Border Lost

Border Lost

Over five thousand people illegally cross the border each day. There are areas where crime is at its highest, where criminals prey upon these defenseless groups. An elite task force is put together with high expectations of solving this problem that is plaguing our border

Over five thousand people illegally cross the border each day. There are areas where crime is at its highest, where criminals prey upon these defenseless groups. An elite task force is put ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Border Lost torrent reviews

Sergio R (br) wrote: I was entertained... nothing more

Andre M (gb) wrote: Terrible acting and plot makes this movie barely watchable. Ridiculous germans speaking perfect english. This is like a low grade imitation of the Blade series premise ("daywalking" vampires and sword using female lead). It is almost but not quite funny because the actors take themselves so seriously. In that regard, I found Clint Howard's acting as the mad scientist particularly awful. Redeeming features: I must admit the sets and costume are surprisingly good for such a piece of crock. Nice scenes of gratuitous sex. Combat sequences are also surprisingly good considering the general level of the movie.

Nilufer R (mx) wrote: It wasn't quite like its friends in this gruesome genre, this one has a purpose, a sick one of course but hey it's European. It gave me head-aches and depression to some degree. I'm not watching it again for sure.

Andrew S (mx) wrote: 100% amazing. The ending of this blew my mind, can't wait to watch the second one.

Robert V (nl) wrote: A disgrace Compared to the original

Christopher P (gb) wrote: I'd like to see a widescreen version of this. I also seem to recall reading an online article saying the film was cut?

James B (jp) wrote: Good little known film

Douglas L (jp) wrote: Everything around this movie is good. Soundtrack, cameos, it feels like an 80's flick, etc. Unfortunately the movie was poorly made. Could have been somewhat more of a cult following if there was some actual quality work in it.

Sanjay T (us) wrote: This movie had me literally "waiting" for more!

Leon B (ru) wrote: Review:I wasn't really impressed with this movie, because the subject matter was a bit weird and it seemed like it was made for TV. The acting was mediocre from the whole cast but the fact that it was based on true events, made it slightly interesting. Don Piper (Hayden Christensen) is a happily married family man with 2 small boys, a young girl and a loving wife, Eva (Kate Bosworth), who is a kindergarten teacher. The whole family is heavily into the church and Don is looking to invest in building a new church in the community. While Don is looking for investors to help him in his new adventure, he ends up in a car crash which, temporarily kills him. After being pronounced dead on the spot, a pastor prays over his body and starts to sing to him, and to his surprise, Don starts to sing along with him. Weird but true! Anyway, he finally gets pulled out of the car and is rushed to the hospital were the doctors battle to save his life. With his family by his side Don goes through some gruesome rehabilitation, which questions his faith and makes him wonder, why he was chosen to stay alive after being dead for 90 Minutes. I must admit, I did get quite bored of the whole storyline after a while and I found it slightly creepy. All of the real footage of the family, made the movie feel like a documentary, which I didn't find entertaining. At the end of the day, it's just another bad movie from Hayden Christensen, who has struggled to make a decent movie since playing Darth Vader in Star Wars. Disappointing!Round-Up:This movie was lucky to break even at the box office, because there are so many people who believe in different religions, who will find this film quite offensive. With that aside, Hayden Christensen and Kate Bosworth could have shown more emotion under those weird circumstances and the ending was pretty poor. Anyway, this film was directed by Michael Polish, 45, who also brought you Twin Falls Idaho, Jackpot, Northfork, the Astronaut Farmer, the Smell of Success, Stay Cool, For Lovers Only, Big Sur, and Unconscious. I personally haven't seen any of his movies before, and if there are anything like this movie, I don't think that I'm missing anything.Budget: $5millionWorldwide Gross: $5millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their dramatic movies starring Hayden Christensen, Kate Bosworth, Michael Harding and Cynthia Barrett. 3/10