Angus Booley has been pushed around his whole life, but recently it seems it has been happening more than usual. He suspects his wife of adultery, his job gets outsourced to India, and his ...

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2010
  • Language:English
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Angus Booley has been pushed around his whole life, but recently it seems it has been happening more than usual. He suspects his wife of adultery, his job gets outsourced to India, and his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerico T (us) wrote: The KimXian tandem too corny. I miss kimerald XD

Kenny K (br) wrote: Admittedly the franchise this movie tries to revive isn?t much by the way of showcasing anything one might deem worthy of bothering to view, let alone reboot, but its saving grace was always Warwick Davis as the leprechaun. Playing this homicidal, psychopathic creature who delivered amusing phrases on occasion, was enough to make at least a few of the films palatable, and even the need for someone to take his place for a newer version wasn?t the worst thing about this movie. No, the worst thing about this movie was, nearly fifty minutes into it and you never actually see the leprechaun. He?s hiding in the shadows, moving through the bushes, creeping through the walls, grabbing at the hapless teenagers who somehow managed to piss him off without doing anything at all other than being there. Every other film before you were treated to seeing The leprechaun in all his horrible, twisted, and goofy glory...and if you couldn?t stand the bad acting that followed from the other people in the films, you at least got to shut off the tv having been somewhat satisfied that at least you got to see the leprechaun.Not in this, if you have the patience for waiting an hour to actually see anything fun happen on screen, this movie is fine, otherwise, you?ll be shutting it off 20 minutes in, I guarantee it.

nia w (jp) wrote: As a huge Chaplin fan I was sceptical. However Robert Downey Jr. performance is breathtaking, he takes on all of Chaplin's signature mannerisms. I strongly urge people to see this, it's a brilliant gesture to the magical genius Charles Chaplin.

Kent L (fr) wrote: The performances in this film are great. It's not a perfect movie, but it's a really good film

Michael B (it) wrote: Mischa Barton tramps around so self-assured with such innocence and childlike wisdom that the film brings you into her nostalgic world of childhood discovery. What she finds of course is that the life is full of security guards, class hierarchy, perversion, power, deceit and regret. The film says kids understand this stuff, but asks what would a kid want with it all? So she makes a friend of the likeable local gardener, played by Sam Rockwell, tells stories, catches chickens, listens to Bruce Springsteen, and replaces the adult suburban charade with her own.Watch with anyone.

Niklas C (ag) wrote: Bra och Hoffman kan lira allt!

miranda p (mx) wrote: hilarious! I like Steve martin he is good at being silly.

An P (ag) wrote: I enjoyed this movie all the way through. I think Ava gave a pretty good performance. You can understand how's it like to be a half blooded, doesn't belong anywhere...

Adrian B (ag) wrote: For me, this film does not cut it. I found to be very insignificent and relatively boring. The plot of this film is about a woman (Mae West) who comes back to a salloon and causes a stir. There is really nothing interesting about this film. I have seen 3-hour long movies that were shorter than this aged stage adaption. The acting was equally as insignificant and the songs were not all that good either. There was nothing memorable or interesting in this movie. Too bad, because a young Cary Grant was in this film as well.