Born to the West

Born to the West

Dare Rudd takes a shine to his cattleman cousin Tom's girlfriend who asks Tom to hire Dare to head the big cattle drive. Dare loses the money for the drive to cardsharps, but Tom wins it back, but Dare must save Tom's life.

Can Dare Rudd prove he is responsible enough to win the heart of Judy and also outwit the crooked saloon owner? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua M (ag) wrote: it sucks big time and seth macfarlane should feel bad for making this awful movie.

Mloy X (ru) wrote: Dr. Holloran (Gleeson): Why aren't you in fancy dress? Albert Nobbs (Close): Me sir? But I'm a waiter. Dr. Holloran (Gleeson): Well I'm a doctor. We are both disguised as ourselves. That's a good one, eh?This was a wonderful film and Glen Close' performance was so really so understated but so very impressive. She was simply brilliant. I got a kick out of watching two Potter veterans in this film: Sean Casey, played by the talented character actor, Mark Williams (who also played Mr. Weasley in the Harry Potter series), and Brendan Gleeson who played a marvelous Alastor Moody in the Potter series, but he was also great as Dr. Hollaran in this film. Mia Wasikowska is always a wonderfully dependable actress but the icing on the cake was getting to watch another film with hunky Aaron Taylor-Johnson-- luv him! But I must admit, I have to give mad props to Janet McTeer who played Mr. Page beautifully. I don't know if this is a compliment but she made a pretty convincing man, if I hadn't know she was a woman to begin with. The story was pretty fascinating, in a kind of Victor-Victoria way; but much sadder because of the circumstances that surrounded their decision to live life as men. It was fascinating to ponder and I wonder if this was actually based on a real person (must do research). Overall, the film has a superb cast, and an interesting plot, and I found it entertaining enough to watch and I liked the events that transpired, so I would venture to say, I liked the movie. It was cool.

Thomas M (it) wrote: Great movie, pretty unpredictable

Diana C (gb) wrote: Big disappointment! I so loved Lisa See's book and wonder why the filmmakers felt the need to so drastically change the story by adding the parallel story of the modern day friendship. This truly spoiled the film (which I watched on dvd) for me.

Paul D (kr) wrote: Despite its mainstream appeal, this marks something a little more mature for Robert Pattinson to get his teeth into and he does well.

Joseph B (us) wrote: Excellent acting. Less than excellent film making. Disappointing to the max.

Alex B (it) wrote: How about a love story where you're just good enough? No silly acts to prove your masculine or feminine prowess. Someone willing to love you, and accept you. Have you ever met that person, and were you able to overcome the resentment in your heart that having to perform and be untrue has created?Those visions of what could be, we all have them, have betrayed us. But what if one day it came knocking on your door? The chance to show your faith.

The E (mx) wrote: One of the best films to come out of Scotland and one of my feel-good films. A real hidden gem.

Aubrey S (ag) wrote: Can't believe I've waited so long to see this. And Mandy is really great too.

Sylvester K (fr) wrote: Bruce Lee's final film and one of his finest. Enter the Dragon has brilliant fighting sequences and beautiful Asian set design, but the addition of blaxploitation was not the wisest idea, which ruined the mood.

Andy H (nl) wrote: Since I was an itty bitty kiddo I have been enthralled by sideshow performers! This film, being slightly embellished on "freak" life is a must see for anyone who is hooked on circus life and for those who are only curious.

Max G (br) wrote: Despite most reviews... This is a good film that definitely is better than Live Free or Die Hard (AKA: Die Hard 4.0). This was an enjoyable, funny, action-packed film. The acting was good. A Good Day To Die HardDie Hards 1-3Overall 8/10 or 4 stars (GOOD)

Eliabeth P (ru) wrote: Less creepy than you would expect

Charlie D (nl) wrote: Thrilling, surprising, and unique but not enough to remember. I usually remember these kinds of films but this one just didn't stick wether it was the cast or it was how the story played, and sure turned out to be a mediocre war movie.

Dave R (es) wrote: Well it was alright not the best thing I seen for a horror movie and a story on Hansel and Gretel it was differnt lets just say that