The friends Emmett, Freddy, Marie, Kevin and his reluctant girlfriend Jessie decide to spend the Halloween night in an abandoned hospital. Meanwhile, the younger Allan meets the old friend of his father Arlo Ray Baines and asks him to help to find his vanished sister Meg in the same spot. The two groups meet each other in the mental institution section on the haunted third floor.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ghost,   nurse,   wheelchair,  

A handful of college students get trapped in a haunted hospital on Halloween. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Trina B (nl) wrote: Grade: A-Rating: PG-13, 111 minutesIn a Nutshell: Based on a true story, this lovely film illustrates how love and reason can change a crazy world. Bula! If you'd like to know more about the real people in this story, you can read Colour Bar: A United Kingdom by Susan Williams.Uplifting theme: Duty, honor, sacrifice, patience, tolerance, patriotismLove"We should not be fighting for segregation. We should be fighting for equality." - Seretse Khama (David Oyelowo)"Africa can never be free until all those who live in her, white and black, recognize that race must have no bearing on equality and justice." - Seretse Khama "Opposition is one thing, Mr. Khama; the realities of government are quite another." - Alistair Canning (Jack Davenport)"You have to be strong. You have a voice. Use it." - Naledi (Terry Pheto)"No man is free who is not master of himself." - Seretse"It is time!" - SeretseThings I liked:I had never even heard of Bechuanland. Have you? In 1966, it achieved independence and is now known as the Republic of Botswana. I'm always happy to learn new things in movies.I love seeing a proper marriage proposal when the man gets on one knee. Well done, Seretse. Nelson Mandela described the marriage between Seretse and Ruth as "a shining beacon of light and inspiration." Wouldn't that be amazing to have someone describe your marriage and legacy like that?David Oyelowo is absolutely fantastic in this. How about an Oscar for him? I also loved him in Selma. Great movie. Rosamund Pike is great in this also. She was crazy good in Gone Girl too, crazy being the key word in that sentence. Her subtle expressions say so much.Director Amma Asante has a bright future.The scene where the women sing a song to Ruth was so touching.I thought it was funny when Ruth's parents said, "Mind yourself!" and "Come back a missionary!" when she left the house. Things I didn't like: There are some very ugly racial slurs and prejudiced behavior. I've never understood parents who refuse to see their children again if they do something they don't like. A lot of the Extras are terrible actors. Then again, they're natives who aren't actors.It's good to see Malfoy (Tom Felton) cast in another movie. Unfortunately, he plays an equally cruel, weaselly snake in this film too. Interesting lines:"He scares me a bit...the way he makes me feel." - Ruth"I know I will never achieve anything there if I leave my heart here." - Seretse"We'll take it moment by moment...together." - Ruth"They're trying to define us, based on their rules, their idea of the world how they see it." - Seretse"Let's not allow the ugliness of this world take away the joy from us." - Seretse"Let him go. We need him more than you." - Naledi"We've misjudged this, haven't we?"- Ruth"When a man tells a lie, he loses his dignity." - SeretseFunny lines:"Did I ever tell you I didn't marry you just for your good looks?" - Seretse"Liar." - Ruth (as she pulls up her skirt to reveal her beautiful legs.)Tips for parents: Some profanity.Some violence, bullying, and racism.Talk to your children about apartheid and segregation.There is some skin shown during a honeymoon moment.Some subtitles.Young children will be bored, but Tweens will be interested in the love story and historical telling.

Iain B (gb) wrote: McCartney ego trip, 20 mins binned

Art S (it) wrote: This is the third film I've seen from the Turkish master who has a way of getting inside his characters' heads, so that you know what they must be thinking even though they don't voice their thoughts. (The others were Distant and Winter Sleep). This time, in the context of a perfunctory police investigation (finding the corpse after the killers have confessed to where it is), we are privileged to an on-again, off-again conversation between The Prosecutor and The Doctor that rather accidentally leads one to discover an unpleasant and personal truth. This bit (which might be the "point" of the otherwise discursive script) has been adapted from Chekhov (apparently) but Ceylan takes it one step further (into the autopsy room). Despite this glorious nugget buried at the end (or in addition to it), the film is still a beautifully shot panorama (in night colors) of the Turkish foothills with what must be a conscious nod to Kiarostami (the Wind Will Carry Us, Close-Up, others), who has a similar way of inserting thoughts in the viewer, as if by prestidigitation. Somehow the way the film is shot (those slow zooms?) has the ability to concentrate your attention on its details (relevant or not) and this can carry viewers through the epic length.

Jason H (ag) wrote: The tough part is sitting through the terrible dialogue and terrible acting, but it all comes together at the end.

Dawn R (ca) wrote: Good movie. Very slow but not too slow that it's boring.

Pamela Y (kr) wrote: Before there was Michael Bay, Zack Snyder, before Quentin Tarantino was old enough to even wipe his ass there was John Woo. No director has been as influential in defining our action movie vocabulary. That slick, kinetic style that we come to now expect was pioneered by John Woo films.He fled Hollywood and went back to his roots. I was so excited to see this movie because I haven't seen a Woo film in a long time, and I guess, Red Cliff is a Chinese version of the Sword and Sandal epic of Hollywood.It stars my two favorite, the unspeakably handsome Takashi Kaneshiro and the soulful Tony Leung. The story is clever enough involving a metaphorical chess game of war and battle: check and checkmate. Once that plot fully reveals itself it's rather engaging. My reservations with John Woo in the past has been his female characters. They've always been accessories in his past movie. Red Cliff has two women who at least contribute unfolding action. Nice evolution.The few problems I have with this film are the cheap CGI. Some of the composites aren't fully baked into the scene and it looks very obviously there was either not enough time and/or money for the renderings to fully bake.The western style orchestral music didn't seem to fit with the story and setting. It was distracting and rather than adding to the emotion and anticipation it took me out of the movie.Lastly, the editing style bored on the stale. Most obviously was a montage at the beginning of the film. It was just darn cheese.Other than that, if your interested in exploring something new why not.

Wayne B (fr) wrote: Seemed like a german porn movie with the crappy music too.

Oliver K (us) wrote: Classic Lumet filled with astonishing performances. Works well as a companion piece to 12 Angry Men

Marcus R (de) wrote: A pretty decent emotional drama, but it just moved dreadfully slow. At times the acting was questionable and doesn't allow the viewer to become that involved.

Charlie S (fr) wrote: I Love This Movie It mixes both mystery and murder and a little comedy too sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johnny L (gb) wrote: Preserves the beauty of the original.

Kevin F (mx) wrote: So... Interesting even the story behind what happened is really good... =] !!!

Tim E (gb) wrote: A perfectly predictable rom com.

Paul B (ca) wrote: Very predictable and ridiculous movie. Angelina Jolie's lower lip shines in this one as the line bright spot.