Born in 68

Born in 68

Two young lovers change their lives drastically after the 1968 revolt, leading to choices that move them in different directions.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:French,English,Persian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   paris france,   prison,  

Two young lovers change their lives drastically after the 1968 revolt, leading to choices that move them in different directions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Born in 68 torrent reviews

Jerome P (fr) wrote: I'm a huge food doc fan, so this may have suffered from my breadth of viewing history. It had huge buzz when released. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the story of this family. I want to go and eat at both restaurants!!

Emilie L (br) wrote: bons acteurs et seconds roles tout aussi bons, film francais sans pretention, j'ai bcp aime

Lora R (gb) wrote: Aadhavan was a watchable movie. I liked the special effects, but they overdid it which made some scenes look really fake. The best special effect was the one when they show the little Madhavan. I loved how they put Surya's face on a little kids body.Surya did a good job and Vadivelu was hilarious!The plot twist was ok, but nothing special about it. The end was funny. I enjoyed seeing K.S. Ravikumar and Udhayanidhi Stalin doing a cameo.

Tyler P (ru) wrote: Premire partie un peu longue et laborieuse mais Clint s'en sort mieux dans la seconde qui est beaucoup plus lisible.

Joshua C (es) wrote: What a peculiar, odd, weird, intriguing, unique, original movie. That's the best that I can requires that many adjectives. Not a bad movie by any means, just so...different. If he were still alive, I would swear this was a Stanley Kubrick film. No idea what to rate this...

Alexander S (nl) wrote: Trekkes en stjerne fordi den slutter helt rva! Nr skal vi i norge skjnne at det gjr seg med en happy-ending...

Dario R (nl) wrote: This movie has been on my Netflix queue for about 2 years. I finally gave it a shot, and thought it was pretty good. Again I love any films, tv shows, and documentaries dealing with WWII; it's the true the boys that fought are the greatest generation. The film has a simple premise; behind enemy lines get Intel to allied forces, but it has some good action, and the characters are likable. No major stars in this film, but some good actors in it. Probably won't appeal to casual movie goer, but history buffs might like the film.

Faley A (de) wrote: A very unusual story on a family and and a mentally unstable boy all are in the damage of second world war....a movie which will give you real thoughts about human affairs and relation.

Magnus S (es) wrote: A cyberpunk classic.

Brandon S (br) wrote: Alright if you want to pass some time. Creative and suspenseful.

Silvia C (kr) wrote: I have seen the most famous scene (the Nutella one) when I was about 10 and never forgot it. At least I saw the entire film. I think I miss this Moretti, cheerful and light-hearted. And the Sacher torte scene revealed itself even better than the Nutella one. :)

Senor C (gb) wrote: Blood Sucking Freak is sorta the next step into what Herschell Gordon Lewis started except for this time out you are really slumming it. When I originally saw this I rented it from Herbies which was one of only two movies I rented from there besides Dirty Duck. They were both nice finds but BSF made me feel ill the first time I watched it. Now there is a lot of vile things in this but I this to me is more of a misunderstood S&M gutter art film (if you have seen it's sequel Maniac Nurse Find Ecstasy you might share that opinion) but there is one scene that always sets me right off. When the 'doctor' pulls that girls teeth out, drills a hole in her head & sucks her brains out w/ a straw. It's a new low in cinema...even Sardu walked out on it

Josh S (de) wrote: Such a fun movie! Casting was perfect for the movie! Don't watch the sequels they were ok!

ameer t (mx) wrote: This film may seem a little flat at first glance, but with relatable characters, and a familiar premise, Rebel Without a Cause can be defined as the greatest ( and most iconic ) film centered around teenage angst and rebellion.