Three college students, Phil, Ed, and Henry take a road trip into Mexico for a week of drinking and carefree fun only to have Phil find himself a captive of a group of satanic Mexican drug smugglers who kill tourists and whom are looking for a group of new ones to prepare for a sacrifice.

The film follows Ed, Henry and Phil, three American college graduates in search of wild times in Mexico. On a trip to a border town, they stumble upon a human-sacrifice cult. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Borderland torrent reviews

Khaled M (ag) wrote: It's a weird version of Cast Away but with a schizophrenic Tom Hanks and instead of Wilson the football there's a dead body who's played by Daniel Radcliffe and if that's not weird enough, the body farts alot.

Juan S (br) wrote: Fantasy movie now I can't wait for the final chapter now that I am all cough up with all the resident Evil movies

Jed D (mx) wrote: "How would murder, weigh on your conscience?" Outstanding!! Andrew McCarthy, shines brightest, amongst this all-star cast. This film cannot be missed.

Alastair H (es) wrote: This film hasn't aged gracefully! I had a great time watching it and it was a good laugh. Using real lizards and dressing them up as dinosaurs was not what I expected and it was fun to watch. Not sure about the animal welfare issues however when it came to fight scene between the monitor lizard and the Crocodile. How things have moved on since then. (30.6.11)

Snjeana B (fr) wrote: Dirljivi dokumentarac koji pokazuje pravu sliku politi?ke stvarnosti velikih (vele) sila i mu?ne ne?ovje?nosti ,ahovske igre na duge staze,na alost :( Koliko jo puta trebamo re?i "We want peace" !!!

Charline A (gb) wrote: Cute and fun with three very likable characters.

Byron B (mx) wrote: nominated for best foreign film by NBR

Daniel B (kr) wrote: Lovely stuff - cheap, funny and an interesting glimpse of trade unionism in 70's Britain. Also contains possibly the most pathetic Carry On gag ever - when Kenneth Williams and Patsy Rowlands are discussing the sex lives of winkles on Brighton pier.

Loves2Garden G (es) wrote: Fredric March is awesome!

Maddie M (es) wrote: Very educational, interesting yet disturbing flick exposing the hidden secrets behind the American food industry.

Joseph K (de) wrote: 4,,,,,,,...(TM)n NJ f jdjdjjffjjfdkdj I 29 r