Born Equal

Born Equal

Four characters living in one neighborhood in London - all living dramatically different lives, all of them on the edge - see their stories unfold.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:jealousy,   beating,   knife,  

Four characters living in one neighborhood in London - all living dramatically different lives, all of them on the edge - see their stories unfold. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Born Equal torrent reviews

Brian C (ca) wrote: Interesting but not particularly exciting.

Jack S (au) wrote: Really good. I think everyone should see this

Benji G (it) wrote: A personal childhood favourite

David B (ca) wrote: The deaths are gorier and smarter but it's been done before. It's great that's theirs a link with the first film but still never upbeats from the first. The motorway scene is the highlight. Though theirs a little twist that suicide is not an option, when the guy tries to shot himself. Still the actor's do a good job trying to carry the film. Nice special effects and the plot plods along at ease. Also looking out for links from the first film (180) is always fun to look out for, with some more in-jokes. Sly humour but not so much scary but a great funny, thrilling film. Perfect horror sequel

Fina L (es) wrote: I gotta stop crying my heart out......

John T (us) wrote: It's indie, but damn if it isn't great! A man shows up calmly and tells a doctor he's the Devil. Of course no one believes him... but he is the Devil. It's pretty intense.

Stacey T (jp) wrote: Very girlie- got too luv havn kids home and havn excuse to watch these sort of movie

Heidi S (ru) wrote: Fantastic film...loved all the shots from Morocco and hippy-ish story. One of my faves and I thought Winslet did a stunning job.

Sanchayan S (it) wrote: Brilliant performance from Mckellen and more importantly a bright script from Bill Condon makes this film a wonderful heart crunching tale

Casey B (us) wrote: A perfect tonal blend of comedy and drama, satirical and human. Holly Hunter is magnetic.

Orlok W (au) wrote: For once, a mediaeval odyssey as it would have actually looked--This early Terry Gilliam film is better than its reputation!!

Douglas C (mx) wrote: John Carradine as Dracula

Cameron G (ag) wrote: Story/Screenplay - 30% - 28.5/30Cinematography - 30% - 26/30Acting/Characters - 15% - 13/15Production/Costume Design - 10% - 7/10Effects (Visual/Sound) - 8% - 7.5/8Music - 7% - 6/7Final - 89/100

Viet Phuong N (es) wrote: Hey, this film is pretty decent. Despite the endless venture of Robert De Niro into being type-cast in bad comedies and the post-Oscar notoriety of Anne Hathaway, the film turned out to be a fine cooperative effort of the two, with De Niro's subdued father-figure perfectly complimented the bright but arrogant youthfulness of Hathaway. The film did try "to be cool" but its sincere approach to the world of start-ups should be commended, especially given its very progressive but not too provocative touch on feminism and the conflict between career and family. It might get some laughs out of the audience too, albeit cheap laughs. Many things about this film can be considered unrealistic, including its heart-warming ending, but unrealistic optimism is sometimes still in need, especially in such "dark" worlds of young entrepreneurs and old "retirees". One last thing - the costume designer of this film deserves an award, or at least a raise, as not only De Niro and Hathaway, but even small roles of nameless supporting actors/actresses were dressed extremely well.

Glen O (de) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this Otto Preminger film about a saloon singer (Marilyn Monroe) who finds domestic stability when she falls in with a farmer (Robert Mitchum) seeking to reconcile with his son and start life over in Indian territory. The location shots are great and even the songs have a winning western charm. The only disturbing aspect is what amounts to an attempted rape perpetrated by Mitchum's character who is otherwise a model of uprightness and integrity. Apparently even nice guys just couldn't help themselves back then.

WS W (nl) wrote: Fortunately Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character has made it a little bit more.

Zack L (gb) wrote: Keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time and makes you wonder if the guy is telling the truth or not.