Born Killers

Born Killers

iggy Banks tells the story of two charming and brilliant brothers who finance their lifestyle by robbing and murdering pretty much anyone foolish enough to get in the car with them. They learn the business from their sociopath father (Tom Sizemore) who doesn't bother to hide his crimes, or the brutal philosophy which drives it. He tells his sons people are just piggy banks. You need money? Just break one open. Michael is sloppy and reckless he goes about his work with a demented glee, John perhaps even more horrifyingly, understands the misery he inflicts he simply doesn't care. It's just a job. Lock all your doors.

Piggy Banks tells the story of two charming and brilliant brothers who finance their lifestyle by robbing and murdering pretty much anyone foolish enough to get in the car with them. They ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John A (gb) wrote: A lot of great psychological thrillers stick in my mind for days after seeing them. Oculus stuck in my mind for years. It is one of the most unique and gut wrenching films of all time in my opinion. While other movies rely on cheap jump scares to get you, Oculus scares you with feelings of despair, helplessness, and grief. It, at times, gives you a feeling of distrust in your own eyes and thoughts, which is extremely unsettling. I love how Flanagan's movies don't have to always wrap up in a happy ending to satisfy the audience, studio, or whatever. These brutal conclusions to his films leave me repeating "NO" in my head during the closing seconds. He loves to string the audience along for 90 minutes, rip your guts out, roll credits, and good luck going to sleep tonight. Best horror director alive right now.

Reynaldo P (nl) wrote: The dialogues are loaded with wit and humor that you can forget about the underwhelming final act. It wasn't meant to break grounds. It really is just a better than the usual 'female club' outing.

Maximiliano D (gb) wrote: December 13, 2013The Hobbit: The Deoslation of Smaug, second installment in the Hobbit franchise, improves immensely from the original. The pace, although still not perfect, was much much better, as well as the overall feel and consistency of the film. I am a huge fan of the book and was very scared to see what Peter Jackson and company were going to do with Legolas and Tauriel's characters. Although they felt "thrown in" they were still amazing to watch and from an overall aspect they both added a great deal of energy and style to the movie. Benedict Cumberbatch as the dragon Smaug was everything you could possibly want in a villainous dragon. Haunting, menacing, and terrifying, Smug is the one character that makes this movie work!

Manish A (jp) wrote: Movie is worth watchin atleast once

Anand K (fr) wrote: question: why did dude give the ivory belt to mike?why did the professor hug mike?mike did not defeat morisaki, so why did he get the belt? the professor knew nothing of the rigging, so why did he hug mike? as far as anyone knew, mike defeated the dude who morisaki was sure he could defeat anyway... this movie fell apart at the end for the cheap emotional burst in my opinion,the more i think of that movie the more pissed off I getso what if magician can change color of stones-the fighters pull their own stonesfixed matches is pretty much a hollywood fiction.does the professor carry his red belt around wherever he goes in case something dramatic happens so he can present it to someone?nothing was resolved-dude still owes $30,000 to loan shark and friend still deadwhy did friend kill himself? mere;ly tell where you got watch, show card and box that came with watch with fingerprints on them and cops can go after agent dudefriend of my worked at crime lab-said in 12 years she never pulled print of shell casinghow did wife know which promoter to go sell shell casing to-and why do so when hubby had a great lawsuit worth maybe half a mil???? wtf?wtf would want to watch a match with one person's hands tied? UFC matches are so evenly matched the handicapped dude would always have a 100% chance of losing.axts of god are absolutely not an insurance term and any damage except deliberate damage by owner or damage resulting from crime by owner are covered. this is another hollywood fiction.And BTW there are situations you cannot get out of-if 5 guys all have shotguns 1 inch from your head and are pulling the triggers in 0.5 sec there is no way out of that. Mamet=sucky

Lori B (gb) wrote: No idea why I queued this. Not terrible, but sometimes great acting can't overcome a bad script.

Leo L (jp) wrote: Interesting, haven't heard of this before. Would like to see this..

Viet Phuong N (fr) wrote: Lovely film with charming leads. Julia Roberts at her peak was really something different.

Stuart M (ca) wrote: Very boring, very clichd (professor by day, secret agent by night, I kid you not), and only interesting for the climbing scenes that show up at the end. These scenes were quite impressive for the time, achieved by shooting on location and taking insane risks, but don't make up for the rest of the film's faults. And Clint Eastwood is frankly the wrong actor for the part.

Alexander P (ca) wrote: An overlong film with interest in relationships and close up emotions. At times loses any focus and interest waners throughout. Great in parts, poor in others.

Adam G (it) wrote: "Godard for people who don't like Godard" is the trope most often ascribed to this film. Well, it fits.

Dylan D (jp) wrote: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron works on practically every level. It's an externally gorgeous film and a fully satisfying inward journey of one animal's unbreakable spirit, its bonds of friendship and trust, and its struggle to re-secure the freedom it was born to enjoy. The picture builds its narrative on minimal dialogue and none, save for a few choices instances of voiceover narration, for its title character. It's a film of beautiful simplicity, effortless harmony, and deep connections with its audience. In short, it's a triumph of its genre and an example for others of its kind to follow.

Jonathan G (es) wrote: An unending rush of adrenaline and CGI devastation. It's hard to say it's "good", but it's undeniably hard to turn away from. The hokey dialogue, the ridiculously impossible scenarios- its basically Fast & Furious meets a natural disaster. Rating: 7/10

Dylan M (es) wrote: Besides the first first movie I really like the other three installments just about the same. Stiflers hilarious, the relationship between Michelle and Jim is good, and the whole gang still manages to bring out some funny moments. American Wedding has some pretty classic scenes between the hiding from the inlaws to Stiffler doing something for someone for a change. All in all American wedding is another fun and funny movie added to the series