Born to Defense

Jet, a young soldier at the end of the second World War must overcome some abusive Americans who are bullying him as well as the Chinese people.

Jet, a young soldier at the end of the second world war must overcome some abusive Americans who are bullying him as well as the Chinese people

Born to Defense is a excited movies torrent of Jia Er-Ge, Jack Maeby (english adaptation), Yeung-Ping Sze. This movie was introduced in 1988. There are many actors in this movies torrent, for example Jet Li, Dean Harrington, Mark King, Kurt Roland Petersson, Jia Song, Paulo Tocha, Erkang Zhao. The kind of movie are War. This movie was rated by 5.7 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movies torrent. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Adam R (us)

(First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

Adam T (mx)

. . Just saying. Now, I don't want to sound sexist but seriously, that young girl's aloof, indifferent mother, sizzles up the screen and has my vote for Best British MILF in an Indie Movie. In a way, this sort of drab suburban life while repellant, can also be a comfort zone. Maybe, I can relate to grotty, lower socio-economic areas and the kind of indolence and vice that can be found in them? The cast are very real and believable and even though the young female lead has a passion, that doesn't mean she will have the drive and ambition to match. Fishtank is that rare kind of film that leaves an impression on you

Alex R (gb)

For anyone who thinks Nicholas Cage is a lousy actor, I challenge you to watch this; his performance is nothing short of legendary

Andreia F (it)

Um filme "potico", mas fragmentado. Mesmo assim, continua a marcar o espectador pela marcante histria que conta e pelas performances do principal trio de protagonistas. Falta intensidade, profundidade e ritmo ao filme

Antwon B (br)

" A very good film that was poorly written. Ironically, Dolph Lungren from Rocky IV fame had a similar film to premier during that very same time called "I Come in Peace. Considering all of the Predator vs Alien films and "Predators" film, Predator 2 seems like a masterpiece. Most of the criticism of Danny Glover was unfair, he played a good character, that was not well written. . A. People complained about Glover being cast as the lead, and hated the creature being in L. Predator 2 was a critical and financial failure. The first film made $97 million with a budget of $8 million. The budget was $35 million with an overall gross of $57 million. The movie premiered in Nov 1990 with an opening weekend of $8 million dollars. And finally make it a sci fi action movie. At this point bring in the Alien, making it a horror slasher film. Later on, be a buddy cop movie. Such as, be a cop vs the drug dealers movie. The film could've benefited from the misdirection like the first film did. If police lieutenants behave like him in police departments, all Hell would break loose. He seemed to be driven by one motivation, rage! I wanted more. However we learn very little about his character. Danny Glover did good for what he was given. It seemed as though the script wasn't completed and they were making things up on the fly. The problems that I had with the film involved the pacing. Sadly he passed away while the film was playing in theaters. And Kevin Peter Hall reprises his role as the Predator for the last time. During the time, he had an over the top talk show on tv similar to the Springer show. And Morton Downy jr appears in his final role as a jerry Springer type tv personality. Calvin Lockhart appears in one of his final roles as a Jamaican voodoo priest. Maria conchita Alonso and Rueben Blades make up the rest of the squad. Bill Paxton plays one of his detectives nick named the lone ranger. He's an aggressive no nonsense supervisor of an investigation team. Danny Glover plays police lieutenant Mike Harrigan. Gary Busey and Matthew Baldwin plays federal agents knowing more than they are owning up to. The predator begins waging war against the police and the drug dealers, leading to the ultimate prize LT Harrigan. The predator comes to town drawn by the heat and conflict. In the city there's a war going on between the cops and the drug dealers. The film takes place in Los Angeles in 1997 ten years after the original movie. Predator 2 is a science fiction action movie directed by Stephen Hopkins and starring Danny Glover

berta a (gb)

this is funny , Elvis role is not that good

Brad S (fr)

his film is a MUST for cinema lovers! Check it out!. There are several interesting bits from Martin Scorsese who was heavily influenced by the work of Cardiff, especially in "Raging Bull". It is really interesting to see him speak about his influences, much of his inspiration came from famous painters and their use of light. This is an excellent documentary on one of the greatest cinematographers ever, his work included "The Red Shoes" and "The African Queen"

Gary C (us)

The end. It's about 2 girls that are good at playing a cello and a flute, then they grow up and that (nothing much happens) then one of them dies. Great if you like films that are a bit boring

Joe M (mx)

Good film, equal to the fist installment in story and quality

Lucas L (br)

n essential watch for anyone who loved the series. Feels a little like a string of deleted scenes from the first two seasons, but still a good companion with the series. Decent, but doesn't introduce anything new really