Bonitinha, Mas Ordinária

Bonitinha, Mas Ordinária

Brazilian drama produced in 2008, directed and adapted by Moacyr Goes, starring John Michael, Leandra Leal and Leticia Colin. It was released in Brazilian theaters on April 24, 2013, five ...

In his anthological play, Pretty, But Sluty, the renowned Brazilian writer, Nelson Rodrigues, works with the idea of temptation that has chased man since the beginning of time... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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User C (us) wrote: It is hard to chronicle the life and times of India without inviting the ire of some community or the other. Kai Po Che walks the tightrope, providing an honest and objective glimpse into the tumultuous "growing up" of India juxtaposed against the coming of age of the protagonists. Lovingly shot in Ahmedabad, brilliant performances, and a subtle plot add up to a great entertainer. The politics stays omnipresent but in the background, reminding those who'd like to listen that the idea of India is great BECAUSE of it's diversity. Something that is at risk, now that last of generation who fought for that idea and for our freedom is being replaced by young India that only saw the good times

Matt M (nl) wrote: WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?!?!?!

Spencer S (gb) wrote: The pathetic quality of Steve Zahn's performance is what really puts me off "Management" and all its zany morbidity. He fosters this dreamy hope for a woman who treats him like dirt, and in doing so finds himself. It's a degrading premise for anyone, even those who really are pathetic and lonely. And the whole, "A woman who doesn't have fun, needs a creepy man in her life to change everything," has been done, it has been done subtler and it has been more enjoyable. Women are not trophies, and they cannot be won with persistence. Though I found Zahn's antics a little more entertaining than the freak show I was dreading from the poster art, this film is still too mawkish and sad sack for my sensibilities. That and Aniston's performance is so dull and flat it might as well have been a slab of granite. There's nothing really touching or sentimental about this, until the end, when I cried, because I was relieved that it was finally over.

Alejandra C (it) wrote: Could have been a great movie. The concept was certainly there, but the actual depth of characterisation was too superficial. Should have contained it to 2 or 3 women instead of 6.

Shaun B (br) wrote: Normally would be put off by the accents (Johnny Depp's is serviceable but Heather Graham's not so much), and also put off by such a convoluted plot to get to reveal the man that may have been Jack the Ripper (and you may figure out who it is fairly early on). It's not particularly scary but it's a beautiful looking picture that's well directed with tension and keeps you interested...perhaps not glued, but you're definitely going to be interested unless you're the most jaded of Jack the Ripper enthusiasts that demands it to be realistic. This is a movie, and a damn well made one. The cliches kind of hurt as well, and while this pales significantly compared to Menace II Society, I've always wondered whatever happened to the Hughes Brothers...I liked this movie despite its flaws b/c the editing, costumes, cinematography, and overall direction is near top notch.

Private U (fr) wrote: Old school classic, damn difficult to find the original tho. So if anybody has one or knows of an original dvd...PLZ let me know

Matthew D (kr) wrote: There's an interesting film in here somewhere. Better than many Burton efforts for giving us some audience identification characters grounding the film, at least briefly, in the real world before contrasting with the fantasy world. This is the land of the dead, which has some inventive visuals and clever touches but is ultimately limited in scope. More could have been made of this intriguing place, or of the problems of Ryder's 'tortured' soul (or could have been if she was at all convincing in that role). Unfortunately, once the titular character shows up, a brilliantly unchained Keaton, the filmmakers don't seem to know how to control him any more than the characters. Ultimately he becomes not merely superfluous to the story, but detrimental to what the film was struggling to be about, taking it over completely in the final third. It's bizarre and interesting that the antagonists are a send up of the dark-to-be-fashionable which Burton himself became.

Sandy R (nl) wrote: A lovingly made zero budget exploitation sleaze fest that really captures the spirit of independent film making.

Lisa M (mx) wrote: yes i want to see it because its one of my favorite movie

Luke M (fr) wrote: This is a terrible movie. I don't like it, the cliches are abusive, the characters are one sided, and honestly it feels like people saw airplane and thought. "aw hell, we can do that, but with a werewolf. Now, with that being said I love this movie because it's so bad. It has such loveable qualities in it that you just love that Its so easy to hate. It is for these reasons, that you should see it in between 2 amazing movies, just so you don't get spoiled by Hollywood gold.

Ted W (nl) wrote: I saw this movie more than 3 times in the theater and still enjoy watching this, catching many of the more adult jokes I missed the first time around. Granted it's racist, but where can you get a cast this star-studded together with a script this clever these days?

Dave J (gb) wrote: Thursday, November 28., 2013 (1959) Day Of The Outlaw WESTERN Made like an Anthony Mann Western even though it's story is adapted from a novel written by Lee E. Wells, it stars Robert Ryan as outlaw and rancher, Blaise Starrett feuding with some farming settlers regarding some wire and a former flame. Just when he's about to square things up with them, 7 wanted rustlers on the run, headed by ex cavalry captain, Jack Bruhn (Burl Ives) take the entire small town about 20 residents hostage since the US cavalry are coming after them for some stolen gold. Tensions run rather high when some of the rustlers are ordered to stay away from the liquor. All this amounts to is a satisfying conclusion. 3 out of 4 stars

Neo G (it) wrote: Simple and truely unforgettable movie. A true Italian neorealist classic. I believe its actually 1952 not 1955 as shown.


Sam P (kr) wrote: It reminded me of Richard Linklater movies but in smaller scale, there is lack of plot but still enjoyable to watch...

Jeff B (nl) wrote: I liked Dangerous Liaisons better - though not by much; great casting..