Boogeyman 2

Boogeyman 2

A young woman attempts to cure her phobia of the boogeyman by checking herself into a mental health facility, only to realize too little too late that she is now helplessly trapped with her own greatest fear.

The film focuses on Laura Porter, who as a child witnessed both her parents being brutally murdered by a hooded man, along with her brother. Laura then voluntarily checks herself into a mental health facility with the hope of conquering her overwhelming fears, only to discover that some things are terrifying on purpose, and confronting her demons was not the best course of action. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al M (it) wrote: As per usual, unless you are a fan of truly deviant cinema, DO NOT WATCH MASKHEAD!. The film follows somewhat in the line of Toe Tag Picture's more recent releases (The Red Sin Tower and Sella Turcica) because it features somewhat of a conventional plot, but it also a0 throwback to their August Underground films in that it often features a cinema verite style as its killers film the murders of their victims. Maskhead is actually a somewhat clever (and completely brutal/disgusting) satire of the porn industry as it follows a lesbian couple and their "friends" who run a "model agency" (a pornography production company) that uses its actress/actor recruiting front as a means to lure victims for snuff films. The victims often initially engage in producing fetishistic porn videos (food fetishes, clown fetishes, etc.), before turning into murder scenes. Maskhead features the typical terrible acting and production values of Toe Tag Pictures' previous films, and it blends humor and brutality in a way that makes us cringe, laugh, and question why the hell we watch such dehumanizing garbage.....

Hayden L (ag) wrote: A great animated feature with some fantastic visuals.

nur s (es) wrote: crita ni best giler. klakar n sedih. lagunya pun bleh tahan..hero shahid kapoor, heroin rani mukherjee.

John R (kr) wrote: When you really want to make a cool edgley movie but you don't want to spend any money.....and then maybe you loose interest in the project, so you just decide to end it.....this mess is what you get

BSH n (nl) wrote: Tonight, many of the ship's guests have gathered to greet the new year in style in the magnificent Main Ballroom. They raise champagne glasses as Captain Bradford (Andre Braugher) delivers a holiday toast and the band rolls into a version of Auld Lang Syne.Meanwhile, on the bridge, the Chief Officer senses that something is wrong.Scanning the horizon, he sees it -- a Rogue Wave; a monstrous wall of water over one hundred feet high, bearing down on them with tremendous speed. He tries to steer the ship away from maximum impact but it's too late.The wave strikes with colossal force, pitching the ship heavily to port before rolling it completely upside down. Passengers and crew are thrown into free fall, crushed by debris or dragged into the sea as water bursts in through shattered windows. Supports collapse, broken gas lines ignite flash fires and lights fail, leaving vast sections of the ship in darkness and chaos.In its aftermath a few hundred survivors are left to huddle in the still-intact Main Ballroom, now resting below the waterline. They should stay together, the captain maintains, and wait here for rescue.One man, professional gambler Dylan Johns (Josh Lucas), prefers to test the odds alone. Ignoring orders, he prepares to exit the Ballroom and find his own way to safety, but is collared by nine-year-old Conor (Jimmy Bennett), who asks that Dylan take him and his mother Maggie (Jacinda Barrett) along. Fast behind them is Robert Ramsey (Kurt Russell), anxious to search for his daughter Jennifer (Emmy Rossum) and her fianc Christian (Mike Vogel). Only an hour earlier this young couple had found it impossible to tell him they were engaged and now face much graver challenges.Wary of alliances, Dylan reluctantly leads the small band of survivors upward through the bowels of the ship. Those who choose to join them rather than wait below include a shy stowaway (Mia Maestro), a suicidal man (Richard Dreyfuss) who re-discovers his will to live and a young waiter with knowledge of the ship's layout (Freddy Rodriguez).Determined to fight their way to the surface, they must forge a path together through layers of wreckage as the ship continues to sink. Bonds form quickly in this journey of vertical climbs, dead ends and sheer drops. And trust proves vital.

Jennifer T (ru) wrote: cool documentary about surfing. makes you want to move to hawaii for real.

Dave A (kr) wrote: Morgan Freeman and Michael Wincott excel! Given mediocre material, they still rise above and soar. Rule #1: A film adaptation is nothing like the book it is based on. A film will never give the same experience as the book. Even given that, this is a surprising adaptation.

Laurel S (nl) wrote: Great Movie! I am a sucker for a love story.That makes me laughs or crys.

Alex r (br) wrote: As far as monster films are concerned, Roger Corman knows how to deliver a fun, gory low-budget B movie that is sure to please fans of the genre. Humanoids of the Deep is a terrific film that is a must see for B movie fans. This is one demented monster film as monsters try to mate with human woman and kill the men. This is a terrific gore fest that is lots of fun from start to finish. As far as monster film are concerned, this is one of the better films with hints of classic films mixed with 80's sleaze, this is a film that is designed to truly entertain the viewer and downright shock, it certainly shocks and stays with you. Effects artist Rob Bottin who would later work 9on John Carpenter's The Ting and Paul Verhoeven's Total Recall creates some sick looking sequences of gore which adds to the chaos of the film. The story may be simplistic in nature, but that's what makes this one so good. This film is brilliant monster film with everything you'd expect from a good ol' fashioned monster yarn. This film will surely appeal to fans of the genre, and if you love Roger Corman's work, give this one a shot, you won't be disappointed. There's never a dull moment in this film, it is constantly entertaining and from start to finish it offers up good gore, tension and one wicked climax that you soon won't forget. If you're in the mood for a great low-budget monster flick, Humanoids from the Deep is the one to check out. A fun film from start to finish.

Bill B (ca) wrote: This was a movie that I had always heard of but had no idea what it was about, so I was very charmed by the idea of two middle class guys trying to track down whoever robbed an illegal nightclub when they realize there's a winning lotto ticket in one of their wallets.Great stuff, a fun blend of humor and drama.

MF J (de) wrote: After being highly recommended by some friends I finally got to watch this film. Well the acting is absolutely spot on, both actors delivering extremely strong & multilayered performances. The subject is a little unusual but somehow everything works & the film manages to paint the portrait of New York during the late 60's, the midnight porn theatres, the gloomy areas, the prostitution.... Back then it must have been a bomb on screen, 40 something years later the central subject of the film, male prostitution, isn't as shocking anymore but the film manages to keep a fresh vibe, and an incredible modernity. Strong film.

Greg W (us) wrote: fast editing in this quickie

Chris M (au) wrote: Interesting and complex supernatural chiller with a little bit more depth than usual. It's sort of Heathers meets Hellraiser as a lonely young woman uses the evil power inside an ancient mirror to get her what she wants. The performances are more layered than usual and the film is competently made with some great set pieces and great special effects. Karen Black seems to be enjoying herself quite a bit here. Mirror, Mirror is above average 80's horror fare that's worth a rental at least.

Leonard D (nl) wrote: Not that bad for a comeback! Animal's bit was probably my favorite moments in this film. You rock Animal!Unfortunately, the only thing that keeps this from becoming a masterpiece is the character Mary. Is it me, or did Amy Adams look like she didn't want to be there? Is that why she was totally mailing in her performance!? What a major wasted opportunity on her part!

David W (us) wrote: Interesting to hardcore political nuts, Zero Dark Thirty chronicles the hunt for Osama Bin Laden with Jessica Chastain along the way

Joey M (ag) wrote: This movie reminds me of why I love movies. From start to finish it was amazing. 10 out of 10 would recommend you see this. If it's not to early I think we might have a movie of the year award winner