that it hindered the scenes he was in. It was also brought to my attention that the character Elsa Lanchester played is what Madeline Kahn used for inspiration for her character in Blazing Saddles. Kinda cool!

Senor C (kr) wrote: Although a bit dated & long in the tooth this is probably one of the better Frank Sinatra flix Ive seen that doesn't involve the Rat Pack. You actually need to be a fan of older movies that had to play it safe even w/ more 'adult' subject matter. Heroin addiction is an ugly dirty habit & being made in the 50s I don't think you truly get the full effect of the sickness anymore then you got w/ alcoholism from the Lost Weekend in the 30s. They should have remade this film in the 70s (I don't think they did but I didn't look into it) to be a lot more gritty like Panic in Neddle Park. It's shortcomings are really being a product of its time & for that I can't hold too much against it because it's pretty good for what it is

John D (nl) wrote: I know I am going against the flow but... This is the best stand alone version of Hulk. It has a story, character development, an amazing director and a well put together cast that sold the storyline. I would love to see another stand alone hulk with Mark Ruffalo and written and directed by Joss Whedon. THAT would be amazing.

Cameron H (fr) wrote: Peculiar. Cute. Beguiling. Innocent. This is the first Wes Anderson movie that I have seen in full, and I feel troubled. The 12-year-old female lead Kara Hayward loves stories that take a person dying for adventure into a new world full of seemingly infinite possibilities, only to discover how finite they really are. How metaphysical of Wes. He has the style, all right, and even better, he has the wit to pull off this story of prepubescent love written for the eyes of tired adults. Had there been a better explanation as to how our two main characters met, which is important to consider in the circumstances of living on such a small, isolated island and them being "emotionally disturbed," I would deem the plot to be flawless. That ultimately matters little in the adventure, for the film's strength rides more dependently on everything else -- the strangely skewed dialogue, the true-to-its-own-world performances, the colours, the landscapes. This movie is so pretty! How it must feel to see the world as if you knew everything you wanted in life, and you could get it. Bill Murray's character knows better. Bruce Willis' character knows better. Frances McDormand's character especially knows better. Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward do not need to know though, not now anyway.