Born Yesterday

Born Yesterday

A businessman shows up in Washington to lobby agendas that are friendly to his construction plans. His ditsy ex-showgirl bimbo proves to be an embarrassment in social situations, so he hires a reporter to teach her how to appear more intelligent. Soon it becomes apparent to the reporter that she isn't so stupid after all, and things become more complicated as she begins questioning the papers her sugar daddy keeps getting her to sign, and the reporter begins falling in love with her.

A businessman shows up in Washington to lobby agendas that are friendly to his construction plans. His ditsy ex-showgirl bimbo proves to be an embarrassment in social situations, so he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marina N (ag) wrote: Once in a while, there comes a time when I long for a Bollywood story: a fairytale-like romance instilling my belief in love, patience and miracles. I really enjoyed Khan and Sharma in "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi" and felt intrigues to watch this film. While it is not as good as the previous collboration of the Bollywood actors, this romanctic tale is well worth seing, obviously particularly when you're into Bollywood films. Shahrusk Kan has a special presence on screen and apparently an everlasting youthfulness that lead to vivid and wonderful characters both emotionally deep and power. Katrina Kaif is undoubtedly a beauty and perfectly cast as Khan's lifelong love interest. Anushka Sharma is really a shining light and brings fun, happiness and such joy to the audience by her mere presence on screen; I am really looking forward to seing more of here in the future. WHile it's not a secret that Bollywood romances rarely resemble real-life stories, there is a distinct magic about them. The film has wonderful songs that are really catchy and help you remember the wonderful moments of the film long after watching it. The back and forth between Anushka and Katrina - who is Khan going to choose - creates a certain excitement that lets you worry with the characters until the end. It goes without saying that the fulm contains funny parts - both intended and unintended. I am going to keep it in my memoty - althout maybe not jab tak hai jaan...

Antony R (jp) wrote: It's a brilliant interpretation of a young Thor trying to find his way.

Alexander Z (kr) wrote: You know, I know this film was trying to do nothing but be uplifting and whitewash the horrors of war, but I was enjoying it. Problem is, it just kept hitting the audience over the head with the schmaltz. There's a tipping point, right around where our main character disobeys an order and magically saves the day and is pardoned, where the clichs finally begin to override the enjoyment.

Nico B (it) wrote: While Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within bears no resemblance to the video game series it's based on, the computer animation and visuals are so breathtaking to look at, dull plot or not, this flick looks incredible, but the overall film is just average

Daryl T (kr) wrote: A showcase for Carey's breasts and nothing more

Josh W (br) wrote: It takes a little while for it to get going and to get into the characters, but Edge of Seventeen provides a surprisingly engaging tale of discovering and experimenting with one's own sexuality in the era of the AIDS epidemic, and it is more about the protagonist's own personal issues and feelings when identifying with himself rather than outside conflicts. It has a lot of focus, and the relatively unknown Chris Stafford really makes us feel frustrated with him. The 80's backdrop gives the film a great sense of identity as well, and evokes a sense of nostalgia. Despite the low production values, it actually adds to the nostalgia factor even more. Lea DeLaria gives a great performance as well.

Kieran F (it) wrote: Maybe the not the most...amazing film ever but I quite enjoyed this film. I remember first seeing it in theaters as a kid and liking it(back in '96 not '86 as RT mistakenly put) mind you I look back and I think I can see why this film wasn't given great reviews. at the time there was(if I remember right) A LOT of films coming out that had to do with dragons,Medivel empires and etc. so it was some what cliche and boring to see another one of them. This one was no different sure the premisses was interesting but ultimately it was just another well..King Arthur story basically. It wasn't bad but it was kind of boring. The story as I said was a king arthur type story meaning it's about a man who's able to rise up and lead his kingdom to an era of prosperity and etc from the darkness. The only catch? the king has half a heart of a Dragon in him due to being stabbed almost to death. The problem with that? he get's the "Evil side" of the heart. um...okay. Like I said it's cliche and all but the midevil premises and all the actors deliver which helps make this film entertaining. and not to be band wagonning or somehing but the best performance's are by Sean Connery. His voice as the dragon is great fun and actually at times quite funny IE "I merely chewed in self-defense, but I never swallowed." haha to "Oh, thank you very much. It's been stuck down there for months. Can you get your buttocks off my tongue?" Bowen: Why should you be comfortable? My armor is rusting in your drool and your *breath*, is absolutely *foul*!Draco: Well, what do you expect, with an old knight rotting between my molars? Haha but other then that there isn't alot in the film to say it's amazing but it's not crap either.

Simon D (nl) wrote: Fairly overrated movie. I didn't think it was that special but still, not a bad film. Interesting story with Burt Lancaster playing quite an unusual role.

Kase V (gb) wrote: De Palma's electric set pieces are peppered throughout a faltered narrative, but Pacino and Penn hold it all together exceptionally well.

Andrew K (us) wrote: There are clever twists and turns in the script as the discussion between the 2 couples gets way out of hand but I have never found overacting funny. There seems little about this film that works better than it would have on the stage.

Pamela G (br) wrote: The critics are off their rockers on this one. Fantastic flick if you love the Charles-Bronson-style revenge movie as i do. Extreme and disturbing up-close and personal violence, but not gratuitous - it all moved the plot forward.

Loyal D (br) wrote: This movie was really really good! I went into it thinking that it would be a pile of rubbish and later discovered otherwise. Everything about this movie was very real and very well done. The script, acting, and directing in this film were all on point with good theatrical standards. I was shocked at how good of an actor Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson was in his theatrical debut. He did well. This is a great biography story about the good and the bad of being a gangster. I know that sounds stupid, but it is reality and this movie really captures the story well. I thought it was better than Eminem's 8 Mile in comparisson. I highly recommend giving this movie a chance. To my suprise, I loved it!

Stephen H (fr) wrote: Bone Tomahawk, a surprisingly great film. Packed with a great cast that sold it from start to end. A horrifying last half that made me feel like I was there. One of the few movies that you get to stumble on and enjoy like a $20 bill you had folded in an old pair of jeans you forgot about. I very much enjoyed this.

Andy P (br) wrote: The premise ultimately was more than the product but Johnson was funny and had good chemistry with Kevin Hart.