David (Luke Wilson) is an artist and a pothead. He's fallen in love with the beautiful and sexy Serena (Alicia Witt), and things are going simply splendidly until poor David's house burns down. Serena doesn't need the bad vibes, so she splits the scene and runs off to New York with rocker and junkie Tommy (Jamie Kennedy). Lonely David finally turns to the sweet, sweet comfort of marijuana and his strange menagerie of friends to forget about his lost home and love

David is an aspiring artist and a pot dealer, and he falls in love with constantly smoking pot. Serena gets jealous and goes off to New York with heroin-addicted Tommy, and David wants her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jonathan B (es) wrote: First off, I only watched this movie because it was on TV and I'm a fan of Charlotte Rampling. Not being remotely interested in dance genre featured, I was expecting to hate every frame. I was, however, actually pleasantly surprised and found myself rather drawn into it. The big question is why? I'm not really sure. The story is hardly original and the plot as wafer thin as a cheese cracker. However, despite some rather clunky acting and dialogue, the set-piece dance scenes are amazing in their complexity. The choreography really holds the attention and makes up for the shortcomings of the other aspects of the film. This is basically the classic story of people from the opposite sides of the tracks coming together and learning from each other. Here we have a street dance crew needing to rehearse for a competition and a group of ballet students readying for an audition for the Royal Ballet. The street dancers don't have a rehearsal space and the ballet dancers have lost their fire. Enter Charlotte Rampling as the ballet teacher who brings the two groups together hoping that they can solve their problems by working together. Of course, at first, it doesn't go well but gradually they begin to trust and respect each other until they form a united team. For what it is, Street Dance is done well. It is essentially a vehicle for the kind of dance groups that have been cropping up in talent shows over the past few years and as a showcase for their talent, it serves a function. It's not going to have much longevity and will seem naff once the next exploitable dance craze comes along, however, despite shortcomings, this movie kept me watching.

Priya S (gb) wrote: didn't watch the whole movie so not much to say

jay k (ru) wrote: If this movie did not feature the "puppet" concept it would have been terrible. Having used it, however, it is pretty decent. 70%

Skilled S (nl) wrote: happy feet has great animation its funny and has a original story

David M (br) wrote: A cult classic for some, a vulgar one hit wonder to others & for everyone else - a weird lesbian styled film lost somewhere between a dated semi action & trashy comedy movie. For me it's all of the above & I love it. I get a kick out of this film every time I watch it. I'll admit it's pretty B-rate & more than a bit tacky but the laughs never get old. One of those lost forgotten movies that is seriously underrated. Has a killer soundtrack.

James H (ag) wrote: I am not a fan of Jerry Lewis, I think he is a jerk. (I have met him.) This movie was painful to watch at times, not very funny and with uninspired music. But for fans of Jerry...

Doug C (it) wrote: A poignant B-noir with Farley Granger and Cathy O??Donnell as two innocent young lovers on the run after Granger escapes from prison where he was wrongly convicted at age 15 and robs a bank with two other escapees. Good noir cinematography and action.

Demetrios M (us) wrote: Implausible but enjoyable Alfred Hitchcockian thriller.

Kenny N (br) wrote: No stars. I hate this movie. I've seen it several times due to watching it with RiffTrax audio commentary, and each time I see it I find more to hate. And yet everyone else seems to love and praise it as some groundbreaking achievement in horror. This rinky dink production ended up grossing millions at the box office. And that confounds me, because we have more found footage horror movies than we know what to do with. Surely we could have found a better one to throw our hard earned money at in theaters. ("Alone With Her," for starters.) The leads are obnoxious and unlikable. I'd call them "amateurish," but that's kind of the point in the "found footage" genre of filmmaking. But this thing doesn't scare me at all. I figured out this thing in 10 minutes, and the movie does nothing to make getting there half the fun. So I gladly give it no stars. I won't bother with the sequels because I doubt they'd impress me any better than the original.

Charles D (mx) wrote: love it,but then I am a star trek fan.