Bore Lee: Cuvaj se sinjske ruke!

Bore Lee: Cuvaj se sinjske ruke!

Bore Lee is back for several-day meditations in his hometown, Sinj. Strange behavior of people he meets, warns him that during his absence something terrible happened to the town - the ...

Bore Lee is back for several-day meditations in his hometown, Sinj. Strange behavior of people he meets, warns him that during his absence something terrible happened to the town - the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bore Lee: Cuvaj se sinjske ruke! torrent reviews

Chris M (au) wrote: Thrilling, brutal and well acted!

Lane Z (es) wrote: A little late to the game for this one, but on board no less, Juno is a fun and smart comedy written by Diablo Cody and directed by Jason Reitman who has been attached in varying capacities to other top-notch films in the last 20 years.Ellen Page gives us a very honest interpretation of a young 16-year-old thrown into chaos when she finds out the only time she ends up having sex leads to pregnancy. So while the focus isn't so much on the occurrence of the act (they only use about 2 minutes of the opening for establishing it), the meat of the film lies with her relationship to a family wanting to adopt her future kid.She's the typical teenager who's level of maturity rises above many adults, but underlying that still rests someone too out of their depth at that age. The themes here are pretty adult for a movie about someone as young as this.The supporting cast of Michael Cera, Allison Janney, JK Simmons, Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman add to the very "real" interpretation of emotions running through these characters.It's a little short on time and breezes along at a brisk pace accompanied by some stellar and fun dialogue. The resolution here is a win-win for everyone involved, and Juno deserves to be recognized as one of our best.

Ryan M (br) wrote: **1/2 out of **** As a devote fan of director Dario Argento's work in the horror genre, ranging exclusively from the 70's to the 80's into the early 90's, I have this odd, unexplainable belief that if there is no nostalgia to a modern Argento effort; there is also no effort, or style, and no entertainment value. This belief hasn't been proven invalid since I first proposed it (Argento's "Phantom of the Opera" was truly awful, and most of what followed wasn't much better either); but there's always the possibility of an exception. In this case, that exception is "Do You Like Hitchcock"; a 2005 made-for-television feature from the master of horror himself. Watching it, I recognized a few things: there was no style, but there was effort, entertainment value, and nostalgia in healthy doses. These are things that quite a few of the more recent Dario Argento movies have lacked; and as far as those go, this one isn't half bad. Well alright, maybe it is, kind of. This un-stylish but never uninteresting thriller follows young film student Julio as he attempts to take part in the solving of what appears to be a series of brutal murders that have been committed in the apartments surrounding his own. The murders share a similar thing: they seem to be inspired, in part, by the films of Alfred Hitchcock. There's irony in the situation; given that Julio and his girlfriend constantly rent out the director's films from their local video store, with Julio closely observing every last scene. So he might be of great service when it comes to finding out who the killer really is. That's the gist of it, anyways. The first murder is committed in the apartment across the street, where a beautiful woman and her elderly mother live - that is until the elderly mother is the victim of the sadistic killer committing the crimes. Julio is paranoid that he might be the next victim; and we believe in his claims, due to the fact that it's made a known fact that somebody is following the protagonist, just as he is closely following others. It eventually untangles and then tangles itself right back up again; with about as many unneeded complications as intriguing mysteries to be solved. The story is uneven, but the characters are surprisingly well-played by their respective actors, and the movie certainly kept me engaged, no matter how ridiculous or slightly underwhelming it became by the finale. With a movie like this, I'm simply trying my hardest not to complain. "Do You Like Hitchcock" has its pleasures - a minimalist style that Argento manages to work around in order to deliver some genuine thrills and chills, and a hilarious character that takes the form of a homeless old lady who collects trash from the bins outside random apartments and buildings nearby Julio's - even if they can't make up for its rusty plotting. Nevertheless, here's what I've theorized: people have indulged in cinematically messy stories and overall films for much less, and Argento is simply trying to do something new. What I assume is that a great portion of his fan base will be disappointed by the lack of gore, beauty, and artistry in the final product; but there's also a chance that a few compassionate souls will forgive and forget, and allow themselves to enjoy the ride while it lasts. Being a cinephile, the references to the works of Hitchcock scattered throughout were enjoyable; and all scenes taking place at the video store that Julio and his girl rent from are energetic and brimming with Argento's non-signature, but non-subtle cinematic fanboyism. Sure, given these plot elements, I acknowledge that Argento probably could have done something amazing; but he crafts a simple yet somehow satisfying murder mystery in the tradition of his early Giallo pictures, minus the exquisite direction that had put him on the map in the first place. Look at Argento's older films, and you'll see that this is far from his best; but look at his newer ones, and you'll notice that it's far from the worst this filmmaker can do. He was once great; and "Do You Like Hitchcock" almost signifies a sort of return-to-form, stylistically, as long as you take out the flowing of the liquid red. Way better than I could have ever anticipated, and worth seeing if you're an avid fan; I may not particularly like "Do You Like Hitchcock", but I certainly can at least appreciate it for what it is. Argento has tried to achieve something new and fresh for years; and I'll have to say that this is probably it. The film's an uneven mess for sure, but I enjoyed the feeling that I had while watching it. Certain plot elements and visual trickeries reminded me of why I admire Argento as much as I do in the first place; and while I loathe the absence of Argento's signature grotesque artistry by way of the bizarre blood and gore, I like what took its place enough to recommend the film to the Argento-faithful. For those who see it and don't like it; I feel as if I had warned you, and if you think differently...well then, too bad.

