Born Free: A New Adventure

Born Free: A New Adventure

Another thrilling adventure for Elsa the lioness as she works her magic on two teenagers struggling with changes in their life

Another thrilling adventure for Elsa the lioness as she works her magic on two teenagers struggling with changes in their life . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Born Free: A New Adventure torrent reviews

Tom D (nl) wrote: I guess I wasn't paying attention the first time I saw it, because the second time hit me pretty hard. Very good movie and just as impactful as Garden State, only this time it's from the perspective of a lost parent, instead of a lost kid; however, both characters find their way, in the end. The reason I love the movie is, although it isn't entirely original, it does a great job of reaching the audience....if you're listening.

Pia K (br) wrote: Mielenkiintoinen, Kennedyn murhan viralliseen tutkimukseen perustuva elokuva, kannatti katsoa!

Eliabeth R (es) wrote: Esta pelcula realmente es impresionante, esta filmada en la ciudad de Gaza, en la zona palestina y se nota como vive la gente ah, como estn custodiados por el ejercito, como son obligados a inmolarse si para algn loco debe redimir algn error, las costumbres y pobreza, aunque hay partes realmente cmicas el trasfondo es bastante triste, una stira de la poltica y la economa de la regin pero lo pone a uno a pensar hasta cuando hay guerras por religin? que clase de dios acepta eso? seguir (C) siendo atea por mucho tiempo mas..

Emma C (ag) wrote: It makes sense that the director used to work in the fashion industry - the film is beautiful to watch and full of amazing outfits. The plot, however, is not as impressive nor is the acting ability of the lead roles. The attractive protaganist couldn't aim his acting ability at the broad side of a barn.

KJ P (us) wrote: While some may get more out of it than others, "Brick" is the type of film that you either choose to go along with or you don't. As Brendan discovers his ex-girlfriend has been murdered, he begins to uncover the mystery by working with an underground crew of drug dealers. While you may think all of the answers are given by the end of this film, I surely think the opposite. They try very hard to explain everything through the visuals and through excessive amounts of dialogue, and I think that worked about 75% of the time. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is great as the leading man and director Rian Johnson does a great job for his first ever feature film. With incredibly intriguing cinematography, a great (yet complex) script, and energetic editing, "Brick" is a very solid film. It definitely warrants multiple viewings in order to understand the full message being given. I would highly recommend this movie to film junkies. Other than that, I feel this film will leave too much to be desired. Personally, as a whole, I think this is a great film!

Brandon S (jp) wrote: Completely soaked in raw and powerful emotion. This movie is as beautiful as it is difficult to watch without having your heart ripped out of your chest. Dark, Grim, Depressing and Powerful. This is a movie that you really need to see at least once just for the reaction from your system. Amazing soundtrack that is tastefully placed throughout. Enjoy.

Joshua D (ca) wrote: it's fine for what the premise of the movie is supposed to do.

Ethan H (ca) wrote: Fry brings a depth to the character of Wilde that has never been seen before. The world's greatest writer is showcased brilliantly by Gilbert and the acting cameos round out this great and impressive telling.

Chase V (ag) wrote: No tension. No finesse. No subtlety. Just sloppy creature feature fluff that ultimately has nothing going for it. I actually got bored and started doing homework only 20 minutes into the film.

Chris L (es) wrote: Somehow manages to be considerably darker and more horrifying than Raiders without being any less fun or effortlessly watchable. I understand the criticisms (the sidekicks can be cloying and the darker scenes too much for younger viewers); doesn't make it any less enjoyable for me.

Guillaume H (br) wrote: I expected just another good Altman, with crossing stories, neurotic pondering and americana gothic punches. The 3rd element is there, but this is so much more.... Its way out there, almost scary.Shelley Duvall and Sissy Spacek both deserves high praise for their work here; they have made together something pretty unique (yes there are strong undercurrents of ''persona'' but its its own thing). I never thought id say such a thing but it seems big parts of David Lynch sprought right out of this creative universe by Altman. And this is a very solid 5.

Denise P (kr) wrote: It boasts a handful of modern twists and some impressive technical effects, but this second remake of 1976's horror classic fails to bring many truly fresh ideas to the table and rings hollow due to a screenplay that unabashedly borrows from the original -- and plummets further into the genre barrel from inferior performances by its well-chosen cast.

Anthony A (us) wrote: A very well made thriller. Robert Shaw is very good as the main protagonist matched by an excellent performance by Matthau.

Donovan M (fr) wrote: Boring, boring, and did I say boring.

Ethan D (ag) wrote: It's very funny and does its job as a comedy to make you laugh, but it's extremely crude and disgusting and somewhat offensive content make this a three-star film. If they took out all the nasty scenes and nudity, this would be a better movie.

President P (es) wrote: Although it can be confusing and dry, Hidalgo is so strange it's actually worth a watch. The story is pretty interesting a nice twist for a western, but the writing, direction, and acting don't help its cause. While Hidalgo has nice action and looks the part, it can't really overcome its many flaws. Nevertheless, its barley fresh, but I think can be enjoyable; just don't expect much.

Blake S (ru) wrote: A guilty pleasure. I had to watch it again because when Rachel Ward was on the screen I could not follow the story.

Piers C (nl) wrote: Knowing next-to-nothing about pro gaming, this is still totally follow-able. The integrated CGI will, I think, help non-gaming types better understand what is happening. Shame the only female team (briefly) featured go by 'PMS' - way to break that glass ceiling, gals. I find it strange that the winners are consistently referred to as 'millionaires' as individuals, despite that total being divided among a 5-man team. It is easy to get emotionally invested in the contestants' struggles and will hopefully show that this is a competition type comparable to big sporting events.