Boring Love

Boring Love

Based on a series of posts published on popular Thai website The story became so popular that it was later turned into a best selling novel. "Boring Love" consists of a love triangle with Ped (Anurak Yingnakorn) squarely in the center. Ped works as a flight attendant and has a girlfriend. His life becomes much more complicated when a male co-worker named Oiy decides to make a move on Ped.

Ped loses his girlfriend and is heartbroken. He begins a new job and meets Oiy who confesses his love to him. Oiy is a male co-worker and Ped rejects him, not being gay. As time goes by a reluctant affection toward Oiy slowly develops. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Toh H (es) wrote: A predictable but heartwarming story of following your dreams when you are given the chance, is talented, meet the right people, given another chance... you get what i mean. The target audience of the film is obviously children, so expect some of the plot elements to be more geared towards that age. There are some funny moments that does bring out the laughter. Animation is depandent on the scenes, motion may not be as fluid in some general scenes, while the focus is on the dancing parts.

Ebony S (ru) wrote: Watched the one edited for daytime viewing... Utterly predictable storyline!! But good for a Sunday afternoon after lunch chilling with family!!!

Cristian V (nl) wrote: Una poderosa historia.

Mikael F (au) wrote: Excellent movie, telling several different stories about grief, joy and life - at the same time depending on how you want to think about it.

Ralph R (kr) wrote: Keith Oberman's travel on?

Sunil J (kr) wrote: Pretty blah for a newspaper movie.

Karen F (us) wrote: Brilliant film, heart-wrenching story and so realistic to watch, it's like watching a fly-on-the-wall. As such I found it really d istressing, and would imagine any parent would. These characters are fully rounded - imperfect, complex, yet still loveable, struggling to get on with their lives as best they can given their imperfections. The acting is excellent, realistic dialogue, and a different take on a story that would make headlines of an entirely different sort in the tabloids. Daily Mail readers should be obliged to watch this by law - even the poorest, most imperfect humans have feelings and aren't entirely motivated by 'milking the system'.

Lee M (nl) wrote: An provocative portrait of an artist whose detachment from the world and his own experiences has dire consequences -- once you figure out Egoyan's ingeniously presented conceit.

Dave M (gb) wrote: I actually saw this in the theatre, although I remember virtually nothing about it. Picked it up on video (yes, VHS) about 10 years ago; still haven't opened it.

Greg W (br) wrote: bring on the dancing horses

Stephen F (gb) wrote: Absolutely incredible in it's scope, they don't make them like this anymore.