Bonitas e Gostosas

Bonitas e Gostosas

Radio D.J. runs a big audience program, targeted at lower income people, in which he comments on the most important facts of the week. He gets enormous success when he narrates the "true" ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bonitas e Gostosas torrent reviews

Linda C (au) wrote: I love animals, so it was hard to watch. I had to skip ahead, a lot. Ultimately, I was happy with the film.

Iven S (es) wrote: We've seen movies about confirmed bachelors that end up getting stuck with a kid before, there are many movies pointing out how much having a child changes your life. What sets this movie apart?... for one thing its actually believable. This Czech movie doesn't go were you think its going to go but it does play on familiar heart strings. What actually happens is that you see a friendship develop between two characters that a from different backgrounds, different lifestyles and happen to be 50 years apart. A great look into late 80's czech republic and its struggles with the Russian presence makes for an interesting subplot.

Nicki M (ru) wrote: Good movie, ending is horrible (as in, it's a horrible story - not bad). I don't generally watch mob movies, and I tend to associate that genre as Italian (probably incorrectly - so sue me, it's not a type of movie I generally seek out), so this Chinese movie set in the past was something different to me. The settings are beautiful as is the lead actress. Different to see through the eyes of a poor young boy sent to work for them. Felt so sorry for him, especially on that horrible ending. Poor kid.

Casey B (ca) wrote: Cheesy but fun martial arts movie.

Marylew B (us) wrote: Not bad but a surprising number of boobs for the age of the film.

Bud L (br) wrote: great cast and well worth watching

Bailey G (de) wrote: ( A film that sadly disappoints everyone)Good Luck Chuck tells the story of Charlie Logan who gets all of the women because a girl cursed him when he was a young child. In order to get the girl of his dreams he must break the curse. This film is sort of ridiculous. I expected much more out of this film than what I actually saw, as a film goer I'm glade I didn't buy this movie. It's sort of a joke how this story develops and comes together. The ending is the most disappointing though. I saw this one in the hospital when I was getting my EEG done. Boy, did I pick a bad movie. The acting is cheesy, the jokes are just raw, the humor is not only wrong, but disgusting in the sense that pure immature jokes should only go so far then it should be stopped. Sorry to say it, but it turns out that Dane Cook has bad luck after all.

Sebastian P (fr) wrote: Una gran pelcula, bastante conmovedora al principio y bastante divertida y entretenida el resto de la pelcula.

Robert G (es) wrote: There's something about this movie that draws me back time and time. I guess the story of a guy who didn't think he made that much of a difference, yet touched the lives of so many, through his dedication as a teacher, strikes a chord with me somehow. And the performance of Richard Dreyfuss in this movie is nothing short of amazing. How he didn;t get an Oscar for this is beyond me.