Rameshwar I (ca) wrote: Wonder how this stayed under my radar for so long while having so many things in excess - runtime, dramatization, graphic content be it sex or violence, production values, contriving, the number of characters and tragically failed missions. But what was hard to believe was the text that said in the beginning - based on real life events. Were they just referring to WWII in the backdrop? Though Carice van Houten gives her best shot, this multidimensional dream character was never converted to an Oscar vehicle. Backdrop is Denmark has come under Nazi rule and Jews are fleeing the country. Carice van Houten (Rachel Stein) is a Jew living in hiding. When her hideout is blown, she tries to make a run out of the country. She gets together with her family and gets on a boat. Rachel alone escapes a ruthless slaughter when a German patrol boat intercepts them. After she smuggles herself back into the city helped by a resistance group, she decides to fight for their cause. Her role is to setup a honey trap to a German Captain and assumes a new identity as Ellis de Vries. Carice van Houten fits the role perfectly upon her looks where she has to be equally cute, sexy and generous on nudity. Production values were extravagant for bringing an authentic feel to the period. With too many melodramatic moments and a highly commercial approach to presentation has not done enough justice to live up to the words in the beginning 'Based on real life events'. The resistance group is full of caricature characters you will find in any sort of group - an aggressor, a thinker, a comedian, a guilt driven paranoid etc. The dilemmas, perspectives and consequences that happen on the immediate aftermath of German surrender to the Allied Forces has never been dealt before - that too this period is not just a commentary based factual display but a proper thriller thread is induced here. Background score found wanting of elevation at certain moments, the action sequences look dated for its time. Seduce you through sex, violence and drama

Matthew B (gb) wrote: Ice Age proves to us that it isn't just about pretty colors, childish humor, and flashy imagery to be a good movie. It has heart and a solid story with characters to care about. The movie has flaws, but every movie is.

Jeff B (kr) wrote: A touching portrayal of a woman with schizophrenia and the subplot dealing with the effects of adoption. I never thought I'd be saying this, but Melanie Griffith was excellent.

Dave J (jp) wrote: Monday, September 16, 2013 (1994) Terminal Velocity ACTION COMEDY (Spoiler warnings) Charlie Sheen and Nastassja Kinski in a 'die hard' action comedy that has something to do with a theft of gold bricks stolen from Russia by ex-KGB agents and Kinski as Krista Moldova assigned to retrieve them back. Sheen as professional sky diver Richard 'Ditch' Brodie unknowingly gets involved. Because studios at the time didn't need special effects to guarantee a hit movie, much of the action scenes had much more actual stunt work and limited CGI, this film gets points for doing just that since not all the sky diving scenes are CGI but by professional stunt men. 3 out of 4 stars

Vasilios P (es) wrote: NY no-wave scene.James White and The Contortions,The Mudd Club,rock star fairies and Jean Michel Basquiat walkin through the streets of NY.Nice i think!

Stephanie L (ru) wrote: I bet Paris Hilton watched this movie over and over when she was a little girl.

Gonalo D (gb) wrote: ...OK for a made-for-TV movie. Otherwise...

Amber G (fr) wrote: Family favorite. I watch this movie several times throughout the holiday season. Love, Love, Love it!

Lanky Man P (ca) wrote: A mad scientist with a very well written twist. Amazing performance by Eklund.

Sam M (mx) wrote: Pretty clever, even effects-wise.