Borrando a papá

Borrando a papá

After divorce, fathers fight to see their children while lawyers and psychologists do everything possible to stop families from reuniting. The big business of child custody where suffering equals profits.

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John O (au) wrote: B grade movie B stands for BORING! This is totally not worth watching how can this be a follow up the Tekken anything

Jonathan B (nl) wrote: I'm not a motorsports fan and don't really know or care that much about it to be honest. I did know of Ayrton Senna and his rivalry with Alain Prost but had no idea how deeply it ran until I saw this documentary movie. I've got to say, it was utterly gripping from the word go. A fascinating story of a brilliantly talented and unique individual and his single-minded obsession, this movie is made up of archive material and interviews with the people who were there, the tension builds and builds until the final, horrifying conclusion. I can honestly say that this is the best documentary films I've seen in a long, long time and I'd recommend it to anyone without hesitation.

Erwin M (de) wrote: The main plot is solid and engaging, but all the other side stories and situations bring the movie down. This would have been much better if the many, not-funny situations that occurred in the pool shop would have been cut out of the film. Camera work was very mediocre, and the photography was horribly inconsistent. Wasted potential.

Mattias E (au) wrote: When He Ping, allegedly the inventor of the Chinese Western, receives Columbia Pictures funding for Warriors of Heaven and Earth, the result is a full-blown Hollywood movie with some showy Chinese ornamentaion, all wrapped up in a laughable deus ex machina/Raiders of the Lost Ark-ending. A monstrosity like this seems an odd choice for actor/director Jiang Wen to star in, but taking it's politically weak and moderately patriotic content in consideration, Warriors of Heaven and Earth proved to be the ultimate comeback vehicle for Jiang, deciding to play it safe since his Cannes-awarded Devils on the Doorstep made him a pariah in the Mainland.

Natalia G (au) wrote: Horrible movie. Just horrible.

Dann M (mx) wrote: Quick Change is a clever and fun comedy co-directed by Bill Murray. The story follows a group of bank robbers that pull off a daring robbery, but when their escape plan falls apart they have to make one up as they go along. The cast is full of great comedic talent, including Bill Murray, Randy Quaid, and Geena Davis. The story is actually pretty good and cleverly written, allowing it to flow organically. Quick Change has a few weak points, but overall it's a fun and hilarious comedy that delivers a lot of laughs.

Karsh D (de) wrote: Classic Murphy comedy. African prince attempts to find love in New York. Some brilliant characters that will never grow old

Greg L (ca) wrote: This movie is really not that great. Why did they make a sequel?

Dan M (au) wrote: This is not one of Rodgers and Hammerstein's best musicals. Some of the music is great, some is forgettable. Do we need a clambake song explaining how to eat seafood? But the real problem is the story. There is a lead character here who is terrible. He never really redeems himself. He beats his wife and then later he slaps his daughter within minutes of meeting her. And then the female characters say that sometimes a hit can feel like a kiss? What? That is horrible! There is even a song about settling for a no-good man "What's the Use of Wond'rin'." I know this is out-dated and should probably be judged as a product of its time, but it is hard to get over this. I've known Rodgers & Hammerstein to write strong female characters (like Maria in "The Sound of Music" and Anna in "The King and I"). I was not expecting this. The dancing and singing is wonderful, but the story is terrible.

Justin A (ca) wrote: I must confess that I have a bit of a soft spot for direct-to-video 1990s horror movies. They're really bad, but I just have a nostalgia for that time period. Children of the Corn 5 is pretty intolerable though. On the surface it had some things going for it: Eva Mendes before hitting it big, Alexis Arquette when she was still an awkward guy, David Carradine and Fred Williamson with nothing better to do... There was some promise. But there is little fun in this movie, with the plot dragging along while characters walk from scene to scene just to talk. It brings nothing new to the table that hasn't basically been addressed in the first movie or (better yet) the 40-page short story. It just felt like a waste of time. But I did have to nudge the score up just ever so slightly because of the death scene with David Carradine and Fred Williamson. It's hilariously awesome. Worth going out of your way just to find that.

Adrian B (mx) wrote: Appropriate title for this movie which started off okay then went completely off the rails and at the end bombed. The only positive is John Malkovich acting is great as ever.