Bong ga

Bong ga


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Three years ago, drama teacher Lam Hiu Yeung (Karena Lam) lost her younger brother in a kidnapping case, headed by female inspector Ho Yuen Chun (Rene Liu). Three years later, she is now on the verge of another great loss: her husband is in the late stages of cancer, and options are running out. To take him overseas for medical treatment, she needs money, and a lot of it. Using what she learned from her brother's tragic incident, she calmly masterminds the kidnapping of a tycoon's son, a case that again falls into the laps of workaholic detective and divorced mother Yuen Chun. These two strong-minded women square off in a high-stakes battle of wits, but plans and composure melt away on both sides when they realize that Hiu Yeung has nabbed the wrong kid - Yuen Chun's son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bong ga torrent reviews

Mark M (us) wrote: Great movie, suspense right till the end, just brilliant.

Ray L (es) wrote: Real powerful. Sonny Liston was as tough as they came.

Tyler H (ca) wrote: Phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal! If there was a section at the video store just for me, then this film would be on that shelf! Edward Hogg's performance as Jesco White totally blew me away, he was fantastic, and Carrie Fisher was excellent as well. The soundtrack was great, It fit with the film perfectly, and I loved the washed out look the movie had too. White trash cinema as it's absolute best. I loved it! 4.5/5

Vincent N (ru) wrote: Decent Crocodile horror flick.


Bryan L (br) wrote: So good. I use it with my summer school reading students.

Noel K (ru) wrote: A sci-fi Korean movie (who would have thought) with good production values and an okay plot (yes it kinda, sorta reminds me of Blade Runner). It could have been shorter by 30 min IMHO (delete the over the top sappy scenes & the mindless blood and vomit spitting scenes).

Akhil A (es) wrote: Almodovar for sure is a brilliant story teller,and hats off for writting them himself,i wont complain for the complexities of the plots (mostly confused sexuality)....every director will make and try to show the world what he relates to..!

Kaushal S (ca) wrote: By far the movie that stirred me most and touched me deepest and the one I could relate to completely

Tony B (nl) wrote: It had it's moments but the film was a long mess, overly dramatic, just tried too hard and failed. If some scenes were cut and everything was tightened up a bit it could have been much better.

Patrick O (gb) wrote: Fun movie to watch. What I liked the most was the emotion and the tension between the characters. Liam Niesson gives some of his finest acting here.

Julian T (mx) wrote: For the most part, this is a boring and horribly acted bottom-budget 70's drive-in movie. However, I have to give this film some serious credit for being about 25 years ahead of its time. As far as I'm aware, this is one of the first horror films to go the documentary route. Essentially its a series of dramatized events that may or may not have happened. This is so in vouge today ('The Blair Witch Project', 'Lake Mungo', 'The 4th Kind', etc) that I find it hard to believe that this movie didn't have some sort of effect on alot of modern film makers. As far as reviewing the film based on its own merit however, it is certainly not a success. It is 'bogged' down by a great deal of dead weight and simply boring stretches. The voice over narration is simply laughable and sounds like some 'Wonderful World of Disney' garbage that instantly destroys any small amount of realism or tension it manages to build. It is very disconnected, as it is pretty much a string of different 7 minute novelas glued together. It does feature a couple of decent moments, particularly the final 15 minutes or so which really manage to become pretty creepy. Unfortunatley, these moments wear quite thin, and it ultimately wilts. Its grainy and super 8 style footage and filming actually add a creepy and unsettling vibe, much the same as classic horror films like 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. While it has its positives and its ideas were clearly ahead of its time, this is a below average movie. I'm probably rating it a little high based solely on itself.

Scott C (kr) wrote: Don't remember it too well.

Giffy G (de) wrote: A musical with Julie Andrews and Rock Hudson: I so expected this movie to be better. It was horribly paced, the plot was dull and unimaginative, the characters felt photocopied out of other movies, and the song numbers weren't even that good.

HungYa L (ca) wrote: Am never really a fan of Jamie Foxx but his portrayal of Ray Charles is simply uncanny and too brilliant.