Born to Be Blind

Born to Be Blind

Three blind sisters, Regina, Maria and Conceição, earn their living by singing in front of churches, in Brazil... They tell their amazing stories, full of drama, heartache, rape, poverty, death and hope.

Three blind sisters, Regina, Maria and Conceição, earn their living by singing in front of churches, in Brazil... They tell their amazing stories, full of drama, heartache, rape, poverty, death and hope. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex S (gb) wrote: Turned it off after 20 minutes, I assuming that the rest of it makes it one of the worst films since Troll 2.

Nir E (de) wrote: Fascinating and complicated look into the lives of two struggling artists

Dayan C (kr) wrote: Its not just about Emanuel story, its a insight view of Colombias situation

Kelly S (fr) wrote: This film is a lot of fun...........I would hate to have had a teacher like the one in the film.........Helen Mirren is at her best yet again...............

Gage W (ru) wrote: I Rilly like Snake's

Duncan K (ag) wrote: For a musical comedy, it isn't as good as A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, but it is up there.

Mattias E (ru) wrote: It indeed seems like Koreeda picked up a thing or two from Hou Hsiao-hsien for Maborosi, his first non-documentary feature. The elegant framing and the exquisite use of light and shadow makes Maborosi visually a near perfect film, each frame impregnated with the sadness and loneliness of it's main character. Interestingly enough it's also Koreeda's only collaboration with cinematographer Nakabori Masao, and one wonders what would have become of Koreeda's subsequent movies had their partnership not ended. Maborosi stands out in Koreeda's catalogue for it's seemingly highly eloborated scenes, pretty far from the naturalistic cinema vrit-inspired aestethics of Distance and Nobody Knows. Thematically though, Maborosi is of course all Koreeda, dealing with the loss of a family member and the grief that results from it. In a subtle way Koreeda even turns the departed Asano Tadanobu into the movie's main character, making his presence heavily felt in the movie's many beautiful empty shots.

Tiph C (us) wrote: Only PG... really?! The rating system must have been waaayyy different than it is now. With a scene containing brief nudity from behind, excessive drinking, and at least one instance of name calling - using a derogatory term for the buttocks... I would have definitely expected this to be PG-13. ~ And all that was just in the first 7 mins of the movies... Extremely slow in the beginning. Cinematography, acting, wardrobe, effects. etc. all typical in style of a movie in the 80's. Language continued with the overuse of GD... as well as Hell, God, the f-bomb... and repeated use of the derogatory term for poop... I only continued watching out of pure curiosity... hoping it would get better... and it didn't!!! Stopped after about 35mins in... It wasn't worth my time or interest to continue on...

Alex K (ag) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Loreno V (fr) wrote: This movie is absurdly horrible. The acting, the sets, the special effects, I just couldn't find anything redeeming about it. Total and absolute trash. And it's not even one of those its so bad its good movies... no. It is just bad.

Bruce B (es) wrote: Pretty Cool Movie as Betty Davis Plays Twin Parts, This is a twist ending suspense film that most will be able to guess 1/2 way through it. 2 sisters one rich one poor and they are twins, so the poor one kills the rich one and takes her place. Very suspenseful with what happens all through the movie. I have been creeped out by Betty Davis ever since I was a kid and still am, but in this role she is worth 4 stars

Kashif M (ca) wrote: The classic World War II movie that I always want to watch here and than. This movie showcases perhaps the most epic war-story of WWII naval era. Bismarck as being the state-of-the-art unsinkable German battle-ship armed to the teeth against the British with vanity getting the better of both sides. British losing their prized battleship HMS Hood in 5 minutes to the Bismarck and it's commander convinced that the ship can survive and escape the whole British fleet which is sent to sink her at all costs. The movie despite being almost 50 years old has convincing battle sequences which marry very well with the orginal WWII style war footage and captures this tale of this war saga very well. Highly recommended for anyone intrested in WWII and its naval engagements.

Murtaa S (ca) wrote: While everyone is watching a 'patriotic' movie on Republic Day, I watched an anti-establishment movie.Simple plot, brilliant ending, fantastic acting by Kate Beckinsale and Matt Dillion. This is linear story-telling done excellently. With the way the situation is right now in this country, could completely relate to a death that occurred because of 'nationalism' in this movie.

Christopher H (kr) wrote: A great sci-fi horror flick (essentially a haunted house movie in space with a little bit of Hellraiser) that was sadly under-appreciated when it first came out.Paul W.S. Anderson (in a rare moment of creative inspiration) does a great job of keeping up a great tense atmosphere and the practical effects are superb (although instances of CGI in the movie are one of the few weak points). There are plenty of great tense sequences, effective jump scares, and absolutely messed-up imagery. The acting isn't too bad either, actually the quality of the acting goes a long way in selling the plot. Sam Niell and Laurence Fishburne really shine in this but the rest of the supporting cast are solid too, especially Sean Pertwee. If you love sci-fi and horror, then check it out!