Bored of the Rings: The Trilogy

Bored of the Rings: The Trilogy


A feature length, ultra-low budget digital movie project. It is an satirical parody of the Lord of the Rings story, as expressed in both book and film. It was inspired in concept by the excellent Bored of the Rings book by Harvard Lampoon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bored of the Rings: The Trilogy torrent reviews

bill s (fr) wrote: Crappy FF movie that could have been worse....not much though.

Erin C (it) wrote: This could have been so much better. Rosie o'Donnell was great in her role, but the rest of the cast was lacking.

Ben S (jp) wrote: Awesome special effects and set pieces.

Pete S (ag) wrote: Made before Tommy Lee Jones became a big star it was quite obviously the inspiration for Pirates of the Caribbean. It was released in the UK under the title SAVAGE ISLANDS but in some places it was called NATE & HAYES. However, shame on Paramount for not exploiting it better.

David W (it) wrote: The remake of Thunderball is totally not great compared to the original, but Sean Connery's last Bond performance is top-notch and Kim Basinger takes a great early role.

Stuart K (jp) wrote: Burt Reynolds made a good few films with stuntman-turned film director Hal Needham, they made silly road based capers such as Smokey and the Bandit (1977), The Cannonball Run (1981) and Stroker Ace (1983). Here, they took on a subject close to director Needham's roots, the cutthroat world of being a stuntman, it's a silly but touching caper. It follows stuntman Sonny Hooper (Reynolds), who is a well renowned stuntman in the industry, he's done loads of films, but now he's a bit past his prime. There's a younger generation of stuntmen trying to take over from him, and even a few stunts Hooper does have gave him a few injuries which may put and end to his career. He's currently on a film, where he's the stuntman for Adam West, (who appears with a moustache!! :D) Hooper decides to go out with a bang, and has one last spectacular stunt planned. It's a silly caper you'd expect to see in the late 1970's/early 1980's, Reynold's is a likeable lead, and the stunts you see on screen are daring and well done, and it's complented with good support from Sally Field and John Marley. We need more films like this!! :D

Art S (mx) wrote: Brando as Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata? OK, he brings his typical Method-style to the role, underplaying enough to make Jean Peters (his love interest) seem phony (along with all the rest of the white guys playing Hispanic). The screenplay by John Steinbeck wanders a bit -- Zapata's revolution is on-again, off-again as power corrupts one leader after another (including potentially Zapata himself who quits upon realizing this). But, of course, this is not Mexico but some fantasy land that Elia Kazan has dreamed up. Still, his heart was in the right place and Anthony Quinn's character (Zapata's brother) suggests a further awareness that even within the revolutionary movement there can be fissures and human failings. But, in contrast to a film like Salt of the Earth (1954) by members of the Hollywood Ten, Kazan's film isn't gutsy enough -- much like Kazan himself in the fight against Joseph McCarthy -- although admittedly both were facing machinery that would prove very difficult to stop (Hollywood and HUAC). The film's major crime in the end is that it is just a bit too boring.

Rob R (de) wrote: A character study that is longer and less interesting than it thinks it is.

Josh M (jp) wrote: I've never heard of Rapture-Palooza until now...and I know why. What a strange, disappointing film. I'd imagine neither Kendrick nor Robinson would want people to know they had any part in this. You would think a movie with them at the helm, surround by a strong cast of comedians would have worked. Rapture Palooza plays out like a movie that should only watched on comedy central at 3am, after a night of drinking.Review Points:- The name, first. "Rapture-Palooza" Really?- Anna Kendrick looked like she was ready to fall asleep the entire movie. I get that they were trying to make her (and Daley's character, Ben) look relaxed, and nonchalant about everything going on, but it came across annoying. Every once in awhile Ben freaks out and drops a couple 'holy sh*ts' and holy 'f*cks' but that's about the extent of the emotional range for them. Anna doesn't really show anything but being bored the whole time.- Craig Robinson pretty much improvises all of his lines. Most of his dialogue is just sexually explicit cracks at Kendricks character, fired off continuously (ba-duh-tshh) While the improv isn't terrible (he talks and acts like a genuine d-bag) the jokes extremely hit or miss.- I didn't get the zombie neighbor character. Thomas Lennon is a hilarious actor and he was wasted on him. - Rob Corddry plays his typical 'd*ck' character (like Hot Tub Time Machine, Harold and Kumar) but instead of him having funny moments, he's just mean-spirited and unlikable. Generally, a lot of the comedy of RP is mean-spirited.- Funny cameo by Ken Jeong as god. - Paul Scheer was hilarious as the security wraith- Really weak climax. - They tried to circle the movie around, Hangover style (show end of movie first, then work up to it) but they never acknowledged that fact in the narration the second time around which bugged me.- On that point, the narration was annoying and felt lazy. You can really tell that the problem with the movie is the script. There are great leads, a great supporting cast, a great premise...but they don't really have anywhere to go. They just kind of float along. Rapture-Palooza was just executed poorly.

(us) wrote: Decent enough, that's it.

Tom S (de) wrote: There is no such thing as a terrible film with Joaquin Phoenix, and he and Emma Stone are all that keep us awake in a story that insists it is deep without once offering proof of its depth.