Born Blood

Born Blood

It was an innocent time, a time for pastel dresses, jukebox music and Elvis worship. Life in Bangkok then was a very different from now, when the boys did their hair like James Dean and the girls wore outfits with an eye towards prudence. At one of the local dances, attended to by all the young people in town, a boy meets a girl. As they dance together for the first time, a love is born. And first loves, in a way, always last forever. But is everything as it seems in this idyllic place and time? For, as she is soon about to discover, looks can be deceiving, and the young man she has just become devoted to may be a lot more vicious, and dangerous, then she ever could have imagined. Is an era of peace and innocence about to end?

Bangkok, 1960- It was an innocent time, a time for pastel dresses, jukebox music and Elvis worship. Even in Bangkok, the boys did their hair like James Dean and the girls wore outfits with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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