Bottled Up

Bottled Up

A solitary woman (Melissa Leo) earning her living by delivering mail and body piercing, makes every attempt to help her volatile adult daughter (Marin Ireland) get on her feet, and in-so-doing neglects herself, channeling all of her womanly desires into her houseplants...even when a charismatic and industrious environmentalist (Josh Hamilton) moves in with them.

In this modern day drama, Oscar-winner Melissa Leo beautifully conveys the heart-wrenching struggle that comes with love and addiction, while also lightheartedly depicting a woman ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jagdish W (nl) wrote: 2 State's is decent entertainment. Very nice movie.

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Joshua D (kr) wrote: everyone knows how bad Wal Mart is, but they go anyway

Anastasia M (br) wrote: Sweet, funny, great animations and an original story! Wasn't Nemo but I would like to watch it again!

Tara A (it) wrote: Moore is not quite sufficiently seasoned as an actor at this point to sell it. Fortunately, Matthew Goode is good/hot/interesting enough for both of them. Also, this is far superior to "First Daughter," and yes, I saw them both.

Alexandra H (gb) wrote: This is a wonderful movie with fabulous actors--Meryl Streep, as always, is watchable, watchable! It's the story of 20th century Chilean history into the 1960s but told thru the lens of one family, similar in approach to Dr. Zhivago. With the added charm of a lovely spiritual aspect. I've seen it twice and loved it both times.

Brody M (gb) wrote: An action packed modern day Western

Augustine H (fr) wrote: Despite considered avant-garde in the 1960s, Women in Love becomes horrendously dated now. Although making sense out of D.H. Lawrence's lines faithfully is a formidable task and remarkable achievement by Ken Russell, the film is just sappy and pointless. The implicit homosexual wrestling between Alan Bates and Oliver Reed (both are courageous) just doesn't make sense to modern audience, not to mention the weird so called character struggles. Once again, this proves that not every great novel is suitable for screen adaption. One thing more, why would Glenda Jackson have been awarded her first Oscar for this role?

Emily B (jp) wrote: The link between the "Kitchen Sink Dramas" and the "Swinging London" movies. Anyone interested in the sixties will love this. The Georgy of the title is an overweight, plain girl played greatly by Lynn Redgrave who somehow becomes torn between her roomates lover and the advances of an older man (James Mason). This charming and funny film is defiantly worth a look.

Alan20 R (fr) wrote: This is one of the best superhero origin story movies of all time, for me at least. Robert Downey J.R owns the role of Iron Man, I could not imagine anyone else playing the playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark. Not a very good villain but Ill give it a pass because it handles the comic book material so well. I totally recommend it

Stanley C (au) wrote: A very funny but also racist, gross-out disgusting movie. While it has great jokes and a more inventive brand of humor than Sudeikis and Aniston's "Horrible Bosses", it has a very mediocre and unlikable plot, which can be blamed on the fact that the cast mainly played socially awkward characters who had to make up an entire story all based on marijuana and sex.