Bør Børson II

Bør Børson II


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Henry M (mx) wrote: A good sequel to a great movie. They tried extremely hard to have this film be different from its predecessor, but it ultimately becomes predictable although still very hilarious and entertaining in its own right.

Bruce20 B (us) wrote: Marvel hits another TOP HIT. Guardians of the Galaxy shows the comedy side of marvel, and DOES NOT disappoint. You will walk away smiling and satisfied. My Score: 93%

Alejandro M (fr) wrote: Le falt punch, grandes actores para una pelcula malita

Peter Y (jp) wrote: A silly action sequel to a sequel. Way too many jump cuts and wanky camera movements distract from the flimsy storyline.

Greg W (it) wrote: The French Canadian import is also wildly entertaining in its views of Catholicism, music and especially family.

Tristan M (nl) wrote: This is one of all times best war movies, with intense action to match even Saving Private Ryan. The story is great, showing the war by two types of soldiers. One is the daring, courages killer who will do anything to have his little brother sent home. The other is the little brother, who is not cut out to fight in battle. The movie reminds me a lot of Saving Private Ryan, my favorite war movie, and therefore it's an easy like for me. The acting is great, the battle scenes are very intense, plot is new, and the ending is very good. It is also one if the few movies that integrates a love story well with all the war. It's a little over heroic at times, and the soldiers are a little overly accurate shooters, but it's never boring and it keeps you engaged the entire time. There is no doubt that Korea has made some outstanding war movies. Number seven on my top 15 war movie list.

Malcolm L (fr) wrote: I was bored to tears after half an hour

Terri H (br) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Samarth S (gb) wrote: lovely kiddy movie. jodie fosters' first, a must see for your kids, nieces, nephews :) watched it with my daughter...

Tommy H (ag) wrote: It's got some fantastic Harryhausen effects. No matter how bad a movie like this is they always have a sense of adventure and this one doesn't disappoint.

Heather M (nl) wrote: I just don't think that I can bring myself to watch this one.

Celeste N (kr) wrote: Esta pinche pelicula me saco coraje!!

Karen C (es) wrote: An amazing true story. De Niro and Cuba played awesome parts. Loved it

Josh E (ag) wrote: Cheesy horror but the end will deck you

Raji K (au) wrote: Sophie's Choice is such a popular term now in pop culture without even knowing or seen the movie. It is known for having to make an impossible choice. The movie takes place in 1947 where a young author encounters and befriends two neighbors Sophie (Meryl Streep) and Nathan (Kevin Kline). As his friendship builds, he comes to know these two interesting characters, and eventually leads to Sophie entrusting into him the horrors she had to deal with during the Holocaust. The movie of course builds up to the moment in which a mother has to make that impossible choice of which children of hers should be allowed to live. Sophie's Choice as a movie is somewhat average, but with Streep, the movie adds an entire dimension. Her accent, and the fact she learns Polish and German for this role is incredible. Sophie's Choice should be seen more for the performance piece rather than an epic tale.

John W (gb) wrote: Good plot and Snipes is always fun to watch in an action role. His skills always come across as believable and he carries himself really well. That said, there are plot holes big enough to hide the $100M the bad guys are after. The principal photography is good, great angles, good eye, however the editing is so overwrought (quick cuts, double exposure, overexposure, etc) and jarring that it continually takes you out of the story and quite literally ruins what would have been a decent action film.

JonPaul P (ru) wrote: Critics believe this movie has little to offer for non-adolescent viewers. I disagree. It has little to offer for kids and to that I give a big who cares. It had fantastic camera work with the planes, a story about a guy you thought you could be. That guy wasn't always Maverick. It felt like everybody could connect with somebody's personality in that movie and the characters felt incredibly accessible, something not often seen these days. Perhaps that's why it boosted the Navy recruitment so much. The soundtrack is catchy. You'll want to high five like they do in the volleyball scene. It's just a good time.