Born to Race

Born to Race

A race-car driver falls in love with a beautiful Italian automobile engineer who is traveling the NASCAR circuit to sell her controversial engine technology.

A race-car driver falls in love with a beautiful Italian automobile engineer who is traveling the NASCAR circuit to sell her controversial engine technology. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Born to Race torrent reviews

Howuf (nl) wrote: Absolutely wonderful performance by Ralph Fiennes.

Dorianator F (es) wrote: Too predictable, very simple plot. The acting was decent though, except for every girl in the movie. But, I did enjoy the style and speed of the film.

George D (ru) wrote: Just what I needed. A movie about someone who does something stupid and potentially fatal but ends up being rewarded handsomely for it. So when my light at the end of the tunnel just ends up being a train, please don't say I was suicidal. I was only chasing what I thought was my muse.

Cian M (au) wrote: A bit too english for me, but still a good translation of Spaghetti Westerns.... to Nottingham.

Sherry M (gb) wrote: Not exactly what I expected. Little interaction between Redford and Pitt. Definitely Redford's vehicle. His character the most interesting. They didn't give Pitt much to do.

Yania E (br) wrote: This Is A Classic Movie And I Still Luv It

Paul C (br) wrote: This movie was not that good. It was like they told Tom Green to be in a movie and not act like himself. Green has a personality that makes him a crazy type of comedy to see. But in this film he tones it down and it is something you just don't want to see. The story was rushed and the comedy was just not appealing. I am sorry, but this movie was just another Tom Green bomb and I am sorry that some other people had to be a part of it.

Todd J (nl) wrote: What starts as a pretty engaging if not a tid sappy film about a young girl who is forced to facilitate her deaf parents' living situations ends up falling victim to its own need to please a mainstream audience. In other words, it's the kind of foreign flick I'd watch with my mom. That's not to say that there isn't a lot to enjoy here. In a lot of ways, it's a pretty good mainstream film because its treatment of deafness is not only novel but seems very authentic. The way in which the young Lara is stuck between her own life and that of her parents presents a truly engaging struggle that the film never really concludes or comments on beyond the initial statement. As the film transitions to Lara as a young adult and a seeming virtuoso clarinet player, her character rounds out in a number of ways, and it's really a joy seeing this character get to romp around Berlin. Unfortunately, we have to suffer through a rather slapped-on romantic subplot that attempts to help her make a leap in her opinions about deafness but really never ends up affecting her one way or the other. That's pretty paradigmatic of my thoughts overall about the film: Link again and again introduces elements that would seem to shed light on something or other: the father's family growing up, the romantic subplot, the conflict between the family (esp. between the aunt and, well, everyone else), but they never negotiate the serious questions with any kind of dexterity or purpose. Instead, these issues are raised but fall victim to the lame tropes that I could've seen in about 10 flicks at the multiplex at the moment. The family issues are solved by understanding and the acquisition of signing fluency. The generational issues figure themselves out in a formulaic audition scene that you've seen about 9,000 times and could call about an hour out. It's a shame because Link does have quite a bit on her mind. Again and again, she makes all kinds of wonderful commentary on the place of film within communication and, really, comments on nearly every kind of communication there is. Unfortunately, her sensibility seems more in tune with delivering an easy-to-consume product that ultimately lacks personality despite all of the points listed above. As you may have guessed, the film exported wonderfully. ** and 1/2 * out've *****

Chelsea L (it) wrote: I don't really know how i feel about this film. It was good, i wasn't all that bored, but that's about it.

Eddie W (ca) wrote: I would like to rent for George W

Curtis H (gb) wrote: The othe movie that captured Don Knotts in all his comedic glory. Its not rediculousy funny, but its hokiness is entertaining, so if you're along for some western fun with Don Knotts, climb aboard.

Tanner B (us) wrote: Modern Times (1936) ????Chaplin's second best (after THE GOLD RUSH) is in a class all by itself, alone, and in comparison with even the best of modern-day movies. The Tramp struggling to live in modern industrial society provides basis for some of the greatest sight gags in screen history. If you have not seen this movie, your life is poorer.

Jay B (gb) wrote: Lol. I did not expect to enjoy this one so much. Action Jackson is the epitome of comic, shut-your-brain-off, '80s, action... and it's fun as hell. It's Apollo VS Coach!

Noah H (de) wrote: A classic in my mind

Genie D (jp) wrote: The first film I've cared enough about to rate! Brilliant and beautiful. Saw at Dances with Films film festival a year ago. Don't miss this gem.