Border River

Border River

A Confederate major (Joel McCrea) and his men rob a U.S. mint, then go to Mexico to buy guns and ammo.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1954
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:robbery,   fight,   drunk,  

A Confederate officer and his men journey to Mexico to buy guns to continue the war effort. A Union officer determines to stop them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Border River torrent reviews

Greig J (gb) wrote: It's really bad but at times it is so ridiculous you have to laugh so it merits a couple of stars!

Greg W (jp) wrote: another shiney but empty tale of twisted twins

Gkhan G (de) wrote: Ozon'un t 1/4m temalar trajik bir kabullenme yk 1/4s 1/4nde.

Sebastian I (kr) wrote: I was looking forward to see Vahina Giocante in another movie after seing her in 99 Francs. I thought that she was chosen to play this role, only because she had a great physic, but I was wrong she really can grab those few feelings and pass them along to you. Mohammed Khouas who played Chimo was well in his shoes, he gave the right image of the lost and borred teen who doesn't have anything exciting in his life untill Lila comes in his life and rock his world. Great movie, it's really worth watching it.

Jakub S (nl) wrote: Something about some people's life. Again. IMHO it's crap.

Skyler B (ca) wrote: I will admit it; I am giving this movie an extra half-star in honor of Ledger.

Guy C (jp) wrote: Good performance by Ben Chaplin, loveable character and you felt sorry for him during the movie. This movie has a bit of everything which is good, if you can mix humor and seriousness like that in a film, you know it's a good film. Makes you laugh and think, watch it. Also really great ending.

Eric B (ag) wrote: Fine performances with some good laughs and strong drama. We're not dealing with heroes here, we're dealing with life and Buscemi did a great job with the script and with his actors. The camerawork and editing were unobtrusive and served the story well.

Brutal R (br) wrote: I love this movie ine of the good ones

Ben L (nl) wrote: Wow! If I didn't think that one word would serve as a lame review I would stop there, because that's how I felt when I was done watching Hero. I was in awe of this film for two key reasons: First of all, I simply adore this style of story-telling. I love the way it continues to retell bits of the story, but changes the context or point of view each time. Not only does it keep me on the edge of my seat wondering what will be revealed as the true story, but it also reminds me of real life and the way there are multiple viewpoints to every story that is told. The second amazing aspect of Hero was the visuals. I could not get over how Zhang Yimou utilized color themes in order to differentiate each telling of the story. Between remarkable costuming, great sets, and perfect environments each scene was a site to behold. The action was superb, and I loved how the filmmakers knew when to utilize slow motion. This film features the gravity-defying style of martial arts that became world-renowned in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and I think it fits since most of this film is like a fairy tale. I swear, despite my personal difficulty with foreign language films, this could easily become one of my favorite movies of all time if I get to watch it a few more times. I highly recommend it to anyone who's interested.

Tim M (au) wrote: Chan, Hung and Biao, with another China Drama Academy alumni, Wah playing a caricature of a business man. Great fights. "A true knockout for kung fu fans"

Robin T (jp) wrote: A one man monologue by Philip Baker Hall, who carries it beautifully. You do have to be interested in American politics and the fall of Nixon to get involved, but once you do, you cannot help but feel compassion for the character.

John M (kr) wrote: I believe the film is very structurally messy but I think its messages it's trying to portray and unique voice can overlook that. There's not a lot of "African American" films that are this personal. Simien is basically using this medium to explore a personal essay, and one that should definitely not be ignored. It's also noteworthy that as much as this film is preachy, it's not without reason or intelligence.

alexandra b (ca) wrote: this is one of the best movies i ever seen. is the best.

Jason H (nl) wrote: While I don't think it's Fords best movie, it is anchored by a strong John Wayne performance. It is also helps that it is a good movie in general and the viewer benefits from repeat viewings. As usual the scenery is superb and the general look is good.