Boston Kickout

Boston Kickout

Young aimless men come of age in a troubled Hertfordshire New Town.

While other similar films focus on the sociological aspects of working class life in Britain, this one recites a lighter story. The Phil-Shona interaction is probably the best part of the film. The toilet scene is a really memorable one, I felt like I'm a teenager again! Another good one is the club scene (and I don't mean the night club). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy S (mx) wrote: There are few things worst than horror films based on childhood bedtime stories, and it's especially bad when they're as cheaply produced as "The Tooth Fairy". This is dreary and dreadful in every way, and the whole bloody mess borders all-too-closely on unwatchable. It's just another generic, made-for-video horror film filled with unconvincing gore and even more unconvincing performances. The mostly no-name cast barely registers a blip on the charisma scale. In fact, the only well known name in the cast if former "Halloween" cutie P.J. Soles, looking haggard and embarrassed to be here. And rightfully so. The movie features a lot of worst award winners, including the worst fake lightning and worst severed head. Most notably, however, the movie features the worst bed and breakfast in the history of bed and breakfasts. The guests don't seem to mind all of the murder and mayhem. Most of the tenants treat this as if they're living in a Scooby Doo mystery. Unfortunately, those old animated mysteries were far livelier than this yawn-fest. In fact, only the all-too-brief glimpses of Carrie Anne Fleming topless livens up this dead-on-arrival picture. It's not so much a quality of the film, but when you're this starved for entertainment, you take what you can get. Just from the title, "The Tooth Fairy" may sound promising, but it's just another forgettable and routine horror flick. Keep moving. There's nothing to see here.

Matthew P (kr) wrote: Never funny and every character is a type.

Anthony T (br) wrote: Well-done movie from Tajikistan. A man returns from prison in Russia to visit his dying mother, not knowing that she and the town have a sinister plot up their sleeve. Original story & a good way to see a country that most of us may never visit.

Aaron M (it) wrote: American Pie in 1999 was the start of something opportunity to laugh at dirty jokes, crude actions and unthinkable moments. It is all a little tacky but theres no harm done and plenty of laughs to be had. Unlike many of these coming of age movies, the acting is of a good standard and these particular group of friends are very likeable.

Eric J (us) wrote: A cute story done very well. Shirley MacLaine did superbly.

Facebook U (ru) wrote: I'm not one to seek out cheesy movies. I'd much rather watch a good movie rather than a cheesy one, but despite that fact, I found this movie amusing. I feel like if I have to tell you not to take this movie seriously then you have questionable intelligence. Now yes, "Leprechaun" is a terrible movie. It's filled with stupid characters, corny dialogue, and bad acting. The leprechaun in the movie is neither scary nor witty, but it's always fun to see where he'll pop up next, and the fact that they got an actual dwarf to play him gives the movie extra points for authenticity. It's a hilariously bad movie that will cater to cheese and slasher buffs just like "Sex and the City" caters to middle aged women.

Carolyn Carrie S (br) wrote: This was a really early Julia Roberts movie. I love Justine Bateman so I watched it. It was so cute. I loved the blonde chick. I want to know where this was filmed. I loved the beach. You gotta check out this old movie. Its cute. And the girl they call MOOCH - she is way familiar....Love the dog too "OMLET" and Liam Neeson is so young. WOW...If you want a blast back to the 80's/90's - Watch this!

Nadine L (fr) wrote: This hilarious movie has undertones of parodying Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps - which also starred Madeleine Carroll. You will not be disappointed - Hope puts on an excellent performance.

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James C (br) wrote: The talent of Cumberbatch and fascinating source material aren't enough to save the scattershot storytelling.