A young man disowned by his family is aided by a big business owner.

Boss (Akshay Kumar) is responsible for a murder mistake made by his father. After being detained in prison, he becomes a gangster who is calm and brave. But his chances of being released comes when a corrupt policeman and a politician hands to him a murder contract that put him in a terrible dilemma. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg W (us) wrote: if u thought spaghetti westerns were bloody & violent well check out this modern western from-Denmark.

Pavan v (kr) wrote: excellent movie. Tom cruise rocks

Brian B (de) wrote: Die Hard has had many sequels but none have ever had the sheer amount of thrills this one had. This movie is about a group of employees at a Christmas party who get taken hostage by terrorists and one cop in the building has to save them. It's funny, thrilling, it has great performances, and it has great actors. This movie makes every fight scene look very tense and it has creative kills for the terrorists. It also surprises us with its well-constructed script and its perfect pacing which remains consistent and easy to follow throughout the whole film. The movie is not perfect though because of the marriage conflict with McClane and his wife. It's great for an action movie to have a character development but I found it to be uninteresting. But this is a minor complaint on my part. Overall, this movie is fantastic. It's super entertaining and it has influenced many later action films. Many have tried to top this but none have ever succeeded. This movie is probably one of if not the best action movie of all time and it's a must watch for all fans of the action genre.

Tim H (nl) wrote: Creepy film, supposedly based on a true story in which a woman keeps the severed head of her lover in the fridge and occassionally taking it out to have sex with it. Soon, some discover this and the killing to keep it a secret begins.

Manal W (ru) wrote: could have been much better.

Nathan M (au) wrote: As epic and variable as Siberia, yet with the accessibility of a mainstream art film, Dersu Uzala is a great study of man. Set to the vast and uncompromising backdrop of Siberia, the film really actually proceeds on the moments of humanity throughout. There is also plenty of levity effortlessly sprinkled in with the vast shots of trekking through the wilderness. The cinematography is really quite rich and is anchored in the splendor of nature, which engages the mind as we contemplate what the characters are going through. The film actually reminds me of the work of another Mosfilm staple, Andrei Tarkovsky. Maksim Munzuk gives a dynamic and endearing performance as the eccentric title character.

Nelson P (ag) wrote: I thought that Jeremy Davies did an excellent job as Charles Manson. He looked just like him. I don't know if Charles acted like him or not but he at least portrayed him in a way that I think would be very similar to Manson.