Bottle Rocket

Bottle Rocket

Upon his release from a mental hospital following a nervous breakdown, the directionless Anthony joins his friend Dignan, who seems far less sane than the former. Dignan has hatched a hair-brained scheme for an as-yet-unspecified crime spree that somehow involves his former boss, the (supposedly) legendary Mr. Henry.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:English,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prison,   robbery,   texas,  

Bottle Rocket focuses on a trio of friends and their elaborate plan to pull off a simple robbery and go on the run. The more they learn, the more they realize that they do not know the first thing about crime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jally J (au) wrote: Alife in a dream, or a dream in a life, ..interesting... some facts remind on the Resident evil movies :)

Gimly M (ag) wrote: Eyeborgs has never heard of the concept of "subtlety", but manages to remain somewhat intriguing. The poor quality of the CGI & acting as well as the messiness of the plot outweighs the possibilities the core concept alludes to.

Lee B (es) wrote: No much happened but you still feel good at the end.

Brian B (es) wrote: City of God is a very violent, moving, and heartbreaking movie about gangs in the slums of Rio De Janeiro.This movie details how crime affects the people who live in the slums of Rio De Janeiro. Rocket has witnessed violence by both gangs and he wants out of it but he finds that he can't escape.This movie does a great job with making itself look violent. I think that the main reason why this movie is so hard to watch is because most of the violence is happening to kids. It can be hard to watch so many kids brutally die off so young in their lives. Slumdog Millionaire did this too but I think that this movie did it better because it displayed violence more brutally with greater buildup involved.The different backstories are all entertaining. They are violent, well-written, heartbreaking, and even a bit funny every now and then. They show us how all the tales are all connected to each other. This movie is non-linear because of that.Nowadays, it's hard to find a good child actor but many of the actors in this movie carried the movie with expertise. Most of them were unknown too which made their acting performances even more unexpectedly good.This movie gives nods to Quentin Tarantino by featuring techniques such as time-jumping, freeze-framing, and texts. It drew inspiration from Pulp Fiction and Goodfellas but this is original in its own way. It has its own techniques which it featured throughout the film.In conclusion, this is a very well-done film. It's violent and it also has great characters and backstories. This isn't for people who are sensitive but it will appeal to you if you like violence in movies.

Jelena D (kr) wrote: Beautiful Portuguese music by Misia and the picturesque scenes of New England make this cute movie totally worth seeing!

Rahul S (ca) wrote: One of the greatest films ever and a classic!!!

Gd A (ru) wrote: This one has a a comedic sense and a flying head Love Dr Herbert West again. Not the classic of the Original yet fulfilling in the Genre. Just suspend self and enjoy the gorematic ride.

Matt R (ag) wrote: As with any sort of action film franchise, each additional entry has to be bigger and more boisterous than the previous. This also goes for "Police Story". The first film had a great balance of action, drama, and comedy to make it a fascinating watch and a great Jackie Chan film. "Police Story 2" however, just doesn't quite get the balance right. Oh yes, its bigger and badder than the original, but it just doesn't strike the same chemistry as its predecessor. It makes for a pretty solid watch, but it just slightly falters to the first. Ka Kui (Chan) has been demoted for the massive destruction he caused in his rebellion at the end of "Police Story". When his old enemy shows up once more, he decides that he needs to leave the force for the sake of his relationship (and safety) of girlfriend May (Cheung). When a very profitable group has their properties held ransom by some all too serious and organized terrorist bombers, Ka Kui is brought out of retirement to solve the case...and perhaps kick a little more ass. In "Police Story 2"'s attempts at being bigger and more awesome on every level, it seemingly forgets that what made the first so good was its foundation in its story. Although this film really makes for a larger story (with all sorts of twists and plot switches) it sort of loses focus on the characters and seems to meander a bit much. The comedic scenes seem to be randomly placed in the film, with a seriously out of place 'fart in an elevator sequence', and rarely blend with the more dramatic pieces as well. They can work, especially when Chan and Cheung do their bickering couple routine, but it mostly misses the mark. As do some of the more dramatic scenes with only one that really works its magic with the villains reading a letter to Ka Kui as he is captured. Other than that though, the dramatic tension seemingly loses steam too.The one part that "Police Story 2" does improve on is its action sequences. And boy oh boy does it go all out. Bigger explosions, more broken glass, more Chan leaping over ridiculously high walls, more fist to cuffs, and even more impressive set work for stunts. You name it and this film pretty much has it. One of Jackie Chan's best attributes is finding cool set pieces for him to work his stunt magic and this one has memorable scene after memorable scene. The play ground brawl is one of his best choreographed fight sequences in his career. Those poor stunt guys!Although "Police Story 2" just slightly misses to its first entry, its still an amazingly fun ride to take and highly worth the viewing. If only for its action pieces. Chan delivers once again in entertainment even if the substance is a bit off. BONUS RANT: The film starts off with one of the poorest recaps ever done. Although Chan improves overall as a director on this one, this poorly constructed 'flashback' sequence of events from "Police Story" tells the audience NOTHING about the story. It's more or less a best of stunts sequence from the original. Like an oddly paced trailer with no voice over really.

Amanda C (br) wrote: Super slick and the epitome of style over substance, Luc Besson's Subway none the less gives us a fabulous romp into the literal underworld of Paris. The subway tunnels provide an intricate network for the heroes to tease the incompetent police and also mirror the oppressive situation for youth in 1980s France. It's a delicate balance of mirroring the realities and having fun in a crappy situation and Besson manages it with aplomb and more than a few flashy flourishes.

Jay B (au) wrote: Flawed, but definitely goofy enough to warrant a watch or two. Eastwoood and Reynolds are great together and do well, considering all they have to work with is 90 pages of one-liners.

Alden T (jp) wrote: The MOVIE INFO is not about this film. The reviews are.

Carlos M (au) wrote: An uneven, overlong and sometimes dull Disney movie that tries to follow in the footsteps of Mary Poppins, the main difference being that none of the songs is remotely memorable (in fact, most of the musical numbers are annoying) and the last act is just terrible.

Yingbo Z (ca) wrote: TOM FAHKING ' a great performance here.

ralphieboy333 (us) wrote: Both budget and story/character motivation are problematic, but Rutger Hauer was a good choice for the lead. The idea is similar to Gorky Park, in that it uses a criminal investigation perspective within the context of political dictatorship. But this alternate history story portrays not only a conquered but functioning Britain, as well as the architecturally complete Berlin of Albert Speer. Time for a remake?

Cody C (ru) wrote: Very good, not entirely up my alley but who the fuck cares about my alley anyway? I even barely care about my alley. My alley is unkempt and probably should be taken away from me. Anyway this movie is good, it's fine, it's whatever, I dunno, I'm not real passionate about it. It's not bad. I like things in it. It's too long. I like Anthony Mann stuff best, I've decided. And Delmar Daves. Those two knew how to make good things.