Along the 2,000 mile long border separating the United States from Mexico sit the small desert communities of Columbus, New Mexico and Palomas, Mexico. Over the last decade these otherwise ...

Along the 2,000 mile long border separating the United States from Mexico sit the small desert communities of Columbus, New Mexico and Palomas, Mexico. Over the last decade these otherwise ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Borderlands torrent reviews

Mark L (de) wrote: If you could give a film negative scores, I would do that for this one. Stupid and boring.

Connie C (ru) wrote: watched this on TV last night. I am not a big fan of chick flicks but was interested to see Wesley Snipes in one. I definitely prefer him in actions rolls but felt he did a good job.

Kishore V (us) wrote: Drama delivered at its best

Jenny M (ru) wrote: You can not go into this movie expecting it to have anything to do with the book, becuase it is so far from it... it is basically not based on the book. Personally I loved this movie and went to the theater like 10 times to see it. Must of the times I was alone with no one else in the theater. I think Rosie O made this movie soooooo much. Without her, it would have been a bit on the dull side. I really need to buy this movie, it would make me happy. It was because of this movie that I read the book to see the differences because I heard the Anne Rice did not like what they did to it. I can see why, but I don't think it would have translated well to film without the comedy sidekicks.

Justin D (it) wrote: good stuff. Doug E Doug and Leguizamo are wonderful

Sean G (ca) wrote: I dig Danish films. They're so bleak and funny at the same time. Paprika Steen might win an oscar for this. I hear she's got a shot at a nomination. She's awesome in this film. You know when a middle-aged actress lets herself be shown without make up she's all about the craft of acting and not a prima donna. She's like the Danish Streep, and is one of my new favs now.

Benjamin W (nl) wrote: Surprising how a journalist ends up acting a lot more like a private detective, given the right motivation. Still, this film is full of excitement, twists, turns, and some humor just for good measure.

Thomas L (br) wrote: yah....file this one under 'WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL IN THAT HOUSE??!??"

Grant S (nl) wrote: OK-ish, but not great. Plot drifts, and the movie is overly long. Some decent editing and this could have been an hour shorter and much more coherent.Despite starring greats Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman (whose previous film was Casablanca), the performances are unconvincing. Cooper and Bergman don't seem to gel well. The supporting cast are woeful.I haven't read the book, but I am sure it is better than the movie.

Patrick K (mx) wrote: The director and star of "The Legend of Barney Thomson" is Robert Carlyle. You know him from "Trainspotting" and "The Full Monte." It's a Scottish black comedy that hits absolutely no wrong notes. I hope Carlyle gets to direct more films. I cannot say enough good things about this movie. In addition to Carlyle, it features a dream cast: Ray Winstone, Emma Thompson, Tom Courtenay, Ashley Jensen, and Brian Pettifer. (Emma Thompson is unrecognizable in the role of Barney's mother. It took me several minutes to realize it was her.) Anything - and I mean anything - I tell you about the plot of this film is going to be a spoiler, so let me just say that if you like "Bernie" or "Fargo" (either the film or the TV series) or "The Man Who Wasn't There" or "Pulp Fiction" or "Ice Harvest," then "Barney Thomson" is for you. My advice: don't read any blurbs or reviews that summarize the plot. And don't watch any trailers. I'm serious. The story has so many cool twists and turns that any foreknowledge will diminish your joy. Just find the movie, fasten your seat belt, and hit Play. A final piece of advice: turn on the subtitles and keep them on. "Barney Thomson" is unapologetically Scottish and proud of it. The accents and the slang and the creative vulgarisms have not been softened one bit for the international audience. Och. And that's no shite, you big slab of bastard.