Boochamma Boochodu

Boochamma Boochodu

Boochamma Boochodu is a 2014 Sleeper Hit Telugu Horror-Comedy film directed by Rewan Yadu. The film features a honeymooning couple, Karthik (Shivaji) and Sravani (Kainaaz Motiwala),in their new farm house are punctuated by an aberration - ominous signs of the palatial house. The mysterious of the terrorizing spirits form the storyline. Supporting cast include comedians Brahmanandam, Vennela Kishore, Posani Krishna Murali, Venu, Tagubothu Ramesh, Dhanraj and Chammak Chandra.

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Dean B (br) wrote: Well done and acted movie but a bit on the depressing side

Josefine L (ca) wrote: En glad och lttsam romkom med 50 first dates-story.

Rafael S (br) wrote: very belle&sebstian, very retro, very melancholic...

Valerie L (gb) wrote: Silly but fun. Love seeing Tom Hardy in a comedy and as a romantic lead alongside Chris Pine. I think Reese Witherspoon is the clear winner here.

annabella t (kr) wrote: why don't they have Cameron Boyce it would be a better movie and show the trailer pleeeease

Ashli H (mx) wrote: Good movie, and I love, love, love that Paul Mercier was back for Leon! Reminds me of the good old RE games!

Rich S (gb) wrote: In my quest to find every version of Dicken's A Christmas Carol, I have this Looney Tunes version in my collection....and it's just plain silly fun. A good holiday animated movie. Am watching it right now...

Everett S (gb) wrote: ..anytime someone compares a movie to Shaun of the Dead..i expect a failed attempt..this was funny and as expected not as good as SotD..butthat being said it was mildly entertaining due to the english voice ins and the plain silliness...not the worst..

BellaRay (ag) wrote: May see at some stage.

Shannon M (gb) wrote: I feel like I would've rated this a little higher had the trailer not spoiled the final scene, but it's a fine piece of animation anyway. A little hopeless for my tastes, but undeniably well done.

Tristan P (mx) wrote: There's a beautiful true story at the heart of 8 Seconds, and the performances are great, but it's never enough to overcome its cliched script and poor pacing.

Tony G (jp) wrote: A very interesting story is marred by clumsy execution. Clive Barker is working with one of his original stories but he doesn't have strong enough experience as a director yet to pull off the complex high wire act this film needs to make it work.He's too in love with his monsters making them a bit too cartoonish, his characters are not portrayed strong enough to pull off the sometimes-clumsy dialogue. Main characters Boone and Lori are too broadly drawn and Craig Sheffer and Anne Bobby can't add any depth to them in time to rescue the film. But at its core 'Nightbreed" is quite arresting. The story is quite insightful about human nature and the real monsters in the world. "Nightbreed" is ambitious but falls a bit short of Clive Barker's genius story potential due to clunky execution.

Rick D (mx) wrote: Comparing audience reactions between the Peter Jackson movie and the recent Skull Island leaves me scratching my head. I guess it's a bad idea to try to do more - either that or more was being demanded of Peter Jackson because of the LotR movies. Regardless it should be emphasized that, audience scores notwithstanding, Peter Jackson's King Kong is the far superior movie. It's better than Skull Island and it's also better than the Jessica Lange Version from the 1970s. I'm not going to go as far as to say it's better than the Fay Wray version - there's no point in comparing any remake to the original as beloved as the original King Kong.

Carl S (de) wrote: I LOVE LOVE THIS MOVIE. Mainly because it has so much charm, it's kid friendly, it's funny, and Mike is my favorite character! Also, it really beats Shrek's toilet humor, along with Jimmy Neutron. Out of all three Shrek, Monsters Inc & Jimmy Neutron, Monsters inc was the best in my opinion.

Everardo C (fr) wrote: actuaciones increbles temas bien tratados y una historia digna de contarse

Steve C (us) wrote: I wanted to like this more than I did. It had a great concept: There are all these audio tapes Brando made over the years and now we get to hear them in this movie. Well I wish that there was a way we could just hear the talking on the tapes without the movie and certainly without the awful scoring of the movie where there is this repetitious music going on underneath and distracting front the talking. Plus it was all cut up too much I would have rather heard Brando manander than the editing. Anyway, this wasn't as good as I had hoped.Since they both had life long getting down to showbiz weight issues and got very fat in the end I kind of link Brando and Welles. Once again. like Welles, the other great movie fatman, Brando hit young and very big. But Brando had such a conflicted attitude about the whole thing. I mean I certainly understand his stance about how movie acting is made into a much bigger thing than it ought to be but on the other hand if you are lucky enough to wander into the very top of whatever a stupid culture, like ours, has to offer, you might as well find a way to enjoy it. I guess he did in his way with lots of girlfriends but then that lead to horrible trouble later on with the whole Christian and Cheyenne stuff. And the movie hits on that stuff a little which kind of surprised me and I don't think this is a movie Marlon would sign off on at all. Anyway, I would rather read about him than see movies like this.And besides those two were a lot different, Welles being the more fortunate and more accomplished with much more to say really. Marlon had move missteps on other people's projects and just used his movies to pay off wives and children, way way too many children, and the crazy owning the island concept then ended up nowhere. A lot of money probably went in the left causes too. Indians, etc and that is good. Anyway, he had a terrible life and I'm so glad I'm not him.

Jeremiah B (kr) wrote: I found this movie interesting to watch. I'm a newbie to the hardcore Captain Harlock stuff, and it bears noting up front this is a one-shot movie retcon with what is apparently a gigantic departure from the existing character from past media. But, a movie has two hours to work with and needs something big. It is big, it looks good, it's plenty of sci fi, and it makes me want to see the old stuff. I found it strongly entertaining, but again, don't assume what you see is canon.