Boond Jo Ban Gayee Moti

Boond Jo Ban Gayee Moti

A once-disgraced school-master gets arrested for killing a lawyer's pregnant daughter.

A once-disgraced school-master gets arrested for killing a lawyer's pregnant daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick F (us) wrote: Unlike the original awesome classic shitstorm of ineptitude prior, part 2 seems bad mostly on purpose, and feels more like an attempt to hit the same amateurish beats without any of the offbeat charm. The cast seems bored, the effects are marginally better but seem to have been made crappy by design, and sadly, you can't make a successful cult movie on purpose.

Justin T (it) wrote: A solid little drama.

Alejandro C (jp) wrote: Bien hecha, con gran banda sonora, con historia interesante, aunque podra haber sido mucho ms entretenida y con ms accin

Coxxie M (kr) wrote: "what did you say punk".... "no i didnt say nuth-" "nice neck." "wha?" SNAAAAAAAPP!!!

Emily R (nl) wrote: yes! comes out two days after my bday!

Pamela A (ag) wrote: simpatica, aunq yo hubiera cambiado las cenizas del comienzo mas pava la vieja, jajja

Frank L (us) wrote: Such a hilarious film, I've seen the trailer, and it is AWESOME.

Rebecca H (br) wrote: A father-son movie about pushing an adult son to grow up. I might have had a hard time watching this is the theater, as a few of the songs seemed like lengthy and pointless intrusions even by Bollywood standards. But the main thrust of the plot (and the comedy routines, which were nominated for prizes) were wonderful. The comedy/drama blend (in chunks like stew) will seem a little odd for those whose tastes are formed by Hollywood, and the first part drags a bit. But I greatly enjoyed this family drama.

Becky T (nl) wrote: Its low budget. Special effect sucked but I still really liked it.

Amanda H (ru) wrote: Something about Kirstie Alley in this movie really rubs me the wrong way. I'm not sure what it is, but she just doesn't seem to fit in. But besides that, I found this to be a great retelling of a story we've all heard a million times and should therefore be uninteresting. It's well acted (mostly), comes across as authentic and believable. This is a subject that has always been of great interest to me, so I really enjoyed this movie.

Dustin G (de) wrote: It's like Charlton Heston meets the Shining.

Adam G (de) wrote: Its not bad but it is unoriginal and uninteresting. A mediocre, slightly entertaining movie that will likely be lost in just a couple years.

D M (it) wrote: The leprechaun, frozen as stone is revived at a Las Vegas pawn shop. One of his gold coins comes into the possession of an underage, down-on-his luck gambler. The luck the coin brings turns his day around, but soon he has several not-so-nice people pining for his new found wealth. A fair entry into the series, sticking with the formula.

Sharon W (jp) wrote: Love this movie! A must see! & Yayson (Jason) is sexy LOL

Tanya K (br) wrote: Welcome to Godard at his most cerebral. A year before France's infamous student uprising of '68, Godard almost prophetically provides a glimpse into a generation wanting change. Despite the interesting subject matter, this film is difficult to follow due to its large array of characters and their non-stop, berating dialogue which at times feels like a speech from Mao himself - quite overwhelming. With the romantic notion that wealth must be equally divided, these students are fighting against the very freedoms that have made it possible for them to voice their opinions in the first place.

Melanie H (au) wrote: Surprisingly (and delightfully) creepy, particularly for a 50s movie that isn't, technically, a horror movie but rather, suspense. It is, much of the time, less sensationalistic and more raw than you'd expect. Mason seems to almost underplay his character in the beginning, which is more frightening than if we had hints of a "bogeyman" lurking in there from the beginning. Even as he descends into psychosis, you don't see hysterical acting but rather, amazingly crafted and somehow sensitively addressed mental illness. Even in the depths of cray-cray, you just can't hate Mason in this film...but trust me, you WILL fear him and (despite a weak performance) you'll almost certainly relate deeply with the son. (Oddly, as a wife, I related less to the wife in this film.)The suspense doesn't let up; there's no relief, really, throughout the film. You may like or dislike this factor; I was a bit "tired out" emotionally by it, myself. Don't get me wrong; I enjoy a good wringing-out. But my feeling is that having a bit of "lightening up" in a suspense film, followed by the "oh I remember why we were upset before" scene, makes the drama all that much more effective. You don't get that with this film, unfortunately. I wasn't thrilled with the ending. It seemed oddly out of place as compared to the rest of the film and almost, in a way, negated the entire message...or really, changed it 180-style. Throughout the film you get the impression that there's an indictment of more than drugs; it's also an expose on keeping up with the Joneses in the Eisenhower Era (which is pretty obvious)...then, the "happy Hollywood" ending folds back on that to seemingly state that the American Dream isn't bogus at all and in fact is fully realistic and achievable; indeed, that it's a simple and achievable as getting the right dosage on medications and giving a good hug. I just feel they dropped the ball on this one at the end; lost their nerve, as it were.Overall, I'm not sorry I watched it but I wouldn't rank it among the greats. I do think the performance on Mason's part was absolutely amazing; I'm not sure any other actor could have pulled it off in quite that way. For "internal" suspense, you'll love this film. Worth a watch.

Matthew S (ru) wrote: Visually it's decent, but I feel they overdid the 'dark fantasy' approach, resulting in a grim movie that didn't succeed in making me care about it's protagonists. Give me the Disney version any day.

jing b (gb) wrote: i was introduce to the world of art that includes forger. i didn't know this kind of business exist

Anna I (gb) wrote: I can honestly say that I got way more out of this film than I had expected. Basic plot summary...Rachel Weisz (sp?) is an American cop who moves to Bosnia and ends up making her mission to fight human trafficking. For an actress who doesn't make a lot of movies she really carried this film. She impressed me to the extent I would compare her role to Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty. We didn't get all the background on her character that I wish we would have gotten, but her acting was so intense and determined it didn't matter. This film tackled a horrible subject probably better than any other one I have seen. I really never thought before about the link from war to human trafficking and my eyes were certainly opened.