A young writer recounts an earlier romance in hopes of attracting his new love interest.

A young writer recounts an earlier romance in hopes of attracting his new love interest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kilo D (fr) wrote: Review to ComeFor now: Mia Farrow, you nutty hypocrite . . .

Will G (nl) wrote: A dismal attempt to replay 'A Christmas Carol' with technological trappings and homages to 'Back To The Future'. After making fun of Dickens and his wonderful story, and introducing such cack-handed ideas as Candy Cane Chronometers, the movie has the Ghost Of Christmas Past deciding that he's had enough of showing people the error of their ways and would rather stay in 1965. So the Ghost Of Christmas Present (Andrea Roth, who looks good in a hot tub) travels back to put the timeline right. Tob Arnold seebs to habe a bad cold in the Scrooge role, but he does well considering the surrounding debacle. His reasons for disliking Christmas, and the scenes in which he revisits them, could have made for a poignant film in the right hands. Shame 'Chasing Christmas' isn't touching, funny, clever, or anything its makers think it is. It doesn't help that they present 'A Christmas Carol' as a fictional story that the characters in the movie are well aware of. And can I be geeky for a moment? Ta. 'The Star Wars Holiday Special' aired in November, not on Christmas Eve.

Riley O (fr) wrote: Not a bad Mark Wahlberg action thriller. Lots of spraying bullets and a good revenge movie. If you're a fan, its your movie.

Emily S (jp) wrote: I hate that women I swear if someone do that to a friend I would probably try to kill that person

Lisa T (ru) wrote: ORGANIC IS THE ONLY REAL FOOD, make sure you are eating non-monsanto GMO unlabeled food. Shame on our government for allowing this monopoly to poison our food supply, and to patent life SHAME ON YOU!

Ashley F (it) wrote: sad and good... didn't really understand some parts but I got the gist and it was pretty good

Jonathan S (ca) wrote: Very good movie, showing how depressing tis what humans can do to each other.

Thomas L (jp) wrote: A highly entertaining film. The two parallel plots keep you wanting to know what happens next. Allen's subtle humor completes the film.

Leslie A (mx) wrote: Kind of flat. Characters either idiotic or underdeveloped. Monster design seems ripped off from "Alien".

Alex G (br) wrote: Enchantingly bizarre, strange, creative, and wild. This is like no other, and should be cherished!

Eoghan C (us) wrote: A remake just to cash in on the remake of Cheaper By The Dozen, involving a large family. All it does is use every comedy cliche and writing structure that's been done a hundred times in the past.

F B (br) wrote: Some stunning cinematography but the film was sadly let down with what appear to be an inexperienced cast, poor acting, a religious theme and a story that was just flat and boring from start to finish. I was expecting something like blood diamond but what I got was watery mud. Overall, an awful boring film

Sgt C (it) wrote: (63%)Michelle Williams plays a part that very few actresses could even attempt, or dare, with a strong, yet fittingly tragic performance. And although the feel of the film is slightly televisual, the good solid cast more than keep everything together and creating something that is higher than just another well cast TV movie of the week. As it's a piece focused on a very slight segment of time this still manages to be a very satisfying insight into a very big, yet very broken screen icon. And anyone wanting to know a little of what Monroe was actually like behind the camera could do a whole lot worse than watch this.

Jocey D (mx) wrote: Interesting perspective of a violent episode during historical protests on American soil. The principals are all much older and a bit wiser but in the end the system they fought so hard against gets them to heel.

Ken S (ag) wrote: Decent werewolf film from Hammer, there only take on the horror staple, starring Oliver Reed as the titular monster. It isn't great, but it has t's moments. It does sport a good performance from Reed, as well as strong wolf make-up, and that great classic Hammer visual look. The story isn't spectacular, but it is a mostly solid Werewolf effort.