Dramatic documentary about the young German pacifist and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer who resisted the Nazi regime and was hanged two weeks before World War II was over.

Dramatic documentary about the young German pacifist and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer who resisted the Nazi regime and was hanged two weeks before World War II was over

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Users reviews

Anna B (ru)

The ultimate tragedy would be not just that he committed crimes with impunity, but that in some people's eyes they weren't even crimes. I just hope, at the very least, the damage that he's done to society in the pursuit of his own self-interest is recognised. It's gonna be interesting, over the next 50 years, how Dick Cheney is viewed by history. The camera-work can be a little headache-inducing at times, but it fits the mood and tone. Not only factually interesting, but also quite aesthetically pleasing

Bill T (mx)

The central plot is interesting, but some casting choices (Sal Mineo and Ricardo Montelban as indians!), just totally needless scenes (yes I'm referring to you Jimmy Stewart) and other curious trivia (it looks like Edward G Robinson refused to do location shots, so we get really bad process shots instead) make this one only slightly passable. Curiously uneven John Ford epic about the Cheyenne's struggles to return to the land they were displaced from

Christine R (gb)

I was captured by the story and loved every minute. Noel Coward is amazing as the captain and director in this heartfelt story of a group of men in the British Navy during WWII. Another film I had no idea existed which blew me away

Dan G (es)

excellent story, worth watching

Geovanny M (es)

Is to near with Elfen Lied anime, I think this psycollogic teenager thing with superpowers is very strong

Greg W (au)

this bio-pic from the year i graduated from high school don't remember it in the theaters but i had alot of other things on my mind-director ashby crafted a film throw back to the golden days of hollywood

Jason C (br)

Evan Rachel Wood and Ellen Page is the reason it is worth watching and totally buy them in the relationship as sisters. The movie is well directed but the plot gets a bit hard to buy at times

Justin P (ca)

A western that utterly fails the genre

Kevin M W (kr)

"She ain't nor never was worth yer tears, friend. Unintentionally laugh worthy and yet hard not to watch, like a over emotional drunk acquaintance crying over a breakup. DeMille's Ten Commandments, with every iota of the accompanying self-importance and then some, but with only the barest bones of a plot and script. A Western soap opera played as if it were Cecil B

Mats V (us)

This is a great example of a recipe-script done well