Bornova Bornova

Bornova Bornova

A story from Bornova, a neighborhood in Izmir. Two good friends Salih and Hakan spend their days in front of a grocery store waiting for a chance to do something with their lives.

A story from Bornova, a neighborhood in Izmir. Two good friends Salih and Hakan spend their days in front of a grocery store waiting for a chance to do something with their lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Millo T (fr) wrote: A real story about a man who gets struggled by two opposite forces he can not control, and who tries to save a child and defend his family as the only truths he must work for. Wonderful interpretation from Luis Tosar.

Amer S (us) wrote: boring will kill u before u complete watching it its one of the worst movies I've ever watched seriously

Dutch V (jp) wrote: i don't really understand this movie, and I don't really understand any of the plot other than Seagal has to kill some Asian drug dealers. The action in this movie reminds me of Seagal in the 90's which is really the only reason I'm giving it a positive.

John S (it) wrote: Scary portrait of addiction and self-obsession

Jack G (ag) wrote: Disappointed it wasn't better then the original but how can it the original was so original it can't be surpassed 'scary and thrilling

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